Great Pyrenees Lab Mix

great pyrenees lab mix grown up

The Great Pyrenees are the guardians of mountains and Labradors are warriors of water. Combining the two gives an interesting mix puppy that will rule all the lands! The Great Pyrenees and Lab mix will have the qualities of both parents who are well known and greatly admired for their traits. Great Pyrenees lab mix … Read more

Can labradors survive in hot weather?

Can labrador survive hot weather

Labradors can’t survive in extremely hot weather and one must take them indoors if there is excessive heat outside. Labrador has low-temperature tolerance and taking him inside is in the best interest of your dog. Else he can face severe consequences. So let’s explore further that Can labradors survive in hot weather or not? Why … Read more

Do Huskies Have Webbed Feet

do Huskies have webbed feet

Yes, they have!. Siberian huskies have webbed feet and this is because they are originated from the super snowy and extreme cold, Antarctic region. They were originally bred by the Siberian tribe “Chukchi” for transportation and sled dog racing. It is not easy to move through snowy paths with normal feet. So with time, they … Read more

Can Huskies Sleep Outside in Winter?

can huskies sleep outside in winters

If you are asking about survival, yes they will survive the cold because they are fine with tolerating cold weather. But why would you allow your husky to sleep outside in winter? And not near you! You need a serious explanation for this. Let us tell you about everything about what is allowed or not … Read more

Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix – LABBE

smokey blue blue tick lab hound coat

When the two hunters meet… Let the hunt begin… Bluetick hound and Labradors are two different breeds of hunting dogs that make a very good family dog too. When crossed together, the blue tick hound lab mix puppy will become a great pet dog with higher energy levels and excellent tracking abilities… Bluetick hound lab … Read more