How to Block Dog from Window?

This is a universally known fact that dogs love to look out from the window. And quite often dogs bark at anyone passing by or just the delivery man. Barking can scare away anyone, sometimes little kids playing in the garden and other times just the people in the house. We can’t change what’s going out on the street, but we can surely manage the insides of the house. If the large scenic window in your lounge is the problem, how to block dog from window?

Does your dog bark too much at everything? Is he a guard dog? Livestock guarding dogs like the Great Pyrenees? On the other side, you don’t like the windows closed? Then how to stop the dog from reaching the window and scaring the people away? It’s time to find out!

Human and dog brain works differently. You know the postman came to drop the mail and left immediately, but does the dog know? NO. The dog assumes that the mailman left because he barked. This event may repeat a few times, and every time the dog watches the mailman through the window he’ll bark, as the guy leaves he’ll know it’s because he scared a stranger away. C’mon canine companion understand that’s not the case!

By doing this dogs not just create chaos outside the house but disturb the entire family. The unstoppable barking regime is truly difficult to manage. What to do for a quieter and calmer house?

Why is the dog barking at pedestrians?

Window barking can lead to frustration and anger within a dog multiple times as someone passes by. They react with so much energy making a lot of noise that it gets super irritating for the family members and the dog as well. It leads to inappropriate behavior teaching in dogs, adding stress into the dog’s life. The dog’s body considers this a threat and gives him an adrenaline rush. Increased production of these fight and flight hormones leads to stress and simply a waste of energy. Is the mailman really a threat? NOWAY!

Now another problem is that the hormonal rush leads to arousal that ends up in an addiction. Whether you believe me or not the dogs eventually get addicted to barking out of the window.

Moreover, your dog may start to overreact and bark over time on even the slightest noise.

You can’t control what’s happening outside the window but you can surely take control of the window. You can block the view. How to block the dog from window? But before that, what are more reasons for window barking?


Some dogs are just scared of unknown faces, animals, or mail carters. If they see them barking on a lone street, they bark in fear or to protect themselves. Strange? That’s dogs, not humans, barking is acceptable in dog culture.

Reminded of a past event

A pickup truck or a heavy vehicle may remind the dog of a past experience. In response, there is a 99% chance the dog will react to it.

Now that you understand that it’s normal for a dog to react over unknown faces and lights on the street, you need to turn up to ways where such an attitude can be avoided. How to block a dog from the window?

How to block the dog from the window?

By accessible windows you could be providing your dogs a barking platform, it’s time to block the dog from the window. However, the question is HOW?


The first and easiest option, blinds. Blinds are easy to pull up and down. And if we talk about Arlo blinds they’re made out of fabric that wouldn’t get your furry baby tangled in. And if you still think the boy chews up the blind, there are other options too.

Use a window film

Companies such as Decorative films offer window films. It gets completely opaque and is used by people for shower windows.

The toughest part is installing it the right way, once that’s done, you can prevent your dogs from looking out. Before putting it up you need to clean up the windows. The entire installation and cleaning process can take up to five hours.

In case you ever change your mind, peeling off the strip is super easy.

Use a cloth

A cloth or a big pillow can cover up the window for a while and can be easily removed in absence of a dog. It works as a temporary distraction so that the boy forgets the location of the window.

Use a static cling

Static cling is easily available at home depot. It is just so convenient to put on the window. Moreover, it blocks the outside, making your home a peaceful place (since the dog won’t see outside he won’t bark).

Most window clings let the light in and also create a hindrance for the dog to watch outside. Sounds like a good deal. no?

Shape mirror on the bottom of the window

Some people want the view along with no barking dogs. Well, that involves some creativity, a mirror less than the size of the window adds to the beauty without blocking the view. You can cover the lower 2/3rd and let the upper portion bring in some light and pleasant view.

Decorative wallpaper

There are a variety of designs that you can use to cover the window beautifully. Just cover it till the point your doggo may reach, bottom half in most cases.

Art prints or frames

These can cover up the window and are easily available at IKEA. they add to the beauty of any room.

Translucent White tapes

A translucent white tape’s several covering keeps the light getting in but blurs out the outside vision and colors. They can help blur out the outside picture for dogs and stop tempting them to bark.

Put baby gates over areas with windows

For puppies or small breed dogs baby gates work.

How to block a dog from the window through baby gates? Put them near the window access so the furry baby can’t pass through.

Also, supervise your dog if you’re unable to keep him in a crate.

These techniques don’t cure behavioral issues, they are simply a part of management. What are the other options to consider along with blocking the dog from window?

Get your dog busy

Give your dog activities that will keep his mind and body engaged so that he forgets about the window.

Give them toys or hunting games. Take them out to walk for at least 45 minutes. This drains their energy and they’re little interested in poking out and watching for other new faces.

Train the dog

Instead of management how about you treat the cause? You can adopt a few training habits or get professional training help. Some of the ways are listed below.

  • Thank the dog every time he barks so that he knows continued barking is not needed.
  • When your dog barks ignore him, dogs won’t do it if you don’t react. Some dogs are like that who knows yours might be one.
  • Teach your dog the quiet que.


Thus, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that window barking can be a problem for both family members and the dog itself. So, how to block dog from window? There are several ways to cover the window beautifully and we can opt for any one of them. Additionally, it is important to train them if they bark excessively.


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