Flat Coat Pomeranian

Pomeranians are fluffy and fleecy creatures.  Although looking at the flat coat pomeranian pictures can make you uncomfortable. The reality is either they are on shedding or the lower coat is missing for some reason making it flat coat pomeranian. Read our article to have a detailed look at the matter!

Flat Coat Pomeranian

About Pomeranians

People keep dogs for different reasons and this mini-sized pup is purely kept as a toy dog. Traits wise they are very cute, friendly, and family dogs.

Being mini-sized, they demand special care while handling them. So we don’t suggest adopting them if you have little kids at home. They are good for couples and people with elder kids who understand how to treat and handle pomeranian.

Why should you get a Pomeranian?

I have dreamt of adopting a pomeranian all my life. I used to see celebrities taking pictures with their pomeranian and uploading them on Instagram and frankly speaking, I was quite jealous of them too.

I mean who doesn’t want that little fluffy entertainment package with perks of companionship. And when I adopted one, I was kind of nervous as if I will be able to handle this elite dog or not because it demands every single second of your attention.

Well,  my nervousness was not for nothing but when I finally got one,  I felt myself as much celebrity as my little Pomeranian. Now together we are on a rollercoaster ride of companionship where we have our good and bad days. But I am at peace that I made this decision.

The moment I adopted this little bundle of joy, I realized I was meant to have one. Now I suggest you should get one too. Here are the reasons why you should also consider adopting it.

They are mini packets of joy

Before adopting a dog,  we understand how many variant options you have. You can adopt from different breeds and you need a pup that matches your needs and requirements. If you are adopting just because you love dogs and want to pamper their kind with utmost love and care,  consider adopting Pomeranian.

Handling Pomeranian may be difficult but imagine handling Bloodhound,  Bernard, Or great dane.  Oops!  No matter what the age,  Pomeranian will still stay your same cutie patootie little munchkin.

Little size means fewer needs

Pomeranian doesn’t need much to eat. Gaint-sized dogs require a huge amount to eat so that they can maintain their energy and stay fit. So with poms, you are going to spend less on dog food. Ahh, relief from thinking about dog food on a budget,  you can buy the high-quality and best food for your pup.

Best for small places

Certain breeds are not meant to stay indoors or in small houses. With Pomeranian, you don’t need castles to raise this little king. He will be fine in your apartment, sitting on a couch beside you while watching a movie. Happy time together!

Dream it and have it!

You don’t need to wait for your favorite pup to “exist” before adopting it. Just dream it and have it because they are easily available in adoption centers.

They friend-zone easily

Pomeranians are widely liked because of their affable nature. They are very good with both humans and their own kind. Their friendliness makes them a good option for adoption. They win your heart with their affectionate aura.

Companionship matters!

They are not only amiable but are perfect companions too. Pomeranian is considered a lap dog.  Imagine having a cute dog like Pomeranian,  sitting in your lap while you are reading a book and caressing its gentle fur with your fingers at the same time… Ah dreamy!!!!

Duty comes first

Pomeranians are not just toy dogs or showpieces that you only keep for amusement purposes. They know how the human-dog bond works and what their ancestors have encoded in their genetics. “Protect your loved ones”. Pomeranians are not just cute dogs,  they are sharp and intelligent creatures who can sense when things go awkward. They will start barking as soon as they smell something wrong is going on.

Energy bombs

Don’t get deceived by their size. They are energy bombs that can steal any dog show with their unstoppable energy. They have proven themselves worthy in different tasks.

While Pomeranian is the apple of my eye right now,  there is a whole group who strongly support not adopting Pomeranian. We understand you guys and your point of view. Your reasons

Why do you think Pomeranians are the worst dogs?

They are moody

well, Who is not moody?  Even we humans, who claim to be the most intelligent creature of all time throw tantrums and show mood swings. So you guys think we are allowed to show moods but this sweet little pup will be considered at fault for its temperament?

This is bias behavior people… And we are going to name it “creature differentiation “.

They are fragile

So after their temperament,  now their miniature size is their fault? Yes, they are fragile but this is because they are made this way and you should handle any living creature with the same care. Have not you seen the movie “Horton” where Horton says “a person is a person no matter how big or small”

Our version states

“A dog is a dog no matter how big or small”. If you can’t give this dog that elite feeling it deserves,  you don’t deserve a dog at all.  Huh!

Their aggressive behavior

Trust us,  they are not as aggressive as they are marketed.  We know they can get cranky near-strangers but this is what a dog is supposed to do.  Isn’t it?

They are hard to train

This is where we agree. Pomeranians are hard to potty train and you may find them peeing everywhere.

But overall,  they are good first-time dogs, and having a pomeranian teaches you a lot about keeping a pet.

Flat coat Pomeranian

Now we have proven our point that Pomeranian should and must be your first choice for adoption. We also know that the first thing that attracts you to have this pet is its looks and fur.

In some cases,  your fluffy Pomeranian can turn into a flat coat Pomeranian.

This happens because

  • Pomeranians have two coats. The outer layer is for giving it attractive looks and the inner coat guards it from the extremities of weather. When Pomeranian goes through shedding, the inner coat becomes thin and no longer provides that support to outer fur. This can result in a flat outer coat.
  • The Pomeranian coat also depends on its bloodline.  If the parents were more pouchy,  the offspring will have a lot of furs to show off but if the parents were flat coat Pomeranians,  the offspring will also turn out to be a flat-coated pet.
  • Some people also debate that there are two types of Pomeranians,  the flat-coated and “fox poms”. In reality, there are no different “types” of poms with different furs or there is no such thing as foxy pomeranian puppies. It’s just if your pet was lucky to get it right or not. If your puppy is a flat coat Pomeranian, then the pet doesn’t meet breed standards. (Fur quality doesn’t affect its ability to be a wonderful pet).
  • It is also natural for mom poms to shed their hair during or after pregnancy due to hormonal changes. They can end up being flat coat Pomeranian and this is normal.
  • Many people also believe that poms should be more healthy rather than show off quality.  And we support them in this.
  • Sometimes while cutting their hair, hair can get more trimmed from places they shouldn’t be making your dog flat coat pomeranian. Carefully learn,  how to beautify your dog. Trying how to fix pomeranian fur? can end up making your pet look more scary and creepy.
  • Maybe the pom is still young and has not fully developed the outer coat yet. So if you are worried about how long does it takes for pomeranian hair to grow?. Know that the full coat will come at the age of two years…

How to improve Pomeranian coat?

If you want to improve your pom’s coat quality, try giving it a nice bath and gently brush its hair. If it already has a less inner coat, you can’t make hair grow.

Also,  don’t attempt to modify the coat. Let the natural process run through its course. This coat maintains body temperatures in different seasons. So let the shedding do its work. Cutting its hair will alter the course of nature and you might end up making your pom suffer from your unwise decisions.

Pomeranian With a long snout

Dogs should meet breed standards and Pomeranians with long snout means they are purebred, fully meeting the breed standards. They are also called fox-face Pomeranians. If your pom is flat-coated, it is not some other type of pomeranian dog, it has simply failed to meet breed standards. Pomeranians don’t have different types.  They are given names like teddy poms or fox poms based on how they look.

In last,  if you are considering adopting a Pom, remember that fur is just a “show-off quality” and unless not due to serious health reasons, a flat coat is also fine. We guarantee you that flat coat Pomeranians are as admirable and lovely as foxy pomeranian puppies.

Happy pom adoption!

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