Is Lotrimin Safe for Dogs

Your dog is susceptible to several fungal infections caused by ringworm or any other fungi, mold, and yeast. Well, Lotrimin cream or spray is used to treat such skin disorders of the dog and is effective against Microsporum Canis as well as Malassezia Pachydermatitis. Around the fungal cells, the production of the membrane is prevented by Lotrimin which aids in treating the fungal infection. But the question here is that “IS LOTRIMIN SAFE FOR DOGS?” The answer is YES! If used properly as per the guidelines of the vet, your dog will not have to face any side effects of the medicine. Let us have a detailed overview of the safe usage of this medicine.

is lotrimin safe for dogs

Uses of Lotrimin for dogs:

We all know that Lotrimin is used to treat several skin conditions of dogs by preventing the growth of fungus. It can also be used to treat Pityriasis, also known as Tinea Versicolor which refers to the lightening and darkening on the dogs’ skin at various body parts. Jock Itch and Athlete’s foot are some of the other skin disorders which can be treated by Lotrimin.

How to use Lotrimin?

The most important thing one should keep in mind while using this medicine is that it is only for external use. If you want to use the medicine safely, never use it for any internal problem. Always clean your hands before applying them to your pooch. Then apply the cream to the affected area also, try to cover some of the surrounding areas as well. Don’t cover the affected skin after putting on this medicine as it slows down the treatment. Lastly, wash your hands so that, the infection may not b spread anywhere else sourcing your hand.

Can we apply Lotrimin on the external parts of the dog other than skin?

We know that Lotrimin is a medication used for dogs to treat skin fungal infections, but can we use them on eyes, genitals, nose, or anywhere else. Well, the answer is No! it is not safe to use Lotrimin in these body parts as, all of them are quite sensitive, and the chemical composition of Lotrimin can affect these parts badly. So, keep the medication away from the sensitive body parts of the dog.

Is it safe to use Lotrimin on ears?

Fungal infections mostly occur on ears hence, we need medication to treat them. Clotrimazole 1% solution is just the same as the Lotrimin so, these drops can be used 2 to 3 times daily in the dog’s ear to treat the infection. But, it is not recommended to use the Topical Lotrimin directly in the ear of the dog.

Is Lotrimin safe for dogs if we apply a large amount to the affected area?

Well, if you think spreading the medicine in more quantity, or frequently will treat the condition faster, then this is not true. Always smear the medicine in a moderate amount because applying more and more will just waste most of it. Secondly, if you put on the medicine more often than the doctor prescribed, the dog can face several side effects. So, avoid this to make sure the fact that is Lotrimin safe for dogs.

Is Lotrimin safe for dogs if we apply it twice a day?

Yes! It is the ideal dosage of the medicine to apply to the affected area twice a day. But still, we recommend you to consult the vet because this factor largely depends on the condition of the dog as well as the type of infection. If you forget to give the medication to your dog, it will just take more time to get the dog healthy. So, don’t forget to smear the medicine at the given time. In case you miss it, make sure you apply it as soon as you remember. More importantly, make sure you are putting on the medicine same time every day as this is more effective to treat the dog’s condition.

Should I discontinue putting on the medicine after the symptoms disappear?

When you are treating your dog’s skin condition using Lotrimin, it will affect the dog gradually. After 7 to 10 days, the symptoms will start to disappear which is a good sign, referring that the dog is getting healthy. But, that does not mean you should stop using the medication on the dog. If you do so, then the fungus will continue to grow as a result of which, the symptoms will restore after some days. Hence, always use the medication according to what dosage and period the vet recommended.

Is Lotrimin safe for dogs with all the side effects?

Usually, when you use the medication on the dog’s skin by keeping all the things in mind which the vet has mentioned to take care of, there are no side effects observed. The medicine works efficiently and you will expect to recover the compromised skin in a maximum of 2 weeks. But, in few cases due to some uncertainties, the dog can face serious side effects as well. Although this situation is rare, it can lead to severe conditions as well. Following are some of the side effects  which a dog can face due to Lotrimin:

  • Flaking of treated skin
  • Tenderness
  • Pimple-like bumps
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Swelling
  • Stinging
  • Burning

Rush to the vet whenever you observe any of these symptoms in the dog after putting on this medicine before it gets worse.

Is Lotrimin Safe for dogs with allergies?

If your dog is suffering from any allergy, it is very important to mention that to your vet before he prescribes this medication. Remember! The vet only recommends this medicine by considering that it will benefit your dog. If he is unaware of the allergy, he will confidently prescribe the Lotrimin to the dog.

The allergic ingredient will react inside the dog’s body and cause severe symptoms like itching, and redness, which make the dog quite a discomfort. The dog will feel stressed with all the itchiness and this can bring anxiety and aggression in its behavior. On average, the cases with a serious allergic reaction to this medicine are almost negligible.

How can we prevent side effects of the medicine?

Even if you think that Lotrimin is not quite safe for the dogs, you can make it safe by carefully taking every step. Now, you must be wondering that what kind of precautions one can take to avoid serious side effects. Let us tell you what you need in detail!

First, tell the vet everything about the dog, its allergies, other medications, temperament, and bad habits. The vet will only prescribe the medicine if he feels that your dog can take the medicine well. For example, your dog has a bad habit of scratching the affected area, you must be afraid of the risk that it might accidentally put its paws in its mouth. In that case, your vet will suggest you some easy ways about how to control the dog from scratching the affected area.

Secondly, you should tell the vet about the previous medical history of the dog as well. It is not always certain that the dog is suffering from a fungal infection. The affected area could be a symptom of any other medical disorder. Hence, it is important to mention everything to the vet before you apply the medication to your little pooch.

Is Lotrimin Safe for dogs during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

We know that a pregnant dog is more of a responsibility than having fun. From diet to medication, the owner has to be very careful. Well, if your dog is pregnant, and suffering from any fungal infection, then it is obvious that some treatment is required. Using Lotrimin, in that case, is not dangerous for the dog. As it is a topical treatment, it cannot affect the baby dog or the bitch directly. But it is better to not use any medication until the condition gets worse. About breastfeeding, if the antifungal drug is taken orally, it is not known that either it affects the pup or not. But you should consult your vet first so that the dog may not face any complexity.

Does Lotrimin interact with any other medication?

Lotrimin is a topical medication that means, it cannot interact with any other medication inside the body. But for external uses, there can be multiple interactions that can harm the dog’s skin instead of treating the fungal infection. Hence, always let the vet know if you introduce your dog to any other medication. The vet is already aware of the possible interactions hence, never changes the dose of medication without consulting. If you do so, this will cause redness and itchiness of the skin and in severe interactions, blistering, open sores, oozing, and heavy hair loss can happen.

What if the dog swallows Lotrimin?

Is it safe when your dog swallows the medicine? Well, it is never safe when your dog somehow manages to ingest Lotrimin medicine. But luckily, the cream does not show any severe side effects as most of the dogs vomit and start suffering from diarrhea which is recovered in few days.

What to do when the dog ingests Lotrimin?

In case of severe vomiting, it is recommended not to give any food or water to the dog so that, the GIT may rest for some time. After 4 to 6 hours, you may let the dog have a little water but then wait for more than 30 minutes. If the dog does not vomit this time, you can start introducing a bland diet such as boiled rice or potato to improve the digestive system of the dog. Well, if the vomiting gets frequent or the dog gets anxious as well as lethargic, you should immediately rush to the vet because these symptoms are not safe at all.

Can a dog ingest a metal piece of the Lotrimin tube?

It is not only about the medicine in the case of Lotrimin Topical medicine. There are chances that the dog might chew the tube and a little metal piece could do inside its gastrointestinal tract. In such cases, you should never induce vomiting by experimenting with different methods as the sudden movement of the metal piece can cause damage inside the dog. Give more and more fibrous food to the dog so that it may pass that sharp metal piece through its poop. Keep checking the poop of the dog as well, as it will let you know if the metal fragment is out of the dog’s system or not. Well, if you don’t see the piece in the poop for 48 hours, it becomes necessary to take the dog to the vet and run some X-rays to detect where the piece is. The last option is to remove that piece surgically before it worsens anything inside the GIT.

Bottom Line:

Is Lotrimin safe for dogs? Well, Lotrimin is safe to treat fungal infections in dogs but, to keep it safe, you always have to take care of dosage and quantity. Never apply for the medicine on the eyes or near genitals. For ear fungal infections, opt for the Clotrimazole 1% solution drops instead of the Lotrimin tube. Lastly, the prescription of the vet plays a very vital role in being the medicine safe for the dog hence, always consult your vet.

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