Dog doesn’t Chew Food

Dog doesn't chew food

Chewing is important for all dogs whether puppies or adults. When your dog doesn’t chew its food,  you need to find out the reason because every dog,  tame or wild, chew their food before eating. Although they don’t chew like us but Swallowing at once,  has its own disadvantages. So you must train your dog … Read more

Why my Australian Shepherd is out of Control

Why my Australian shepherd is out of control

Australian Shepherds are considered one of the best companions of humans. They are multi-tasking and fit in different bonds of companionship. Keeping their energy in mind, when Australian shepherd is out of control there can be multiple reasons. But first ob Why Australian shepherd? Whenever anyone asks me about pet suggestions,  trust me Australian shepherd … Read more

Dog Biting Leash and Growling

dog biting leash and growling

Have you ever noticed that your dog is biting its Leash or Growling? Need help? Don’t worry! We are here to let you know all the possible reasons and solutions for such behavior. Are you unable to take your dog for a walk due to a dog biting leash and growling? We know that is … Read more

When do Blue Heelers Calm Down?

when do blue heelers calm down

Dogs are considered as one of the most loyal animals and have a long history of depicting it truly. They are descendants of wolves and are the first species of this hierarchy to be domesticated and trained. Blue heeler or cattle dog is one of the herding dogs’ breed found on Australian land. For this … Read more

Dog In a Crate 20 Hours a Day

dog in a crate 20 hours a day

A crate is a place, where you leave a dog when there is no one to supervise it, specifically an untrained dog. As you limit the access of the dog to other objects of the house, there is no risk of any damage. There is no doubt that the crate lets the dog enjoy some … Read more