Why Does My Dog Stay Out In Rain

The answer to this simple question “Why does my dog stay out in the rain?” is apparent.  Being a dog owner you must know that some dog breeds love to enjoy the rain and there is no problem with it unless your dog stays in rain for a longer period.

Why does my dog stay out in rain?

Dogs love to stay outside in the rain because rain stimulates and awaken their senses in ways we humans might not understand. Rain is a natural phenomenon that impacts dogs both physically and mentally. Dogs can sense incoming natural phenomena like rain.

If your dog stays out in rain, it might not be only for “entertainment purposes”. This could be because your dog is scared or have that natural urge to protect their owners.

Do dogs like rain?

It depends on each dog.  Some dogs love it while others don’t.

  • Most dogs with double coat fur will enjoy the rain because it makes them cool and fresh.
  • Other dogs may not like rain at all. Usually, the reason is that rain comes with thunder,  gusting winds, and a lot of water pressure. It frightens the dogs. I have seen my Leonidas hiding his face under his paws when rain happens. Yeah, He is that much scared.
  • Dogs who don’t like rain take it as something scary. Short-haired breeds don’t like being wet and cool. However,  dogs with double coats may enjoy rain seeping through their coat and make a tingling sensation on their skin. These dogs stay fine both in rain and on sunny days.
  • It is important to train your puppy to go outside in the rain so he can overcome his fear. Dogs may retaliate going outside especially if you have kept them indoors. It’s better to train them with love and kindness.  Don’t just drag them out as this will make them more frightened.
  • Dogs who have had experiences of going swimming or playing in mud are more comfortable handling rain. As rain makes dogs cold,  so dog breeds that were bred in a colder region like to enjoy the rain.

Why dogs like to sit in the rain

Talking about those dogs who love rain,  the question may pop up in your mind what good rain brings them? Here is why dogs sit in the rain

The scent

Dogs are natural hunters. They have scenting abilities. Some may have this ability at a heightened level like bloodhounds or basset hounds but they all have it. Even in their spare time,  dogs usually pass time by sniffing things and following trails. Dogs love petrichor,  the smell after rain.  I think they are as poetic as we are!

Rain brings them Outdoor fun

Energetic dog breeds love hanging out even if it is rain. Dogs who are bred and trained to live outdoors, tend to enjoy the rain. It allows staying out and enjoying life to the fullest. However, train your puppies at an early age to develop a love of water. Mostly puppies,  who were allowed to enjoy the water,  loves rain.

It’s hot inside

Dogs usually enjoy the rain when it’s hot inside. Take it as a little refreshing session.

To find a mate

Studies have shown that dogs’ mating behavior relates to weather conditions too. If your dog is not neutered,  he may like to go outside in rain to find a mating companion. (Also read swollen sacks after neutering)

Protection alert!

Dogs are natural protectors. They serve mankind with utmost loyalty and offer protection to their masters in unimaginable ways. That is why they have our hearts.

Especially if you have a guard dog,  it may go out in the rain to protect you from possible danger. Rain comes with wind and thunder and dog can sense them as potential threats.

Dog breeds that love rain

Herding, hunting, and retriever dogs are rain lovers. Although Some double-coated dogs may not like it. For example, huskies were bred to live in Siberia,  the snowiest region but they don’t like getting wet. Read Do huskies like snow and do huskies like swimming to know why.

Some dogs love the rain because they have developed a love of water from a very early age. For example, Golden retrievers and Nova Scotias are water lovers and they enjoy the rain as much as they can. (Read our article Nova scotia vs golden retriever).

Not all dogs love rain and not all of them are “made” this way to handle rain.  For example, rain can make huskies and Pomeranians very sick.

Do Dogs always like to stay out in rain?

No! Some dogs may be so much afraid of rain that they might have a phobia. If you notice that your dog

  • starts finding a place to hide
  • Barks a lot
  • Retaliate going out
  • Starts shivering and
  • Even panting with increased heart rate

He has rain phobia. Don’t force him to go out.

What happens when you let your dog sit outside in rain?

Why you should let your dog enjoy the rain? depends on the breed of your dog,  how he was raised, and weather conditions.

Mostly there is no harm in enjoying rain under supervised circumstances. Especially if your dog is enjoying summer rain, nothing bad is going to happen. A little rain shower will enlighten him up. However, the rain changes the body temperature of dogs. While some dog breeds might not be allowed to go in the rain, a slight rain shower is fine for all dog breeds. Even for huskies. who love to sleep outside in cold weather and labradors survival in hot weather. These topics will help you to know how different breeds handle temperatures differently.

As we have discussed earlier if your dog doesn’t belong to a breed that loves water,  don’t force them to go in the rain. In this case, it doesn’t matter what type of coat they have.

Your dog should have consent in this. Give him a safe place and an opportunity to have fun in the rain. If he likes it, let him go. When the rain will make him uncomfortable,  there is always a place to come back.

Why you shouldn’t let your dog sit in rain? 

Well,  dogs should be allowed to entertain themselves in rain.  We understand it! but can a dog stay out in rain? The answer is not for long. This is in their better interest. Rain can be dangerous to them. If you are looking for why is rain bad for dogs?  This is why

Less visibility

You should never allow your dog to leave the premises during rain. Every year lots of incidents are reported about accidents on roads. As rain will cause low visibility,  both dogs and drivers may not see what is coming and disastrous accidents can happen.

Risk of lighting

Avoid going out in heavy rains. You and your dog can see the rain from under the shelter or just by looking outside the window. Dogs usually wear metal collars and they can attract lightning during thunder. Don’t risk lives and seek shelter as soon as heavy rain starts.

Risk of bacterial infections

Sometimes dogs love going in puddles.  Your dog can catch bacteria. Also,  dogs can drink that unhygienic water from these puddles. Your dog might get parvo or worms by drinking this water. As this water may contain toxic chemicals e.g. oil from cars or pollution it can cause upset stomach,  diarrhea, and vomiting.

(You might want to read our other articles pregnant dog diarrhea  dog diarrhea at night only and diabetic dog with diarrhea)

Your dog may not drink water from puddles but it will surely lick its wet paws after coming back home. So you should not let your dog out in the first place.

Risk of getting cold

Dogs can get cold and pneumonia when they stay in rain for long. Prolonged outdoor sessions in rain can cause fever and inflamed respiratory tract. Dry your dog immediately after it gets too wet in rain.

Don’t let elderly dogs sit in the rain. It can cause joint pain,  cold, and other health issues them. Always monitor your dog’s movements.  Being a dog owner it is your responsibility to look after your dog. If you think it’s a No!  your dog shouldn’t be let out in rain.

Drying your dog

Rain is fun but as soon as the fun ends, it’s important to dry your dog as soon as possible. A prolonged wet coat can make your dog sick. Also,  your dog will start giving an unpleasant smell.

  • Use a towel or fan to dry dog fur.
  • You can also use raincoats and jackets. They are available in the accessories section of many websites. This is the best way to enjoy the rain while keeping your dog dry.
  • The shelter is important. Your dog can enjoy the rain while sitting under shelter.

Is leaving a dog out in the rain illegal?

Yes, it counts in criminal negligence. If an owner leaves a dog out in risky situations, they can be charged with hefty fines by law enforcement institutions. People have frequently asked what to do if their neighbor leaves the dog outside in rain? If you find this as an act of negligence, call law enforcement institutions.

In short,  if your dog enjoys staying out in rain,  there is no harm in a little fun session. However,  don’t allow dogs to leave premises or stay outside for longer periods.  Also, there are certain breeds of dogs who enjoy the rain while others may not.

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