Bloodhound and German shepherd Mix

german shepherd and bloodhound mix puppy

Breeders are crossing different breeds for centuries to get desired traits in puppies. Now, what is best than crossing a bloodhound with a German shepherd? The resulting puppy will have a skill set of German shepherd and tracking abilities from bloodhound. Quick Comparison German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix puppy AKC registered AKC registered Not recognized due … Read more

German Shepherd Basset Hound Mix

German shepherd basset hound mix

Both German shepherd and basset hound are power pack parents. When they are crossed together,  expect the German shepherd basset hound mix puppy to be a brave,  intelligent and loveable dog. Let’s read how a German shepherd and Basset hound mix is a wonderful dog in every sense. German Shepherd Basset hound mix German shepherd … Read more

Oldest German Shepherd Dog

oldest german shepherd dog

Reading about people who have lived more than the average life span is intriguing, but have you ever thought about who the oldest german shepherd is? Or like the oldest elephant? For today, let us talk about the oldest german shepherd, the oldest german shepherd is around 15 years of age – it does not … Read more


physical appearance of ddr german shepherds

Since world wars, the DDR German shepherds, also known as East German shepherds, have been popular yet valuable in many ways. At that time, these dogs specifically worked for the military, but afterward, it was considered helpful for several other purposes. DDR German shepherds played a significant role in Police Force, and cops liked the dog … Read more