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K9 is a terminology often used in English-speaking countries. It essentially refers to police dog units, also known as K-9 or K9. Hence, K9 is regarded as a pun for the words canine. Hence, it can be argued that the term K-9 or K9 was transcended from the word canine in English and French, which translates to the dog. Over the year, the word has gained popularity with respect to representing dogs, and databases have been generated based on that notion. A famous and well-known database based on this word is K9data.com.

k9data all you need to know information

What is K9data?

Several breed fanciers form their pedigree database for research related to pedigrees, and K9data is a tool for a similar purpose. However, unlike other databases, K9data can be edited by users and is visible to everyone. K9data is regarded as an open database for dogs of various breeds, the combination of several resources allows the platform to generate large datasets in a short period. In this manner, the database contains information that is provided by the end-users.

Therefore, the website has declared that the information uploaded is not a liability of the website. Meaning, users should acquire or believe information based on their own risk. The website does not provide any warranty on the accuracy of the present information, thereby, the website cannot be harmed from any inaccurate claim.

Along the same line, people are promoted to add information to the database, update information on missing dogs, and correct any errors they seem to find. This is important because the value of the database is highly dependent on the quality of the input provided by users.

Is K9data.Com A Registry?

No, K9data.com is not a registry. Registry refers to organizations such as KC, UKC, AKC, etc., where dogs are registered for pedigree records for free. On the contrary, K9data.com simply serves as a database, where the dogs can be both registered and unregistered. In addition, the database allows any user to update pedigree information and does not have a designated qualification for dog breeders and owners. In that manner, the uploaded information is not reviewed by the K9data.com team, and it is up to the user to believe the information on their terms.

Is K9data.Com Accurate?

According to K9data.com, any user can upload, edit and update information on the website. Furthermore, the website also acknowledges the fact that they do not verify information uploaded and edited by users. Hence, readers should grasp information on their risk, and carry out individual research at other platforms as well.

Useful Sources to Verify Accuracy of Information

Despite the risk of inaccuracy, some sources can guide users to identify the accuracy of the pedigree.

  1. Registries such as the AKC, CKC, and UKC can be contacted for the verification process of pedigree information. Such organizations contain data on registered dogs, meaning the data is accurate. Hence, information can be cross-checked with the database of such registries.
  2. With respect to the health clearance of the pedigrees, health registry organizations like the CERF and OFA can be contacted. Through this, the health status and vaccination of the dogs can be explored and verified.
  3. Further adding on, the breeder and owners of the dog can directly be contacted for further information and elaboration of data. In this manner, vague information can be explored, and the accuracy of the provided information can be measured.
  4. Moreover, privately maintained databases can also be explored and contacted for verification of information. As the information present on their database is generally more accurate. For example, the database known as Linda Bell has generated a dataset of more than 40,000 Golden Retrievers, and a genetics influence table along with images of good-looking pedigrees is also present.
  5. Lastly, information on pedigrees can be verified through the GRCA yearbooks. The following yearbooks contain a lot of information on pedigrees and bleedings of dogs. Hence, information present on k9data.com can be verified and cross-checked from there.

Terms And Conditions of The Website

The K9data requires users to abide by certain terms and conditions. According to this, users agree to avoid publishing, posting, and uploading information that can be inappropriate, defamatory, and unlawful.

Adding on, since the database only includes information provided by external users, it is up to the audience to carry out personal research and cross-check for the purpose of accuracy. Henceforth, the website does not provide a warranty in terms of accuracy of information, and cannot be harmed in the cause of inaccurate information.

Privacy Policy of The Database

The K9data website collects information with respect to the username and email address whilst registering online. This information is not shared with external third parties, and information online can be deleted or changed on the website easily. Users are guided to the home page for this purpose, where clicking on “your account” can guide them towards the option of “change personal information”. Accordingly, users can add, delete and update information on the website.

Adding on, on the database, the user name can appear as the owner and breeder of the designated dog. However, in case of that information making you uncomfortable, it can be deleted and the administrator can be contacted for removal as well. Furthermore, in the case of any edits being undertaken, your name will be visible in the history of the website, along with the changes you made. In this manner, a system of accountability for edits is formed, and people do not make changes under the disguise of being anonymous.

Breeds Present on The Database

The K9data database presents information on various dog breeds, and the named examples include Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retriever, and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. Users can publish, post and upload information on the pedigree data based on specific breeds of dogs. The database is updated by individual users based on their information, hence information on any breed of dog should be verified first. In the case of unauthentic information, the website cannot be held accountable in any way; as the notion of external uploading is highlighted in their terms and conditions.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are very friendly, outgoing, and very high-spirited dogs, that demand a lot of affection. A common Labrador Retriever is 21.5 to 24.5 inches tall till the shoulders and has a weight of around 55 to 80 pounds. The coating type is hard and dense, plus it is present in the colors yellow, black and chocolate. Furthermore, the dog is very social and enthusiastic, which requires a lot of exercises and walks on a day-to-day basis.

Golden Retriever 

The Golden Retriever is one of the most famous breeds out there and can be used as hunters, guides for blind people, field work, and other related activities. These dogs are of medium size and are very muscular. It has a broad head and friendly eyes, and short ears. In addition, they also have feathery tails and are very powerful.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

The K9data’s website also represents the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. They are intelligent dogs, which are also very affectionate and loving. They have a height of 18 or 19 inches, along with a crimson coat of the colors red, copper and white. They are medium size dogs with respect to their size, bone length, and coat length too. They are also very athletic and require a lot of exercise on a daily basis, or else they become depressed.

Hence, the K9data’s website will contain information on the dog breeds mentioned above. Accordingly, users can obtain data from pedigree charts present on the website and take strides towards breeding the dogs.

Understanding Breeding Practices Using K9data

In order to understand pedigree’s on K9data.com, users need to establish a registered name for the dog in question. After which, the name of the dog should be added to the search box, where a page on the dog’s information will emerge along with a 3 generation pedigree chart on the dog. By clicking on the bottom half of the page, users can also obtain access to 5 generation pedigree charts on the dog in question.

Adding on, in an alternate approach, users should view the generic listed information on dog breeds and pedigree charts first. In this manner, they can obtain an idea of how inbred the dog in question is. After this, users should go over the pedigree of the dog’s parents and grandparents. Repeats within three generations and four generations are not acceptable. Meaning, there should be an emphasis on the number of times dogs repeat throughout the pedigree chart, as several reparations can be pointed towards mutations and impurities within the generation. Accordingly, information on the dog in question can be derived, and dogs of pure and mutation-free breeds can be determined.

Why Are Dog Pedigrees Important?

The K9data database is predominantly used to determine the pedigree of dogs under question. This raises a question that: why is determining the pedigree of dogs so important? The answer is that; it is important to know the pedigree in detail if you want your dog’s bloodline to be good. Essentially, a pedigree is a family tree of a dog. To begin, the pedigree chart can earn your dog titles and awards.

A Record of Everything

Every single award that a dog earns is from AKC events and becomes a part of their record. Accordingly, any potential buyers of the winning dog will want to have access to its pedigree chart. In addition, the champion dog’s pedigree chart will contain the letters CH in front of its name. As, CH stands for champion, and will confine closely to a particular breed. This means that people breeding dogs can get an assurance of the dog’s blooding line, and can be assured on the genetics of the dog being breaded.

Breeding Level of Dogs is Recorded

Adding on, the pedigree chart can also determine the inbreeding level of the dogs being breaded. Breeding between dogs is regarded as a good and bad thing. On one end, it can increase the likelihood of desirable traits being passed on to future generations. This is also known as selective breeding and has been under practice for several years.

Champion dogs can pass on valuable genes, which can make the breading process very effective. This notion is regarded as the championship bloodline. On the other hand, since breeding is a close gene pool the chances of bad genes being transferred to the offspring have very high chances too. For instance, German Shepherds commonly have dysplasia, and people wanted to breed will look out for dogs without this particular issue, and that information will be revealed from pedigree charts.

Desired Traits Record

Furthermore, pedigree charts can express information in relation to patterns of desired and undesired traits. An insight into a dog’s pedigree chart can reveal information on the genetic makeup of the dog, which directly expresses its environment and life experiences.

Hence, breeders should determine how often particular characteristics are repeated throughout the pedigree of the dog from the K9data website. Through this, breeders can determine which traits they seek in the future offspring to perform tasks such as hunting, protecting, athletic performance, etc. In addition, it can also determine the physical traits of the dog, such as height, color, strength, number of coats, etc. However, the reality is that undesirable traits can also be passed along from the dog’s bloodline, and they are more difficult to glean from the pedigree.

Health Record of Dogs

Moreover, the health of the future dog under consideration can also be determined through pedigree charts. Since many diseases have genetic routes and can be traced back to ancestries, diseases like diabetes can be transferred to the offspring of the breeding dogs.

A proper DataBase 

Hence, such information is added to the pedigree chart with the OFA abbreviation. OFA stands for Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and has been working as a database for hip dysplasia in dogs since the year 1996. Accordingly, the database has set forth standards on the conditions of dogs, marked under the letters E, G, and F. E stands for excellent, G for good, and F stands for fair. If a dog has passed the examination, the OFA abbreviation will appear in front of its name. While, the EYE abbreviation appears if the dog has passed the eye examination, and does not have any apparent eye diseases.

Information About Coats

Adding on, the pedigree charts on K9data’s website can determine the coat type, colors, and patterns of the future dogs. The pedigree chart on K9data contains a coat color of each dog if it confines the standard colors of the dog.

Such as, Labrador Retrievers have three colors, which are yellow, black, and chocolate. The name of the color is written in abbreviation. For example, y/w represents yellow, blk represents black, and chlt stands in the representation of chocolate. Hence, if you want your future dog to be of a certain color, that information should be looked upon on the pedigree charts provided on k9data.

Pedigree and K9data

Since the pedigree of a dog is very important, users can directly have consulted the K9data website. This database will provide users with information reflecting the pedigree chart of dogs, and users can make their decisions accordingly.

How To Make a Query of The K9data?

The K9data website has a page dedicated to answering the questions of users. The page present on their website presents a form, to which users can fill in all the relevant and required information. For instance, if users want access to dogs named “Razz”, they should simply type in “Razz” in the call name field and click the option for submitting.

Furthermore, if the user wants access to all dogs named “Razz” with an FC title, the letters FC should be typed in the prefix field too. Adding on, if you are in search of a particular owner or breeder, you can add in their name in the box, after which, the website will generate any close matches. Hence, this website is great access to obtaining information on dogs and their pedigrees easily.


K9data is a database of pedigree dogs that can be edited by users. It is available to everyone – therefore an excellent resource. There are some terms and conditions that you need to abide by, to keep posting on the site.

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