Swollen Sack after Neutering

swollen sack after neutering

It’s pretty common for dogs to have swollen sack after neutering. But you need to protect the incision area to prevent injury or infection. Swelling is normal but could be a symptom of infection as well. This article is all about dog neutering and how you should handle it.  Causes of Swollen Sack after Neutering … Read more

Zimecterin Gold for Dogs

zimecterin gold for dogs

Zimecterin gold is a deworming medicine for horses and if you are curious about is it ok to use zimecterin gold for dogs? Then we have your answer and that is a big NO!  Zimecterin gold is not for dogs.  In fact, it can be fatal if given to pets other than horses. First, Let’s … Read more

Prozinc vs Vetsulin

prozinc vs vetsulin

When your dog is diabetic,  you have to carefully decide which insulin you are going to use. It’s a matter of the dog’s health. As the use of insulin goes throughout your dog’s life, you must choose wisely. Prozinc and vetsulin are two diabetic insulins and we will review that when it’s prozinc vs vetsulin,  … Read more

Diabetic Neuropathy in Dogs

neuropathy in diabetic dogs

Neuropathy is dysfunction or rupture in nerves and this is pretty common in diabetic dogs. In the following article, we will discuss all about neuropathy in diabetic dogs and what you can do to prevent or treat it. What is diabetic Neuropathy in dogs?  Diabetes is a common and often the main cause of neuropathy. … Read more

When to put down a Blind Diabetic dog

when to put down a blind diabetic dog

Saying goodbye to your pup is the hardest thing to do but sometimes it’s Inevitable. In this article, we will discuss,  when and how you should put down a blind diabetic dog? When to put down a diabetic dog?  Diabetes can cause suffering and irreversible pain. There may come a time when the suffering exceeds … Read more

Untreated Diabetes in Dogs

untreated diabetes in dogs

Untreated diabetes is a killer to dogs. You must manage your dog’s diabetes at your best.  If not treated properly, diabetes can make your dog blind, deaf, paralyzed,  cause organ failures, and even death. In this article, we will discuss what harm can untreated diabetes do to your dog and why and how you should … Read more

Dog Nails too Long Surgery

dog nails too long surgery

If your dog has too long nails, they are prone to get several nail diseases, including nail bed infection, Tumor or cancer, fungal nail disorders, and many more. In such cases, the most accurate treatment recommended by the vets is Dog nail removal surgery. However, some owners consider removing their dog’s too-long nails through surgery … Read more

Dog Diarrhea at Night only

dog diarrhea at night only

When your dog suffers from diarrhea, it can raise many health concerns and some of them could be serious too. No matter how “safe” you think your dog’s condition is,  diarrhea should never be ignored. Even simple diarrhea can become serious if not treated well or on time. If your dog experiences diarrhea at night … Read more

How to Prevent Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetes is a silent killer. It makes the dog sick and slowly sucks out life from them. Managing diabetes could be tough so it’s better to prevent it when you can. The good news is that with careful lifestyle adaption, you can prevent diabetes in dogs or lessen the risk at least. In the following … Read more