Are Hungarian Vizslas Easy to Train

The Hungarian Vizslas were originally appointed to work as retrievers and pointers. As their earlier traces were mated with pointing dogs. However, the Hungarian Vizla’s are regarded as loving and affectionate dogs, that crave affection and care. At the same time, they are also sharp and intelligent and are used as gun dogs for hunting. You can train them according to your needs and keep them as pets at home.

Are Hungarian Vizslas Easy to Train? 

The Hungarian Vizslas are extremely intelligent and devoted dogs, meaning they easily grasp new training techniques. Along the same lines, they respond well to both in and outdoor environments, making them a suitable and adaptable option. In addition, they have also proven to be gentle around children, which makes them the perfect house dog. Lastly, they are highly trainable as pets and dogs for hunting plus field purposes. Reflecting how overall the Hungarian Vizslas are easy to train.

How To Train the Hungarian Vizslas Breed?

Intelligent but Slow Learners

As argued previously, the Hungarian Vizsla’s are regarded as easy to train. However, a degree of patience is required, since they are slowly learning dogs. Meaning, they might take some time to grasp concepts. However, once the concepts are adapted, the dogs effectively employ them at their homes or hunting areas.

Regular Exercise

Adding on, it is critical to take their sporting nature into account whilst training. The Hungarian Vizslas are sporting dogs, meaning, they require regular exercise to exhibits traits of a happy dog. As the lack of exercise can make them destructive.

Patience, rules, and daily routine

For biting training, it is critical to acknowledge that dogs bite and mouth whilst they are puppies. Hence, patience in this regard is required, since grown dogs of 2-3 years do not carry out this conduct. Nevertheless, to effectively train the Hungarian Vizslas, rules and limits should be set from the very beginning. In addition, the dogs should be praised in the form of treats or patting upon falling in line with those rules and guidelines. Moreover, a daily routine should be practiced for the dog, with respect to their eating, sleeping, playing, and exercise time. In this manner, the dog will be easily trained, since they will be trained with a routine.

Signs of aggression

Moving forward, although the Hungarian Vizslas are largely affectionate dogs with many traits of affection, some instances of aggression can be witnessed. This is because aggressive traits differ from dog to dog. Under this context, the Hungarian Vizla generally show traits of aggression whilst their family is in danger or under threat. Meaning, they share an affectionate bond with their owners and become overprotective with signs of threats.

Female vs Male Hungarian Vizsla

Generally, it is argued that female Hungarian Vizslas grasp better concepts, are trained quickly and demand less attention. On the contrary, the male Hungarian Vizla demonstrates signs of playful dogs, that bond easily with family members. Hence, for training purposes, a female Hungarian Vizslas paves as a better option, while the male Hungarian Vizla serves owners demanding an affectionate dog.

Cannot be left alone for a long time

While training the Hungarian Vizslas, it is important to understand that this breed cannot be left alone for a long time. This is because the affectionate nature generates an over-attachment with their owners, and their absence can result in depression and anxious behavior. Hence, the dogs can be left alone for a maximum of 8 hours, and the owners should take out time to spend with their dogs. In addition, the owners should also cuddle with their Hungarian Vizslas, as this breed loves to show affection.

They get bored easily

If the Hungarian Vizslas are not provided with enough time and attention, they are bored and depressed. This is because they generally have a playful and highly intelligent nature. Hence, owners must spend time with them accordingly, and not leave them alone for more than 8 hours. Adding on, owners should take their Hungarian Vizslas out on walks with them and explore new parks plus walking tracks.

Proper Socialization While Young

For effective training, the Hungarian Vizslas require proper socialization while they are puppies. Meaning, they should be introduced to new dogs and owners daily. If such actions are not conducted, the Hungarian Vizsla becomes anti-social, which turns them into fearful and shy dogs. The traits of which are polar opposite to the naturally friendly and hyper nature of this breed of dogs. Hence, these dogs should be socialized from the very beginning of their training.

Hyper activeness daily walks, and exercise

Moving forward, the Hungarian Vizslas are also extremely hyperactive dogs. However, with training their hyper behavior can be contained once they become adult dogs of 2-3 years. However, their traits can also be improved through a 30-minute walk daily, along with 60 minutes of exercise. It is also important to keep the dog on a leash while taking it for a walk since the absence of it is dangerous for hyper dogs and the community as well. However, they can be removed from the leash in closed spaces. Overall, it is very important to maintaining daily exercises and walks with the Hungarian Vizslas, since the lack of it can result in depression for the dog.

How Long Does It Take to Train a Hungarian Vizslas?

Overall, although the Hungarian Vizslas are intelligent dogs; they require time to grasp concepts, are stubborn, overly energetic, and sensitive too. Hence, to fully take into account these notions, the Hungarian Vizslas requires at least 2 years of extensive training. It can either be conducted at home or with an experienced dog trainer.

They are child-friendly dogs

Due to their extremely friendly personality, the Hungarian Vizslas are a good choice for families with children. The dog does not carry the capability of hurting children but also protects itself from potential attacks from the child too. Which makes them the perfect dog train into the family.

Are Hungarian Vizslas Good as Pets

Hungarian Vizslas are described as friendly and affectionate creatures. Therefore, they can be great pets if they are trained properly. This breed can easily get attached to the owner hence they will always follow you around and will not make you feel like you are alone. But on the other hand, you will have to do the same for them. As Hungarian Vizslas can feel depressed and neglected so if you stay out of the house for most of the day then they are not a perfect choice for you. But, if you work from home (thanks to the pandemic) or can carry the dog with you outside the house, then defiantly go for Hungarian Vizslas as they are very loving and easily trained.

Not A Good Choice for Old People

If you are looking to get a pet for your parents or grandparents, then Hungarian Vizslas are not the best choice. As a dog breed, they are very outdoorsy and when they do not get to be outside for a longer period, they can feel upset. Therefore, they are not a good choice for people who have limited mobility.

Perfect Choice for Big Families

As mentioned before, Hungarian Vizslas love to socialize. Therefore, they are perfect as a pet if you have a big family. As they will always have someone around and will not have to be alone for the most part.

Conclusion/ Takeaway

In conclusion, the friendly and affectionate nature of Hungarian Vizslas makes them a breed of dogs that are easy to train. The dogs require extensive exercise and socialization, to contain traces of hyper activities and aggression. However, falling in line with those factors, along with the establishment of patience, rules, and daily routines, the Hungarian Vizslas can easily be trained.


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