2 Weeks Old Puppy Constipated

two weeks old puppy constipated

A pet dog giving birth to babies is an overwhelming time for the owner. As exciting it may sound but taking care of newborn babies requires extra effort. From keeping warm to feeding, newborn puppy finds it all quite difficult. If you observe your two week old puppy being constipated it’s time to take some … Read more

Dog Sleepy After Insulin Shot

dog sleepy after insulin shot

A dog needs about 12 to 14 hours of sleep each day. However, for a diabetic dog sleep routine may get disturbed for multiple reasons. If you feel the dog is sleepy after the insulin shot then you need to think more analytically and shortlist the possible reasons from the below-given possibilities. Does insulin make … Read more

Novolin N For Dogs – Must Know Facts For Dogs Usage

novolin n for dogs

 Novolin is an intermediate-acting insulin that is given to dogs who have diabetes mellitus. In the following article, we will talk all about Novolin n for dogs.    Novolin N Dosage for Dogs Dog Weight (lbs) Starting Dosage (units) Maximum Dosage (units) Injection Frequency Duration of Action (hours) 10-20 1-2 8-10 2x daily 12-24 20-40 … Read more

Dog in Heat, Bleeding for Three Weeks

dog in heat vomiting for three weeks

If you are a dog parent for the first time, you’d probably be unaware of how dogs in heat behave. Male dogs are ready from six months to the day they die, anytime ready to mate but what about females? Female unspayed dogs in heat often show physical signs such as bleeding. If the dog … Read more

Old Dog’s Vestibular Disease Not Eating

old dog vestibular disease not eating

Is your dog above eight years of age? Has he started to lose balance all of a sudden? Are his eyes moving back and forth more than usual? Do you think his head is spinning and so is he?  It is most likely that he’s suffering from Old Dog’s Vestibular disease. An old dog’s vestibular … Read more