Fluffy Frenchie – What is it?

Who can think even bulldogs can look this cute?  Well,  check fluffies for yourself.  Fluffy Frenchies are unique and long-haired bulldogs. We know,  Bulldogs have this fierce look and are known for their “attitude ” face. Fluffy Frenchies have broken those stereotypes. These dogs have not only made their way to families but have also gained the 4th most popular rank in recent years.

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Fluffy Frenchies

Bulldogs are known and liked for their short hair, strongly built, and arrogant facial expressions. Fluffy Frenchies on the other hand are long-haired bulldogs. Apart from fluffy Frenchie,  they are also called “Long hair french dogs”.

At the start, it was difficult to accept that bulldogs can have long hair. But here they are,  gaining massive fame and love from people all around the globe.

Why do fluffy Frenchies have long hair?

Dogs have hair on their body.  Some have long and others have short. Now bulldogs are not supposed to have long hairs. Right!  Then how fluffy has those flaunting hair on his body?  Because some say that the ancestors of fluffy Frenchies are local ratter dogs and English bulldogs.

We all know how living beings are defined by certain pairs of genes encoded in the DNA and how crossing is carefully done to carry out those traits to the next generation.

This all depends not only on their genes but also on external factors like the environment they are living in. The gene that decides hair is called Fibroblast Growth Factor.

Fluffy has long hair because this is in their genes. So if genes are responsible for long hair then how comes some Frenchies have short hair? The answer to this question is simple.

There are two types of genes and the length of hair is decided by the dominant gene. When both the genes are short,  the dog will have short hair,  when both genes are for long hair,  dogs will have long hair.

In fluffy Frenchie both the long and short genes are present. So whatever genes dominate,  the dog will have that type of hair.

Breeding a fluffy Frenchie

Breeding a Frenchie who has long hair is no rocket science. You just have to cross two long-haired fluffy Frenchies and the puppy will have long hair like parents.

Breeding Frenchie where one parent is short-haired will result in a litter where 1 in every 4 puppies will have long hair.

Short-haired Frenchie will reproduce short-haired dogs only. Only parents with long hair Genes will have long-haired puppies.

Is fluffy Frenchie purebred?

Yes, fluffies are purebred, and certain breed tests have even confirmed that too. It is usually thought that these dogs got their long hair when they were crossed with some ratter dogs. This crossing was all-natural and way back then (even if it has happened).

However,  breeders may propagate that fluffies are mixed breed because this way they can charge more. Some other breeders who claim that fluffy Frenchie is pure breed believe that bulldogs have a natural tendency in their genes to show long hair.

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Fluffy Frenchies crossed with other breeds

Fluffy Frenchies must be bred with other fluffy dogs to keep the generations purebred. However,  many breeders practice this unethical crossbreeding where they sell puppies that are not purebred. They cross fluffy Frenchie with long-haired chihuahuas or other long-haired dogs to deceive the pet buyers.

Displacement of the knee joint or patella luxation is another common health problem for short breed dogs.

Other health issues include hemivertebrae,  cherry eye,  blindness,  skin allergies, and auto-immune disorders.

Is fluffy Frenchie purebred?

If fluffy Frenchies are purebred,  do AKC recognize them?  The answer is No.

Even if the breed does not have any fault,  the coat for french dogs allows the short and smooth coat to pass breed standards.

Owners are positive and are looking forward that soon all registries will recognize fluffy Frenchies as a bulldog breed. The breed just showed up this publicly only 10 years back. It may take some time but hopefully, the breed will make its space in kennel registries.

Traits of fluffy Frenchie

Here are few traits of fluffy Frenchie

TraitsFluffy Frenchie
Height11-13 inches
Weight10-14 kgs
Coat colorsFawn, cream, white, lilac, black
Coat typeCan be long or short
TrainingCan be trained
GroomingNeeds grooming for long hair
Health issuesNeed continuous monitoring
TemperamentFriendly and moody
Life span10-12 years
Recommended?Not to first-time owners

Weight and size

The Fluffy Frenchies full-grown are 11 to 13 inches tall and 10-14 kgs in Weight. This short height,  long hair, and fewer kgs changed the way how people looked at bulldogs. This cute addition to the bulldog family takes the adoption by storm and it seems as if everyone wants fluffy Frenchie now.

Coat type and color

Fluffies have long coats, unlike normal short-haired bulldogs. The coat has wavy hair and hair near the mane, ear and chest are fluffier than the rest of the body. There can be variant coat colors of fluffy Frenchie

  • Black fluffy Frenchie puppy looks cute little panthers but can have white marking near chest area too.
  • There could be very catchy and unique colors mixed up in a coat for example lilac and fawn fluffy Frenchies are a delight to the eyes.
  • Blue and tan fluffy Frenchies are another addition to fluffy variant coat colors.
  • White or cream fluffy Frenchies are such a treat to the eyes. Cuties patties… You will want to hug them. Aww
  • fluffy frenchie puppies

Health Issues

Certain health issues must be kept in check to ensure a healthy puppy۔

  • As fluffies have a flat face,  they are more prone to breathing difficulties. In extreme temperatures like under direct sun or more humid environment,  the fluffy can have breathing issues.
  • One in every four fluffy puppies suffers from hip dysplasia.  Keep checking them for the signs if they show abnormal gate or limping in the hind legs.
  • Displacement of the knee joint or patella luxation is another common health problem for short breed dogs.
  • Other health issues include hemivertebrae,  cherry eye,  blindness,  skin allergies, and auto-immune disorders.


Fluffies don’t make the best pets just because they have good looks. They are affectionate and playful family dogs. Fluffies are eager to please their owners and would go to any extent to make them happy.

Another best thing is that Fluffies are adaptable to any type of living. They can adjust to apartment living too which makes them a wonderful companion for indoor residence. Fluffies are loyal and love to be with their owners.

They can easily feel sad and alone when their owners are not around. This can make them depressed at times and they may suffer from anxiety. They have good energy levels and if not indulged in training,  they can turn out to be destructive.

Fluffy Frenchie Grooming

  • Fluffies needs quite a grooming.  They have long hair and must be kept clean to ensure good health. Otherwise, dirt and dust will not only make them dirty but also sick.
  • As they have wrinkles around the face,  keep that area clean and dry.
  • Brush their hair regularly to keep the coat clean and shiny.
  • Check them for ticks and fleas.  They can be irritating and dangerous to dogs.


Fluffies are not very intelligent but as they tend to please their owner, they can be trained. Their training must start at an early age. Fluffies make good companion dogs but they were not bred to be assistance dogs. This dog socializes well so they can be trained to behave around people and kids. Despite their average intelligence, they will learn important commands.


These dogs don’t need much exercise. In fact, excessive exercise or strenuous activities can cause breathing problems. A little walk is enough.

fluffy frenchie

Why you shouldn’t adopt fluffy Frenchie?

While there is a whole debate on how Frenchies are the best pet dogs. There are reasons why you shouldn’t adopt fluffy.

  • They don’t bark much. Not every dog you keep is for safety reasons but everyone wants the best deal.  Dogs are expected to be protective. A dog this quiet might not suit you.
  • Fluffy Frenchies have a physique, which doesn’t allow them to mate naturally. They conceive through insemination.
  • As their bodies are small, their hip bone is narrow which doesn’t allow natural birth. Fluffy Frenchie gives birth through c section. Which is a risky process itself and comes with a lot of future complications.
  • Fluffy Frenchies have breathing issues. They are not allowed to travel in planes as air pressure can cause breathing problems.
  • Due to breathing problems, they can’t regulate temperature too. They easily get cold or heat stroke when the temperature changes. Their coat is not dense enough to protect them from weather extremities. A humid environment can also cause difficulty for these dogs just like huskies have temperature requirements.
  • They have short legs so Frenchie fluffy can’t swim.
  • Frenchies are little monsters who don’t know when to stop eating. They can easily get digestive problems by overeating.
  • These dogs throw tantrums. When someone is not around, expect a dragon to burn up everything that comes in his way.

The life span of a fluffy Frenchie

If these dogs are healthy and have no other external factor to affect their life quality,  the fluffies are expected to live 10-12 years.

Fluffy Frenchie cost

Fluffies are costly. The long-haired ones are expensive and range between $12000 to $15000. Such an elite pet!. The fluffy with short hair is between $1500-$3000.

Where to find fluffy?

Well,  don’t fall for the” fluffy Frenchie for sale ” trap unless you are sure that the dog is legit. Always check pedigree and rely on a reputable breeder only. Otherwise, someone might pass on the mixed-breed dog.

In short,  fluffy Frenchies are the talk of the town because of their unique looks and loveable traits.  If you can afford one,  why not?  Also, we don’t recommend fluffies to first-time dog owners as they require continuous health monitoring, and someone naive may not understand that!

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