Dog vs Wolf: Are they similar?

On the face of it, Dog and Wolf size may seem similar – even their appearance but there are many key differences between a wolf and dog. In case you encounter either of these animals on your trail (we hope not) – you will be able to tell the difference between the two. 

dog vs wolf

Why Do Wolves and Dogs Look Similar?

Well, as people say that humans have evolved from monkeys. Similarly, there is a theory that suggests that wolves and dogs shared the same ancestors somewhere in their family tree. 

Therefore, they share things like facial features and behaviors.

And, some academics say that wolves and dogs also share the same species (Canis Lupus). However, it was first believed that dogs and wolves hail from different species. 

Wolf  Vs Dog Appearance? 

There is some resemblance between a wolf and a dog’s appearance but there are some key differences that you should know of. Some of them are listed below.

Dog AppearanceWolf Appearance
Dogs have small headsWolves have big heads
Dogs have eyes that are mostly brownishWolves have colored eyes mostly but they are never brown.
Wide hips and chestNarrow chest and hips
Short legs and small pawsLong legs and big paws
Their fur coat can be of any colorThe fur coat is generally brown-black or grey
Mostly domesticatedRarely domesticated
Normal jawPointy jaw

Difference between a wolf and a dog’s behavior?

Well, this one is easy to guess. We all know how people love to keep dogs as their pets. On the other hand, you will rarely find anyone with a wolf as their pet. So the difference in their behavior is clear.

Wolves are stronger and not accepting of humans unless they are domesticated from an early age. However, dogs are kinder towards humans and are generally accepting and loving. However, you can train any animal to be friendly with humans. So, it all boils down to their environment. 

Moving on, wolves are born around spring so they don’t get to face winters and develop stronger than dogs. Dogs on the other hand take more time to develop their instincts, mostly because dogs have been domesticated by our society. 

On the other hand, wolves are mostly born in the wild – made to survive in the wild on their own. 

Can I keep a wolf as a pet?

There are several things that you need to keep in mind if you are looking to keep a wolf as a pet. Some states in America have laws against it, for example, it is illegal to keep a wolf as a pet in Hawaii, Idaho, and Maryland. 

However, in some other states, you need to make sure that the wolf is fathered, after that you can keep it as a pet. 

As far as the general aspects go, you can keep a wolf as a pet as long as your state allows it and you can keep up with it. Your best bet would be to get a baby wolf so you can domesticate it at an early age. 

If you adopt a wolf at a later age, you may have a hard time keeping up with its behavior. Especially if you do not have a bigger place. 

Wolf vs dog diet

Dogs and wolves do look similar but there is a stark difference between their dietary requirements. The main reason for this is the domestication of dogs over the years. 

Dogs love to eat meat but over several years, their diet has involved different things such as plant-based diets or dog food that you get from the supermarket. 

On the other hand, wolves hunt for their food so most of it includes the meat of other mammals that they can hunt. However they also munch on wild berries too but the majority of their diet is meat. 

Dogs may be able to survive while eating the diet of a wolf but wolves will take several decades to include plant based food into their diet. 

Dog vs wolf dependence on humans

This one is a given, dogs are mostly or entirely dependent on humans for their survival when they are kept as pets. 

Although there are many stray dogs that you can find roaming around the streets, most of them are fragile and weak. This is because dogs have been domesticated for years. 

When it comes to problem solving, dogs will look up to their owners and if they have to solve it on their own, they get all worked up. 

On the other hand, wolves are not dependent on human beings. Because of the reason that they live in the wild and have to take care of themselves. Part of a reason why wolves are considered to be more smart and quick at solving problems. 

A study suggests that wolves generally avoid human beings and will not attack anyone unless something seems as a threat to them. 

Dogs vs wolf reproduction

Although it is hard to keep up with the reproductive cycle of wolves, on average they breed around 4-6 pups. Female wolves get their heat season twice a year hence they can not produce a lot of offspring. 

On the other hand, dogs generally have more offspring. Especially if they are breeding dogs, they can breed around 15 pups if they are taken care of properly during the procedure. 

To Sum it all up

Wolves and dogs have a similar structure but there are stark differences between their body types, behavior and diets. 

Dogs have been domesticated for years and hence it has impacted their behavior. Dogs are more loving and they adapt to the place that they are living in very quickly. 

However, wolves due to their environment are more aggressive and can not be domesticated easily. Their diet is also different from dogs and so is their behavior. 

Similarly, you can keep dog pets without any problem but keeping a wolf as a pet is tricky since some states like Maryland have laws against it. 

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