I Adopted a Dog and I Regret it?

Yesterday,  I was having a walk with my “Leonidus” when my neighbor met me on the way to the park. He told me how he had also adopted a dog two weeks back. During the conversation, “I adopted a dog and I regret it” were his exact words. As cruel as the statement sounds,  the “regret” is quite real.  Having a feeling of regret after adopting a pet is normal.

I remember when I adopted Leonidus, he was just a month old. His cuteness took my heart but right after two weeks of adoption, I started questioning my decision. Now with passing years,  Leonidus and I share an unbreakable bond but I still remember how I fought that feeling of regret.

I adopted a dog and regret it

I adopted a dog and why I regret it?

Having a new pet fills you with excitement but “regret” after a few days is quite normal. You regret it because

It’s like postpartum depression

Adopting a pet is like having a kid. You must have heard the term “postpartum depression” where a new mother feels she is not good enough for the baby. This regret after a pet is also the same.

You have adopted a puppy and now you are joyous and overwhelmed but at the same time conscious and fearful for its care. You doubt yourself if you will be able to raise this puppy with all the care and attention it needs.

This feeling is normal and will pass by the time. Just give yourself space and time to bond with your new pet.

You feel scared

Especially if you have adopted a young pet, they are so little that you get scared. Even after putting a lot of effort and love,  you think you will harm them. This feeling of fear while holding your new baby pet is also very common.

It comes with duty and responsibility

Having a pet means now you are responsible for another life. Your pet will feel hunger, urge to urinate, pain, will fall sick, and needs time for entertainment too.  It’s a whole load of duties and you are definitely not used to it.  You may feel a burden and a lot of responsibility while handling your pet.

You need to home train it

Home training takes some time. For now,  your little buddy is a mess and you have to handle it. Feeling regret to adopt a naughty,  carefree and

The mischievous little creature is usual.

You are afraid of commitment

Keeping a pet needs commitment. People adopt them but regret them later on.  Reality is different from perception. You may think and prepare well for keeping a dog but as the moment reaches,  you may freak out as well.

Adopting a young dog means now you are committed to this responsibility for the next ten to fifteen years. For few days it seems ok but as soon as you realize this is going to be years long,  you can regret adopting it.

Maybe you are not a dog person at all

Some people adopt a dog and regret it because they realize they are not a dog person at all. Having a desire to keep a pet and choosing a dog to fulfill this desire could be two different things.

You are having difficulty in time management

Your dog needs to be fed at proper time intervals. It needs veteran visits and walks times. If you are bad at managing time,  you can have serious regrets after adopting a puppy.

You are afraid of its hygiene

Dogs need special care to maintain their hygiene. They can develop different diseases like skin allergies or mites if not treated well. You need to keep their kennel, their food,  their accessories clean. People who don’t have prior experience may find it hectic to look after all the things.

What to do if you have adopted a dog and you regret it?

First of all,  calm down.  This is normal.  Afterward,

  • Give yourself time to bond up with your new pet.  Time heals everything and your regret will fade away as you will start developing a connection with your puppy.
  • Your puppy needs space too. It’s also his first experience with you. Puppy will also take time to mix up and adjust to a new place with a new person.
  • Don’t lose your patience. Your naughty little puppy can give you a tough time but you need to stay firm. Patience is a key here. With time, you will learn to tolerate and even love things that this cute monster is sprinkling in your way.
  • Spend some “us” time together where you and your puppy can understand and get attached. This will improve your communication and your dog’s understanding of you.
  • Get professional help for you. Dog clubs can guide you better.
  • Meet and communicate with other dog owners. This will help you to understand and absorb that you are not the only one.
  • Take out your puppy and let him mix up with other pups.  This will erase its frustration too.
  • Re-consider your decision. If you really think you are not ready for this,  re-home your puppy as soon as possible. Maybe you are the one quitting but your pup still has faith in you. So before re-homing your puppy,  we suggest giving it another shot.

If you still think you are not the person that your puppy needs,  relocate him. Because with passing time it will also be difficult for him to say goodbye and re-adjust at some other place.

Is it your fault if you have adopted a dog and now you regret it?

Nopes!  Not at all.  Don’t blame yourself for not wanting a puppy anymore. Many of us have encountered the same situation and this is perfectly normal.

If you think,  this is just a moment then let it pass but if you think you are serious about returning a puppy,  make your decision wisely.

We trust you and whether you decide to keep or return the dog,  you have our back. In any case, we know you are a good person with a kind heart. Returning your dog is better than keeping your puppy and not be able to take care of it.

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