Dog Crate in Bedroom or Living Room

Every person wants to make his pet comfortable at home. You can do this by providing a dog crate in the bedroom or living room for them to sleep in. If your dog has separation anxiety, this will be especially helpful because it will give them their own space to relax.

Yes, right! But have you ever wondered about the right spot to place the crate? We know you do! However, there is no correct answer about where you should put your dog’s crate.

Some people think that it should go in the bedroom so the pet doesn’t disrupt any human activities during nighttime hours; others believe that keeping the crate out of sight gives it more power over your pet, so they stay inside of it willingly.

Keeping all the aspects in mind, let’s have a look on the better spot for a dog crate.

Should You Keep Your Dog Crate In Your Bedroom?

In case of young puppies, the crate should specially be kept in the bedroom because the little creatures need special care. Secondly, when you are crating a dog initially, there are chances it may trouble you or show destructive behavior; so, it’s always better to keep the crate of such a dog alongside your bed.

If you have a dog suffering from separation anxiety, keeping the crate in the bedroom will be beneficial to them because they can feel safe when left alone. Also, it helps avoid any disruption during nighttime hours by letting them sleep near you or with their favorite toy inside the crate beside your bed.

However, suppose your pet isn’t used to sleeping throughout the night and doesn’t like being confined in a small space. In that case, leaving their crate next to your bed may make them feel uneasy about having less access around the room while feeling unprotected at the same time, which might lead to destructive behavior later on.

Things to Consider While Thinking of Putting the Dog Crate in Bedroom:

There are multiple things one should consider being a pet owner while putting the dog crate in the bedroom. First, you have to check if the dog is anxious because keeping your dog’s crate in the bedroom may be the best option because they don’t feel lonely, and it helps avoid any behavioral issue during nighttime hours by letting them sleep near the person they love the most.

Second, suppose your pet is a puppy and still needs training, the crate training is the best thing to do at that time and place the crate near you so that you may get notified if there is any kind of problem. Finally, if you already know that they won’t like their crate close to where you are, try placing it somewhere else but not too far away from the main living areas where you will spend most of your time with them.

Perks Of Putting Your Dog Crate In Bedroom:

Placing your dog crate right next to the bed has its benefits, too, since it gives your pup access to quick comfort when needed, especially during nighttime hours where dogs can sometimes have anxiety about being alone in dark rooms for long periods. If this sounds familiar, go ahead and put their dog cage near the main bedroom.

Also, the dog can easily tell you whenever it has to go to the bathroom. As the dog is closest to you at that time, you can clearly observe it all the time specially when it shows some weird behavior or is sick.

Should You Keep Your Dog Crate In the Living Room?

Keeping a dog in the living room is ideal for daytime. Yes, right! As keeping the dog crate in the bedroom has its own reasons, so do the dog crate in the living room. When a dog crate is placed in the living room, the dog can clearly enjoy everything happening in the house from that area.

But if you place the crate in the bedroom during the day, your little pooch might get bored and show destructive behavior which is not a good sign. So, if you are thinking of putting your pet’s crate in the living room, you probably want to keep them comfortable while also having access to the whole house.

First, put their food and water dish next to bed so that they might eat before going out of your way to place their dog crate right in the middle of the main area where people are constantly walking by or might be near TV.

This will make them feel less secluded but still can move about freely without fear of missing anything vital since they can always see what is happening in the distance.

Perks of Putting Your Dog Crate in Living Room:

Dogs do not like feeling secluded and want to feel part of the family while also having their own space. Putting a dog crate in the living room will make them feel less closed off and more involved with what’s going on around them, even if they are away from people at that moment (which they probably are whenever you walk out).

Besides, your dog will feel a little bit independent sleeping in the living room. In fact, it can overcome separation anxiety as well. The dog will feel as if it is a part of the family. Lastly, the lounge is much more spacious than the bedroom allowing you to put the crate wherever.

How to know if a Dog for crate in a Bedroom or Living Room is better?

When crate training a dog, you will want to create a safe and cozy sleeping area for your pet. If your home is large enough to have more space, then leaving the crate in the living room or dining room would be a good option since it gives them the chance of exploration without giving them full access around the house unless supervised by someone else.

But make sure that they don’t get any bad habits from jumping on couches or damaging furniture, which may cause both irritations and unexpected accidents later on when left alone at the same place.

Instead, if there isn’t too much noise coming from the kitchen while preparing food at night hours, keeping their bed next to the couch might work fine but still keep an eye open on their behavior since it might encourage them to jump on furniture.

H2: Is it dangerous to keep the dog crate in the bedroom or living room?

Dog Crate in Bedroom or Living Room can be easily left alone without getting into trouble. There’s no issue at all as we don’t have any problem rather than just a little effort on our part to put the dog in it. Whereas, if we’re going out from home during work hours but leaving behind un-crated pet which has never been crated before, it can be a little troublesome.

Hence, the chances are high that he may find some way to escape as mentioned above or more likely become destructive by chewing off things like shoes, furniture, etc., since everything comes within their reach while being the center of an attraction themselves, especially if they are not trained or crated.  In short, a trained crated dog in the living room or bedroom is never a threat.

But for dogs habitual of chewing crate or with caged dog syndrome can become troublesome.

Which one is better; dog crate in bedroom or living room?

In our opinion, it is best to leave the dog in a crate in the living room during the day, and in the bedroom at night. It’s helpful to create a haven for your dog where he can go when tired or stressed. The amazing place can be anywhere in your house.

You might consider many places, but the bedroom is usually one of the best choices as it will be quiet and out of public view. If people come over unexpectedly while your pet is in his crate, they won’t see him either, so there shouldn’t be any trouble with house guests being surprised by finding an animal inside this way.

Cons of dog crate in Bedroom:

Not all the pet owners consider these cons loving their little pet, but these factors can be a little bit annoying as well. Do you want to know how leaving the dog crate in the bedroom can be problematic? If yes, have a look!

It is not compulsory that you and your dog sleep at the same time. So, if the dog sleeps early, the lights will disturb its sleeping pattern and it will get irritated. Secondly, due to this or any other reason if the dog feels anxious, or starts to whine or bark which is not tolerable for many pet owners during the night time. Lastly, some dogs have a bad habit of licking at night which might disturb your sleep.

Cons of dog crate in living room:

Well, if your puppy is young and not well-trained, leaving it in the crate and placing that crate in the living room can cause a potty accident or a puppy may begin peeing in crate. It is quite obvious that the puppy will not be able to give you any signal from that much distance and this will create mess.

If you want your lounge to look stylish and elegant, then the dog crate will not match ideally with the furniture until you spent quite an amount of money to get it customized. Lastly, the living room is highly ventilated hence can make the dog feel cold in winters.

Bottom Line:

Whether you choose to keep your dog in a bedroom or another room, both options are viable choices for any pet owner. You can pamper pups by keeping the crate in the bedroom, or make your pooch feel independent while leaving the crate in the living room, your call. In the end, it will all depend on what’s most important to you and your family regarding how much freedom is needed at night time.

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