Faux Leather and Dog Nails

Dogs bring joy as well as disaster in many ways. Especially if you have faux leather at home,  prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs. Faux leather and dog nails are going to test your patience. Keep calm! Your loving pup is still that sweetheart.

Faux leather and dogs

Faux leather is used in many household items from beds to flooring and from sofas to wall sheets. Most owners prefer faux leather furniture because it’s odor and stain-resistant.

We all pet parents know that having a dog is like raising a child and we can’t limit dogs to one place. Faux is odor resistant which gives it an edge over other furniture but it doesn’t mean dogs can’t tear away faux leather.

Is faux leather pet-friendly and durable?

Yes, Faux leather is durable and pet-friendly but not permanent. Like any other material,  it can get damaged and defective. If a dog is in habit of scratching the faux leather,  the leather will be full of marks sooner than expected. It doesn’t matter if it’s “stain-free” because it will look bad anyway.

Faux leather is preferred because it is less absorbent and easy to clean. Less absorbance makes it odor-free too. If your dog has accidentally peed or vomited on furniture, it will be easy to clean and the bad odor will not stay for long. (Also Read diabetic dog throwing up).

When dogs scratch and tear away the fabric, the fluids can penetrate those tears.  Ouch! So durability depends on how well you maintain faux leather furniture and floors.

Faux leather and dog nails

Dogs can have nasty habits and scratch on the floor and furniture is one of them. Trust us this is a favorite time pass for many dogs. When you have a dog at home,  it is highly unlikely that your dog will not come in contact with furniture. Dogs are part of a family and all the things are within their range too. Their long nails have sharp edges which can not only put ugly marks but tear away faux sheets from the furniture.

When dogs have long nails,  they can scratch floors, cushions, and even faux leather. Remember that dog nails can even scratch wooden floors. (Read do dog nails scratch wood floors). Sometimes with long nails, a dog doesn’t even “need” to scratch faux leather.  When a dog tries to hold or grip,  the faux leather can’t resist the dog’s long sharp nails.

Is Faux leather good for dogs?

Yes, it is!

As compared to other fabrics,  it is relatively safe to have faux leather furniture at your home. Faux leather is a protectant. Dogs can carry mud, germs, sweat,  skin oils, and spilled fluids in their fur too. Less absorbent material like faux leather will not absorb these things like other fabrics.

However, Faux leather furniture must be maintained to keep its perfection at a level. Simple steps can protect your furniture making it more durable.

  • Keep your faux leather furniture clean. Less mess means less chance of getting them damaged.
  • As faux leather is easy to clean, use a soft cloth soaked in disinfectant to clean the furniture. It will also keep germs at bay.
  • You have to ensure that your dog doesn’t scratch the sofa while sitting on it.
  • Keep your dog nails trimmed and cut them regularly as they will grow back and can cause damage to furniture. (Read do dog nails grow back).
  • Use nail filers to keep dog nail edges smooth. Sharp edges can cause damage to faux leather. ( Also read what grit sandpaper for dogs)
  • Use leather conditioners and shiners. They increase the durability of faux leather and give it a new shiny look.
  • Indulge your dog in activities where he is less likely to pay attention to scratching furniture. For example, you can give him cow hooves to pass time. (Also read Dog swallowed cow hooves).
  • Train your dog not to jump on faux leather furniture. A sofa should only serve little cuddling sessions. Take your dog to the ground for playing and activities. (Also read do huskies like cuddling).

Do dog nails scratch leather car seats?

Leather seats are comfortable and easy to maintain. Pets can ruin them with urine,  vomits, scratches from nails, and all that.  Though faux leather is resistant as compared to other fabrics it doesn’t mean dog nails can’t scratch leather car seats.

Dog nails cannot only scratch but with consistent practice,  can also tear away car leather seats. When there is a tear in a leather seat, it can absorb all the dust and odor that any other fabric will. It’s important to protect your car seats from dog scratches. Here are some tips to follow

  • Minor cuts or scratches can be repaired with a leather conditioner.
  • Also maintain your seats by wiping them with a clean cloth. You can use baby oil or olive oil to rub on seats. This will keep them shiny and scratches will be less visible.
  • Use a dog seat in the car. This will limit your dog’s movement in the car and his interaction with leather seats.
  • Give your dog a toy to play with. He will less likely pay attention to ruin your car seats.

Leather vs Fabric sofa with pets

A fabric sofa is indeed a bad choice when you have pups around. Faux leather is better in many ways. The following table will show a difference in how a leather sofa is better than a fabric sofa if you have a dog at home.

Faux leather sofaSimple fabric sofa
Serve as protectantAbsorbant
Dog fur will not stickYou will find dog fur stuck in the fabric
Can be cleaned easilyHard to clean
Stain-freeCan easily get stains
Will not absorb skin oilsWill absorb skin oils causing odors and stains
Less likely to get damagedCan easily get damaged


Faux leather is durable as compared to other fabrics but if your dog has long nails,  it can scratch and tear faux leather too. Make sure that dog nails stay trimmed and smooth to protect furniture from getting damaged.

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