Bloodhound and German shepherd Mix

Breeders are crossing different breeds for centuries to get desired traits in puppies. Now, what is best than crossing a bloodhound with a German shepherd? The resulting puppy will have a skill set of German shepherd and tracking abilities from bloodhound.

Bloodhound and German shepherd Mix appearance

Quick Comparison

German ShepherdBloodhoundMix puppy
AKC registeredAKC registeredNot recognized due to being a mixed breed
2nd desired breed in the world49th desired breed in the worldFamous but rare
IntelligentNot very intelligentCould be on any parent
Red, grey, brown, silver, tan, liverLiver, tan, redMost probably liver, tan or red
Double fur dense coatSingle coatCould be on any parent
Up to 45 kgsUpto55 kgsUp to 55 kgs
26 inches tall27 inches tallUp to 27 inches tall
Great running speedGreat running paceWill have Both speed and stamina
12-14 years10-12 years10-14 years
Friendly towards strangersNot very friendly dogAffable and loveable
SizeLarge dogsLarge dogs

Bloodhound and a German shepherd mix

It’s a wise choice to cross both breeds because they have their separate enchanting traits. When combined,  it brings a finesse of german shepherd and mastery of bloodhound. Let’s see how these two dogs are a great mix.

German shepherd

AKC recognizes the German shepherd as the worldwide 2nd most desired dog breed. These dogs are outstanding work dogs. They have abilities that make them compatible to serve in tough fields like military and police etc.

Especially in the police system, the German Shepherd has a very important role and status in security work. They also have their own special names, namely K9 police officers. In some training, search and rescue processes, they are often awarded K9 police challenge coins for praise and recognition for outstanding performance. If you also want to know about police challenge coins, you can check them at the GS-JJ official website.

bloodhound german shepherd mix dog breed

German shepherds skillfully assist in personal protection too. They do excellent both as work and family dogs. In-home environment, the German Shepherd is loyal, affectionate, and acts as a great companion.

Imagine what a wonderful litter we are going to observe when we have a German shepherd as one of the parents.


Bloodhounds are born Trackers.  They were originally bred to track deers.  Now as a working dogs they are used for tracking people too. Bloodhound has great scenting abilities and their tracking skills are remarkable.

Bloodhounds are great to work dogs but may not be excellent family dogs. We guess they were not simply born for that.  However, they fully serve the purpose of their existence which is “tracking “.  Bloodhounds are fit for field works where tracking abilities are needed.  They may be the 49th desired breed due to their lack of family living traits but that doesn’t make them any less friendly breed.

So a puppy that is half German Shepherd half bloodhound will make an excellent work dog with great tracking abilities yet he will be kind and affable.

How is it to cross the German shepherd and bloodhound?

Who wouldn’t want a companion that is friendly yet fierce? Bloodhounds have extraordinary tracking abilities whereas German shepherds have their own class. They excel in both work and family environments.

Having a bloodhound and a German shepherd mix will actually make a wonderful breed. Like German Shepherds,  when trained are less fierce around strangers as compare to bloodhounds. So the puppy having German Shepherd genes will be amiable towards strangers. Whereas bloodhound will contribute in giving its scenting abilities to the puppy. And in a result, we will get a dog who will have heightened qualities of both breeds.

Bloodhound and German shepherd Mix ears

What to expect in German Shepherd and bloodhound mix?

Obviously while breeding a mix of German and bloodhound,  the breeder must have something in mind. The resulting puppy can be interesting in many ways. While crossing the two,  here are some traits that may appear.

Bloodhound and German shepherd mix temperament

Both dogs belong to larger breeds with German shepherds slightly less tall and heavy than bloodhounds. German Shepherd can be up to 26 inches tall and 45 kgs heavy whereas bloodhound can be up to 27 inches tall and 55kgs heavy.  Their puppy could reach the maximum height and weight of parents which means the puppy may grow up to 27 inches and weigh up to 55kgs.

Coat of the “mix”

German shepherds have a dense double coat that sheds whereas bloodhounds have a single fur coat. Their offspring can have any type of coat. Also,  no matter whose coat it takes the coat will shed.


Bloodhounds have black and liver,  black and tan or red coats. German shepherds on the other hand have variant colors from red to Grey.  The resulting breed will be most probably black,  liver or red.


Some people have given them the name “mutt” but we find the term derogatory. No living being should be judged based on their race and bloodline. Many call the breed “mix” too. We, on the other hand, call them German hounds.

Physical appearance of the mixed puppy

While talking about appearance, of course, the resulting puppy will have a strong body like the parents. This strong body makes them fit for variant work needs. As they will be heavy dogs so don’t try to lift them. They can cause injuries to kids or senior citizens because of their weight.

german shepherd and bloodhound mix puppy

Running pace

Well,  bloodhounds don’t have that much speed but their stamina is incredible whereas German Shepherds are supersonics. They can run at a speed of up to 30 miles per hour. So the resulting puppy will be super speedy with excellent stamina. That is why they will make very good work dogs.

Bloodhound and German Shepherd mix Temperament

As we have said earlier,  that bloodhounds have a little attitude problem whereas German shepherds can be loving and affectionate towards people. So their mix is expected to have that familiar tone but with a few boundaries. Their confidence will keep strangers at bay but their charm will win the heart of those to whom they belong.


German shepherds have earned a name when it comes to intelligence. On the other hand, Bloodhounds are not considered very intelligent dogs. In fact, they are two very different kinds of breeds in terms of intelligence.

German shepherds are very good at handling commands and learning new things. Bloodhounds easily get distracted by scents and lose their attention towards training and learning new things. In most cases,  they have proven themselves as that stubborn dumb kid who wouldn’t pay attention.

Their mix could have the learning abilities of any parent. It could be stubborn and free-willed or it may be that intelligent kid who learns his lessons well.

Exercise needs

Both the parents are very energetic and eager to go for miles. Giving the super energetic nature of both parents,  the offspring are advised to have a daily routine of 30 min exercise sessions.

As the puppy will have super energy,  if not channeled properly could turn out to be destructive. So better give him a nice way to flush out that extra energy levels.

Health issues

The offspring are going to be large dogs. So they will have common problems of large dogs like hip dysplasia or bone problems. But there is a piece of good news that the puppy will develop the conditions much later on in life than its parents.

As the puppy could resemble any parent. If it has ears like a bloodhound,  make sure they stay dry and clean or skin allergies can happen. From German parents,  the puppy may take gastrointestinal issues.


A double coat requires heavy grooming whereas a single coat doesn’t need that type of grooming. The amount of grooming will depend on the puppy’s coat.

If the puppy resembles a German shepherd,  the double dense coat will need more grooming and it will be difficult to maintain especially while shedding. On the other hand, if the puppy is more like a bloodhound,  you need to cleanse its ear regularly. So the grooming will also depend on the dominant traits of any parent.

Life expectancy

German shepherds can live 12-14 years whereas bloodhounds have a life expectancy of 10-12 years. Now their offspring could have a life expectancy of 10-14 years depending on their health and other factors.


Bloodhounds bark a lot and most probably their offspring will too. Bloodhounds have different types of growling sounds. You will need to train your puppy to control its barking.

Bloodhound and German shepherd Mix

Are bloodhound and German shepherd mix breed AKC recognized?

No,  because they are not purebred. They are half crossed. The mix may not be AKC recognized but they can take part in their shows through programs that register mixed breeds.  They are excellent trackers and can earn badges based on their tracking and search abilities.

Is the German shepherd and bloodhound mix breed famous?

These are rare. You need to find a trusted breeder who can carefully cross the breeds. As this mix is not AKC registered so fewer breeders take the responsibility to keep the show going. When breeders do this intentionally,  usually the main focus is to get a superb working dog. Mostly,  this mix happens accidentally.

Both the parents are purebred and famous dogs that are considered desirable for several needs.  So mixing them demands a very strong incentive.

Does a bloodhound and German shepherd mix puppy will make a great trail dog?

Yes.  German shepherds are good trackers themselves.  They may not be as skillful as bloodhounds but still, there is no match to their abilities. Bloodhounds can sense the smell and track people and things. They don’t rest until the work is done. Both their qualities when mixed,  produce offspring who will be great trackers,  super-fast runners, and great trail dogs.

What is an alternative to the German shepherd and bloodhound mix breed? 

Well, the puppy is going to be awesome in so many ways but you still have to decide what do you want?  If you want a great family dog with alert nature,  this mix is for you. Also,  this mix is very much recommended for work fields.

If someone wants a small playful family dog,  definitely this German Shepherd and bloodhound mix is not for them. They should consider other mixes to adopt. Basset hounds and foxhounds are considered more friendly dogs. If you want a large dog but are very friendly consider adopting a throwback Pomeranian.

In short,  while adopting a German Shepherd and bloodhound mix puppy,  you must know what you are signing up for. They make great work and family dogs but your preferences matter. We have summarized things for you in the table below


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