Harvestime Kennel Overview – Are their GRs Any Good?

Harvestime Kennel is an online platform based on the breeding of dogs. But they are specific to Golden Retrievers. Golden Retrievers are versatile breed dogs, easy to train, and have amazing depositions.

However, since they are a very popular breed, they have become poorly breaded golden dogs. Especially because most dog owners do not carry awareness on health issues of dogs and think the color of the dog represents its quality.

Hence, at times breeders that are in a hurry for money and do not get clearances, affect the breeding of the dogs. Therefore, this website was generated to fix these issues and create awareness for breeders.

The founders of this website have close proximity with Golden Retrievers and were awarded the “Best of Menasha Small Businesses” award in the year 2020.

As dog owners, they carry out genetic testing for dogs, like Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Degenerative Myelopathy.

Hence, they carry a lot of information on dog genetics, pedigrees, and the breeding of future generations.

harvestime kennel overview

Why Is the Socialization and Health of Dogs Important?

Although the website focuses on genetic background, emphasis is also witnessed on the socialization and health of dogs. The dogs present in Harvestime Kennel are raised in a whelping box in front of the main floor of the owner’s house.

In this manner, the dogs are able to experience all the sites, smells, and sounds of a house, and will not go into shock after breeding. After this, the dogs are transferred to a nursery with toys and room for exploration.

Through this, the dogs become active and begin to housebreak on their own.

Colored Collars

The dogs in this company are also given colored collars when they are born, and each dog is monitored accordingly with great care.

After the dogs are four weeks ago, they are introduced to different sounds through CDs, and the sound is in different volumes. Through this, the dog gets used to loud noises, like fireworks and gunshots, and will not get scared of them in the future.

During this time, the dogs are also introduced to play things like metals and stuffed toys. The dogs are also allowed to play in the water and watch TV.

Complete Health Care

The dog also gets complete health care. Their claws are removed when they are 3 days old, and they are allowed to get visitors after becoming three weeks old.

Adding on, they are wormed on weeks two, four, five, six, and seven. And the dogs get complete check-ups of the heart, eyes, ears, lungs, and other parts once they become 6 weeks old. Lastly, they get their vaccination at 7 weeks.

Moving forward, the personality of the dog is also evaluated after some days, and all dogs will have a unique personality.


When potential customers are willing to purchase dogs, questions on their preference of personality and level of energy are asked.

After which, details with respect to the color and size of the dog are also determined. The customers are then given choices between dogs according to their preferences.

It is important to take advice from the company owners as well since they are aware of which dogs and hyper and which dogs are calm.

U-Tube Puppy Session – Is it Helpful?

Yes, they are helpful as customers are required to get a U-Tube puppy session before getting their dogs. The session is approximately 90 minutes long and highlights details on the nutrition, healthcare, house training, and obedience training of the dog.

In short, the session aids customers in grooming their future dogs. Adding on, future owners are also provided with a folder of information and other grooming tools, making the transition of the dog and owners easier.

Feedback From a Vet

Buyers state that they have examined dogs from many litters, and this company has to be one of the best.

All the whelping boxes are present inside the house, and the dogs are shifted to larger areas once they get older.

The dog areas have access to heat, air conditioning, toys and other activities for the dog, making them social and interactive.

The dogs are healthy and weigh well. In fact, the dogs do not have any health-related abnormalities. As the dogs are stimulated from the very start and become social by the time people come to purchase them. In addition, they are also well potty trained and are generally happy and healthy dogs.

Breeding only occurs between the top-quality sires, and healthcare clearance is obtained before starting the breeding process. According to Dr. TarrtiAnn Tucker, her experience as a vet for 30 years, allows her to deduce that the company is very good at its job.

Dogs At Harvestime  Kennel

Harvestime offers one of the most pure golden retrievers. On their web you can find the available GDs along with their specifications.


Harvestime Kennel also offers three litters.

Guardian Home Program

The first litter is Guardian Home Program, and it serves as a guardian home. In this manner, the dogs can live one-on-one with the families’ part of the breeding process. The shelter makes sure every dog reaches their destination and get a permanent house towards the end. The dogs are tested for their health and the breeding process is monitored.

–        No cost for picking dog
–        Mentorship and experience
–        Breeding and grooming
–        The entire family is part of the agreement
–        Love the dog for 10-14 years
–        Willing to train the dog

Wisconsin and MN litters 

This litter will open in December 2021 and will serve dogs for breeders. The locations are as following: Bozeman Montana, Minneapolis MN, Lakewood WI, and WI kennel. The dogs have to be reserved on the reservation list beforehand, and $50 will have to be deposited beforehand. It will have the following dogs: Hazel, Josie, Jersey, Gypsy, Carlie, Lita, Georgia, Tulsa, Lily, Bennit, and Gaucho.

–        No cost for picking dog
–        Mentorship and experience
–        Breeding and grooming
–        Entire family is part of the agreement
–        Love the dog for 10-14 years
–        Willing to train the dog

Montana Litters

This litter is currently open, and the Montana Puppy Reservation list is currently open. It takes 3-4 months to reserve, and dogs can be accessed from 11-13 months. It has access to dogs named: Piper. Tawny, Violet, Blaze, Bear, Winnie, and Bella.

Forms Availability

You can access several forms on the website; the information is as follows.

The Puppy Preference Form 

All the documents/forms are present on the website. The Puppy Preference Form is available, where the main goal is to match the puppy with a family, based on their preference. In the form, the potential breeders need to mention the first and last name, email, address, phone number, previous pets, time period of previous pets, if the dog will live in door and outdoors, if they have children, preference of dog gender, family time and what dog personality do they want. The dog personality is dependent on desired energy, coat and other physical characteristics.

Guardian Dog Agreement – what does it require? 

The Guardian Dog Agreement form sets out the terms of guardian agreements. It requires the name, address, city, state, zip, phone, cell, emergency contact number, AKC number, Microchip number, birth date, gender, size. In addition, the benefits of guardianship are in great detail.

Puppy Contract

The puppy contract contains the phone number and email IDs of the company. In the form, people need to add the Buyers name, address, city, state, and zip. Lastly, customers need to sign a terms and conditions list. And the buyers need to sign the end of the document.

Harvestime Kennel Testimonials – where to find them? h3

The testimonials for harvestime kennel are also mentioned on the website and can easily be accessed there.

Contact Information for Harvestime Kennel

The website can be contacted in the “contact us” section. You have to add your first name and last name. In addition, the email should be added, and it should be followed by the comment.

Directions for Harvestime Kennel

The location is as follows:

Harvestime Kennel
Debra Zierler
W4436 Manitowoc Rd.
Menasha, WI 54952


Harvestime Kennel is a useful website for all the dog owners out there. You can retain all the necessary information from the official website and decide if you want to go forward with it.

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