Cerenia Killed My Dog

How many times have you been in situations where your pet dog has not been feeling okay? Just like humans they also require attention while being sick. But it is frustrating sometimes when we cannot put our hand on the problem that is bothering our pets. However, medicine has made significant advancements. Therefore, a drug named Cerenia is on the market. But can Cerenia kill your dog? Let us find out.

cerenia killed my dog

Death in dogs due to Cerenia

It is important to note that vomiting can dehydrate the dog but in hindsight, it can also save your dogs from toxins, viruses, and bacteria.

Cerenia is used to reduce ti proficiency of vomiting in dogs. Therefore, when you give your dog Cerenia – it causes the vomiting to stop. This is great but you should note that your dog may need that few phases of vomiting to get rid of any toxins in the body. When the dog does not vomit – the toxins stay in the body which can prove fatal for your dog.

Why is Cerenia Lethal? 

Since the drug is only sufficient to reduce vomiting – the underlying causes of vomiting are ignored. Therefore, the toxins stay in the body and prove fatal for the dog. When your dog is vomiting – you should always visit a vet and ask for their recommendation before giving your dog any drug such as Cerenia.

How To Avoid Cerenia Overdose?

If your dog is sick and vomiting – the best-case scenario would be to go for a complete checkup to rule out the possibilities which are cause the symptoms such as vomiting. It is important that you find out of there are any serious health issues that your dog is going through.

Once you find out the underlying causes, then you can give Cerenia to your god on the recommendation of your vet to curb vomiting.

What To Do If Your Dog Gets the Side Effects from Cerenia 

If in an unfortunate event, your dog succumbs to death. It will be a hard time for you, but the most logical step would be to get an autopsy done. The autopsy report can reveal if your dog dies to the drug Cerenia or any other reason.

However, if your dog was taken to the vet and the vet suggested that Cerenia might be one of the reasons why your dog is suffering. Then the drug company will pay for the autopsy report and other damages.

In case the autopsy report says that the reason for your dog’s death was Cerenia then immediately call the drug company and report the death to them. Moving on, the drug company will have to submit a report to the FDA.

Things To Tell Your Vet If He Prescribes Cerenia

Everything is lethal if you use it in excess quantity, especially drugs. Therefore, when your vet prescribes Cerenia to your dog – you should let them know about the following things.

First, if your dog was diagnosed with any kind of kidney infection or liver dysfunction. As Cerenia stops the outflow of vomiting from the body – toxins from the liver and kidney can be dangerous for your dog.

Second, any dog with cardiovascular disease should get checked thoroughly before prescribing any medicine. Therefore, you should be vigilant when the doctor is prescribing drugs. It is essential to inform the doctor about the medical history of your dog so your vet can prescribe medicines accordingly.

Finally, the lack of research on Cerenia regarding pregnant or lactating dogs makes it dangerous. If your dog is pregnant then be sure to let your doctor know – to avoid any unfortunate event.

Does Cerenia Have Any Side Effects?

Yes, every drug side effects. Therefore, taking them in a prescribed amount is necessary. There are many kinds of research being performed on different drugs such as Cerenia to rule out any other side effects.

However, some of the potential side effects are mentioned below.

Your dog can face a low appetite after taking a few doses of Cerenia. And other side effects such as a watery movement.

On top of this, your dog can be lethargic. But when dogs are sick, they generally like to be calm as there is a lack of energy. All in all, Cerenia does have a range of side effects. But it is still safer than other such drugs that are used to curb vomiting.

As a dog owner, you should be responsible and inform your vet about any underlying problems before jumping the gun.

Cerenia Overdose: What Should I Do? 

Dogs are sneaky and can munch on medicines if they are lying around in the house. In case there is an overdose of a drug – you should immediately take your dog to the vet or call for help. The adverse effects of a Cerenia overdose can prove fatal. Therefore, if you notice that your dog is panting or struggling to breathe or tremoring, it is better to call a professional so they can handle the situation properly.

It is important to note that, the drug overdose gets worse with time if you leave it untreated. Therefore, if you come across such an incident – call a Vet.

Alternatives of Cerenia

Dog owners are often skeptical about giving certain drugs to their pets. One such concern is faced regarding Cerenia. But each drug is manufactured with a formula that is adopted by any other companies in their products.

Here are some of the alternatives that you can use if you are not comfortable with using Cerenia.

CBD Oil 

CBD Oil is an amazing natural remedy that can be used as an anti-inflammatory aid. And according to many researchers – when you use CBD oil as a medicine, it can fix the current issue AND improve the quality of your dog’s life.

The CBD Oil will ensure that your dog is calm and does not get motion sickness. As a natural ingredient – it has minimum or zero side effects according to usage.

Takeaway: Cerenia Killed My Dog

Cerenia is a drug that is used to cure motion sickness in dogs. However, as an excess of everything is bad – an overdose of this drug can cause adverse effects in dogs. If the side effects are left untreated, it can be fatal for your dog. Especially, for dogs who are already sick. The lethargy and diarrhea can make your dog feel sicker.

Therefore, before getting any type of treatment for your dog, act as a responsible pet owner, inform your vet about any kind of underlying issues that your dog may have. On top of this, do not overdose your dog with any kind of drug.

Lastly, if your dog succumbs to death and you think that Cerenia killed your dog. Get an autopsy as soon as you can arrange it. If the report rules out Cerenia as a cause of death, you can file a complaint against the manufacturing company.

8 thoughts on “Cerenia Killed My Dog”

  1. After closely reading everything about Cerenia, I decided not to give Cerenia to my dog. I am a retired nurse and know one must be careful when medicating your dog or cat. For that matter yourself as well. The one thing I focused on was I had not complained to the vet my dog was vomiting only refusing to eat. Why should she take a med for a complaint she does not have.

    • Yes, my dog had thrown up only one time! Why did the vet give him
      this medicine!? Wish I would’ve known the side effects – death!! I miss my companion and best friend do much!

  2. My Shiz Tsu was given This medicine and she died!! This is very painful for me to talk about because I think this is what killed her !! She was very special to my husband and to me as this dog was like a special friend to both of us!! We are in our 80’s and we needed her to for our moral support!! It has been a couple of months and we are still not over her death. What can be done about this ?? We are really sad and we cannot have closure !! Why did this vet give this dangerous drug?? Please respond to this as we are suffering and would like to hold the Vet responsible!!

    • Hi, my best friend and companion, Peppy, died Sunday morning, 12 hours after a cerenia injection. I’m devastated. It was only the two of us. I’m divorced and my boys are married and have their own lives. I miss him so much, this is torture. I know the cerenia shot had to have killed him. Is there anything that you were able to do to stop your vet from giving this medication to any other dogs? Were you able to hold anyone accountable? I’m so so sorry for your loss. It’s just so wrong!

  3. We did not get a autopsy. But I have the paper from the Vet that she gave her this injection. Please inform me about any recourse I have ??Please respond to this !!

  4. Hello, sorry to hear the story of your beloved dog , what symptoms did she show ? I’ve just lost my mini Yorkshire terroir I am heart broke .. she developed tumours near her vulva & would stop bleeding x

  5. My dog dies 26 hours after having Cerenia injected into her which was very, very painful for her. She was 14 on Valentine’s Day of this year.

    She came home after being at the vet who said to me the dog had 100% vitals and she looked great. She came in with a “hacking” (occasionally) and it bothered me. She had no vomiting and absolutely no nausea. The vet had two young attendants come in and inject her with a horribly painful syringe. She howled and was in so much pain.

    We came home and she could not stand up, and cried for 6 hours after arriving home. I slept with her on the floor in the living room that first night. She was dead the next night. And she died horribly. It was just surreal………..I will never be the same!


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