Golden Retriever in Apartment

Golden Retrievers are the friendliest companions one could ever ask for. Initially bred for retrieving purposes,  Golden Retrievers have proved themselves to be efficient as both work and family dogs. Today we are going to have an overlook if Golden Retriever is apartment friendly dogs or not. Well,  Golden retrievers can live in apartments. Given all the training and activities to exert their energy, they can adapt themselves to any living environment.

goldren retriever in apartment

Golden Retriever  as a Pet in an Apartment

Are Golden Retrievers good indoor dogs? Because they were bred initially to become retrievers. This makes them outdoor dog.Golden retrievers are extremely loveable because of their adjustable nature. Whether large houses or apartment living they do equally fine in both.

Can a golden retriever be kept in an apartment?

Yes,  why not?

No need to worry about “Can I keep Golden retriever in the apartment? ” because you can.

However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. First, understand that certain factors allow Golden retriever to adjust indoors. Secondly, there are few things that you must keep in mind before moving Golden retriever in.

First thing first

Factors that make Golden retriever adaptable to live in apartments

Not every dog can be contained in a limited area. There are many factors involved that make Golden retriever adaptable to apartment living. These include

Their attachment to their owners

Golden retrievers breed has achieved several obedience awards and they are popular for loyalty.  They love sticking with their owners. Studies have shown that Golden retrievers can’t live without company for more than 4 hours.

Psychological factors allow them to adjust indoors because sometimes all that matters is their bond with their owner,  no matter what the place.

The temperament of Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are calm and sweet. Their temperament allows them to adjust to any living condition. They are social,  friendly and don’t retaliate much especially if it comes to please their owner or allows them to stick with them. Also,  they are good around kids. This makes them a good fit for apartments with small children.

Ability to get Trained

Golden retrievers have a great reputation for being obedient assistant dogs. With training,  they can rule the world. You can train Golden retrievers to live in an indoor setting.

Their double coat?

Usually, double-coated dogs have ancestors from colder regions. As they have double-coated fur,  indoor living may be too hot for them. Mostly these dogs can adjust to outdoor living only.

Golden retrievers also have double fur which protects them from all types of weather extremities. This fur doesn’t only protect them from an extreme cold but also heat and sun. The inner layer acts as an insulator that regulates the body temperature regardless of indoor and outdoor weather conditions. Temperature matters for golden retrievers just like hot weather for labradors or cold for huskies. Temperature affects the living conditions of dogs.

What you should consider before taking Golden retriever in Apartment

Golden retrievers are love!  They are popular and a lot of people want to adopt them. Before taking Golden retriever,  you must align things. Keep in mind what you are bargaining for.May be they can adjust but you are not ready to accept !

Getting yourself prepared will help you to deal with Golden retrievers inside your apartment. Before taking golden retriever in apartment keep in mind about

Size of Gilden Retriever

Mostly Golden Retrievers are up to 34 kgs. Which makes them medium-sized dogs.  Keep in mind that the bigger the dog, the more things you need to consider to adjust him in the apartment. If your apartment is small,  expect a Golden retriever to bump here and there. Also, you must be comfortable in sharing your sofa,  couch, and even bed with your Golden Retriever.

The energy level of Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers have a high energy level and they have the urge to please their owner. This makes them extremely restless dogs. If you are adopting Golden Retriever to live in an apartment,  you must provide them enough activities to indulge themselves in.

Golden retrievers  are social

Golden retrievers love being around people. They want company 24/7. Prepare yourself for an all-time companion. In the apartment,  they have to stay within boundaries,  so they will prefer to stay around you. If you can’t handle this don’t even consider adopting them.

What about a little privacy?

Mostly, dog owners let their dogs go out for peeing or pooping.  In an apartment,  you are bound to give them a “poop place”.  Either take them to a daily walk outside for a little privacy session or arrange something inside your apartment. This is important before moving in a Golden retriever with you.

Their shedding level

Being a double-coated fur dog,  expect Golden Retrievers shedding everywhere. In the apartment,  you are going to find their hair strands in everything. Make yourself ok with that. Although with grooming you can control the amount of falling hair but still don’t expect “no hair at all”.

Golden retrievers are little detectives

Like every dog,  Golden retrievers love sniffing and exploring things. They are going to peep in everything even your drawers and cupboards too.  You might end up asking my dog ate shoelaces or what to do if a dog ate underwear.

In the apartment,  you can’t control them not to move around. So it is important to keep every potentially dangerous thing out of their range. Remember even a bar of simple chocolate or chocolate frosting is dangerous for dogs.

You can’t leave them unattended

In an apartment,  you can’t leave your Golden retriever unattended or they might become depressed and destructive. In a contained environment like apartment living, dogs are more likely to get depression and negative energy. As they don’t have the free area to roam,  explore and indulge themselves in activities like playing in the garden, etc.

How to train your Golden retriever to live in an apartment?

Golden Retrievers have won hearts due to their excellence in everything. They can easily be trained to live in apartments. Now how to raise a Golden Retriever puppy to adjust to living in an apartment? Well,  For this

Start training at an early age

If you are an apartment resident,  consider training a Golden retriever before even they have moved in with you. (Read how to pick a golden retriever puppy from a litter?). Early age training is important because the sooner the better. They will learn to do and don’t of house rules and with growing age,  they will be part of your house like a family member.

Tip: Use “No” as a simple command.

Let him explore

When you bring Golden Retriever in your apartment,  let him explore the whole place or he will do it anyway even without you. This practice will prepare him mentally and he will get used to the environment he is going to live in.

Start with crate training

Early age crate training is important. It doesn’t only give a safe space to your dog but he will also learn to stay in a limited area. Read what size crate for your golden retriever puppy to know more about how to crate train your dog. Also,  you should never keep your dog in a crate as a punishment. This is just going to make him more resilient and destructive. Your apartment will look like a jail to him and he will try to set himself free.

Indulge him in activities

To train your golden retriever to live in an apartment setting, you must provide him with enough activities to kill boredom. Mostly, dogs who live indoors tend to get aggressive because they don’t have much to do and energy levels keep piling up.

Give your dog toys, puzzles, and other things like cow hooves to pass time with. Also, monitor your dog while doing such activities. ( read dog swallowed cow hooves)

Make a routine

Setting a routine is important to make your dog used to apartment living. This will help your dog in learning what he is allowed or not allowed to do in the house.  Also, it will keep your dog focused and busy. He will less likely pay attention to naughty things.

Take him to walk

Walk session is important. Apartment living doesn’t mean that your dog is going to spend the rest of his life indoors. A daily 30-40 minute walk will keep him happy and he will be less destructive during his indoor time.

Exercise time

While setting up a routine,  set a daily exercise time. It’s better to start your day with an exercise session. Your Golden Retriever must flush out his energy on constructive things. They have lot of energy that needs to be channeled properly.


In short, Golden retrievers are a good option for any residence. They can live in apartments but you need to train them first. Also,  make sure your apartment is safe for them and you have provided them enough activities to stay sane within boundaries.

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