Why Does My Dog Stay Out In Rain

The answer to this simple question “Why does my dog stay out in the rain?” is apparent.  Being a dog owner you must know that some dog breeds love to enjoy the rain and there is no problem with it unless your dog stays in rain for a longer period. Why does my dog stay … Read more

Do Dogs Hold Grudges

do dogs hold grudges

So, your dog usually gets into a fight with some dogs at the park, or he barks at the neighbor’s dog, and you are curious to know why he does so; maybe he senses danger around them, perhaps he doesn’t like them, or perhaps he has a grudge for them. There can be multiple reasons … Read more

Is Pedigree Good For Dogs

is pedigree good for dogs

Dogs come in different sizes, forms, and colours. Unfortunately, some are more prone to catch serious diseases than others, simply because of their breed. If you are looking to adopt a dog, you should look into things like – Is pedigree good for dogs? No, pedigree is not good for dogs in the longer run. … Read more

Why does my dog put his paws on me?

why does my dog put his paws on me

The warmth, fun, and an unexplainable aura- all that you get from owning a dog. I mean, how not, from all the love a dog gives you, is there anything more adorable than them? All that love bounds you to reciprocate it in any way possible. That begins with understanding your dog and in this … Read more

Where Can I Surrender My Dog For Free?

Where Can I Surrender My Dog For Free

Giving up your fur baby is not at all easy. But sometimes it becomes an inevitable decision. Every dog owner would want to rehome their dog where it gets a quality life. Just like the owners, relocating is a very onerous process for dogs as well. The innocent creatures find it very burdensome to adjust … Read more

Dog whiskers Pulled Out

dog whisker pulled out

Imagine how your dog will look like when his whiskers are pulled out? Not only it’s not in the dog’s best interest, but we also disapprove of the look! Dog whiskers are important and must not be pulled out. Why dog whiskers should not be pulled out? Before knowing why dog whiskers should not be … Read more

When is it too hot to walk a dog?

when is it too hot to walk a dog

Struggling when temperature extremes can be very difficult at times. It is, in particular, more demanding when you live somewhere which has either very hot days or very cold days. This means that more than half a year, there will likely be one of the temperature extremes. It’s not only the human beings who suffer … Read more

How Much Does it cost to Fly a Dog?

how much does it cost to fly a dog

Are you going on a long vacation trip and you don’t want to leave your beloved dog behind? Of course not! It’s hard to have a fun time without your little companion who is just like a family member for you. In the modern world, you can easily take a dog or any other pet … Read more

Can a Dog get a Cat Pregnant?

can a dog get a cat pregnant

I know when a male dog mounts over the female cat, who lets that happen you can start to worry if they are actually mating. The part where the cat seems satisfied with the dog eradicates the thought that she might be hurt. However, the next question that arises in your mind is, “Can a … Read more