Are Golden Retrievers Dangerous

If you are a dog lover and looking to buy a new pet dog, I bet golden retriever will be somewhere on your want list. But, you have some concerns in your mind based on rumors you heard from a close friend or an unofficial source. Most Of these rumors say that golden retrievers are aggressive dogs and not an excellent option to consider as a pet, especially if you have kids in your home.

Golden Retrievers are sweet, gentle, and caring, making them great family dogs, even around little kids. On the other hand, can they be dangerous and violent?

Are Golden Retrievers Dangerous

Clear Answer

YES, but NO; allow me to explain. Golden retrievers can hold their temper well. If you have kids in your home who don’t know how to treat a dog and sometimes pinch him or pull his hair, he will be kind enough to let them go. However, if their owner abuses them, mistreats them, or physically tortures them, it can negatively impact their mental health, making them believe that all humans are imperfect.

This is why some of the golden retrievers show violent behavior even after being treated well because their previous owner was not good towards them. But take note that even at their worst behavior, they are still safer than other dog breeds out there.

Aggression Of Golden Retriever Vs Other Breeds

When it comes to the list of aggressive, violent, or dangerous dogs, golden retrievers are nowhere towards the top; they aren’t even on the list. According to, Pitbull tops the list of most dangerous dog breeds of the USA from 2005 to 2017, while Golden retriever can nowhere be seen in the whole list.

According to the Academic Journal of canine sciences, golden retrievers were the least aggressive out of the 22 dog breed they carried out their study with.

Bite Force Of Golden Retrievers And Other Breeds

The biting force is one of the elements that determine a dog’s strength and danger. Any animal’s biting force is calculated in pounds per square inch (psi). The pressure exerted on one square inch of space is measured in this unit of pressure. The psi exerted by the jaws of animals is usually an approximation.

As a rough idea, an average dog’s bite force is 230-240 PSI, enough to harm any human or other animals. At the same time, the biting force of Golden retrievers is estimated to be 192-195 PSI. To give you a comparison, a young human’s bite force is 120-130 PSI, while a strong alligator’s bite force is around 2980 pounds.

Dog breed, which has the highest biting force, is Kangal with a pressure of 743 PSI, followed by American Banddoge (730 PSI) and Cane Corso (700 PSI). Golden retrievers rank at 31 in the highest biting force list.

With such biting force, they won’t be fatal at their peak aggressive behavior. Although, you should try not to bring him at the height of aggression in the first place.

Golden Retrievers Have A Human-Friendly Nature

If you have ever touched or played with a Golden Retriever or seen a video of one prancing around, you know they are one of the most affectionate breeds. They like socializing, hobbies, and decent family living and are desperate to impress their guardians.

Attacks or in any other risky situations, Golden Retrievers can be defensive of their household. The affection of children is another reason why Retrievers are so famous. With proper care and dog training, these lovely creatures are safe around most kids.

Of course, teaching your children how to play with a Retriever properly is just as essential as teaching your dog! Fortunately, Golden Retrievers are good at it.

What Can Make A Golden Retriever Aggressive

As mentioned above, golden retrievers are calm and lovely, but they can be aggressive under some situations, which are described below:

New And Terrifying Encounters

We don’t know how dogs digest events, which is one of our problems when it comes to animals. According to most experts, dogs do not link previous experiences to current circumstances as fast as people do. A dog who is afraid of the unexpected may get anxious in a new location.

Ignored Or Not Being Fed Enough

A dog who has been ignored will have a more challenging time accepting people in general. If a golden has been starving, it will protect its food with attention when it receives it. For rescue dogs, this can be an issue. Even if they move into a household with plenty of food, they would most likely guard their food against any potential threats.

Small children are included in this. In my personal experience, this is the primary reason for Golden Retrievers biting young kids or other pets.

Physical Abuse

Like other types of abuse, physical abuse exhibits an idea in dogs of how people may behave with them. When you’re around a dog who has been mistreated in some way, you have to be careful about how you communicate with them. Even your body and posture must be viewed through the eyes of the dog.

Lack Of Physical Exercise

A dog lying on the couch all day and not doing any exercise will become a powerhouse of energy, which he can use in destructive ways. So make sure you provide your dog with a good amount of activity every day to make his mind and body fresh.

Feeling Of Danger

Dogs are far more intelligent than we humans think. They can sense danger from miles away. Goldens can be violent and aggressive when they need to defend themselves, and they can also be fierce when they need to guard someone they care about.

So don’t be shocked if your Golden Retriever growls at a stranger in the middle of the night. You could notice him interacting dealing with another dog that seemed to be posing a threat to a member of her family.

How To Treat A Golden Retriever

After all this, you should also know how to treat your golden retriever and teach him to act gently. Most of these tips should be followed when he’s a puppy, but it’s never too late:

Proper Schedule

Set a proper schedule for your little friend and act on it strictly. Set his eating, playing, exercising, and sleeping time so that he will know precisely when he has to do what. A bad sleeping or eating schedule might result in a change in his behavior.


Goldens are very social and like to mingle; limiting them to the walls of your home won’t be good for their mental and physical health. If you have a garden, let him roam freely and chase those cats, but if you live in an apartment or a small house, you should take him out in the park or for a walk regularly.

Loving And Playing With Him

Every Golden Retriever puppy, in my opinion, is like blank paper; you can decide what should be written on it. All you should do is give him your share of time. Love him, care for him, treat him well, make him feel your presence, and he will love you forever.


Golden Retrievers are one of the most peaceful, happy, and affectionate dog breeds. They like enjoying time with their family as well as other pets. Golden Retrievers are commonly used as guide dogs because of their excellent skills through training and cleverness.

They are incredible with children, of course!

Golden Retrievers can feel afraid and nervous if they are mistreated or abused, leading to violent behavior. They are also famous for destroying furniture when they are bored.

After reading all the information mentioned above and stats, there is no question left. Buying a golden retriever must be the wisest decision you can make this year.

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