Lab Kelpie Mix – Comprehensive Info – All You Need To Know

You must have heard of the Labrador retriever and its mix with other breeds as they are becoming popular day by day. Lab Kelpie mix is another hybrid of Labrador retriever and Australian kelpie, so if you are fond of having any of these two dogs, this mix is the best choice for you. After all, what’s better than having amazing traits of 2 popular dogs in one? We bet it’s nothing!

As a hybrid does not always have fixed traits and it always depends on the fact that how much it has taken from which parent, we can predict its traits by simply having a look at the parent breed characteristics. So, here we are going to review the characteristics of both parents, Labrador retriever, and Australian Kelpie to have an idea of the traits of Lab Kelpie mix.

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Health concerns of Labrador kelpie mix


Labrador retriever:

A Labrador retriever is one of the most popular and incredible dog breeds, which can easily adjust in all kinds of environments without complaining or showing odd behavior. A great choice for all the families who are looking for a dog to make it a member and for all those idle people, who want a little companion to accompany them in their activities, Labrador retriever never fails.

The personality of the dog is quite friendly, loyal, and intelligent. What’s more? They are highly active dogs that keep their bodies active to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you think that this dog is apartment-friendly, you are having the wrong idea as it is not apartment-friendly at all, requiring at least one hour of exercise outside the house.

Training is no challenge if we refer to this dog breed because they are quite intelligent, and grasp the concepts quickly. Interesting isn’t it? You bet! The basic coat colors of the dog breeds are black, chocolate brown, and yellow.

There are always some drawbacks of a dog breed. In the case of labs, the major con is the risk of having health concerns. But in a nutshell, they are good dogs with great personalities, no matter their gender or age.

Australian Kelpie dog:

Australian Kelpie dogs are mostly referred to as show dogs due to their attractive coat colors and appearance. Also known as Bench kelpie, and Show kelpie, the Australian kelpie dogs come in incredible coat colors including red and tan, red, fawn, chocolate, blue, black and tan, and black, a huge variety isn’t it? Yeah, for sure!

The height of the Australian kelpie dog is somewhere between 17 to 20 inches, whereas they maintain their healthy body weight, thanks to their energetic and active nature. The dog is pet friendly and child friendly at the same time but it can vary in some dogs depending on their lineage.

Other NamesLab and Kelpie mix, Lab x kelpie mix, Kelpador, Labrador and kelpie cross
Height18 to 23 inches
Weight40 to 70 pounds
Average Lifespan10 to 12 years
Physical acitivityHigh
Apartment friendlyNo
Coat colorsBlack, brown, walnut, red, chocolate

Where to find Lab Kelpie Mix:

The hybrid is usually found in Australia but is not that common because their purebred parent dogs and other common mixes have made the people crazy. One can easily find this dog at rescue centers or shelters near them, but if you are planning on buying it from a breeder, that is also not a problem.

We have seen many breeders who deal in selling these dogs, especially for that on-demand. However, some of the breeders tell that the breeding was accidental, but the hybrid is worth the cost.

Lifespan of Lab and Kelpie mix

Other names of the breed:

Usually, in the case of hybrid dog breeds, there isn’t a standard name because people name them based on the parent dog breeds. Basically, we call them Lab Kelpie mix or Labrador Kelpie mix, but depending on their parent breeds, people may call them a Lab x Kelpie mix, a Kelpie x Lab mix, a Labrador Kelpie cross, or simply a Kelpador.

Coat Colors of Lab Kelpies:

The Labrador Kelpie mix dog breed is available in multiple coat colors, but in most cases, the hybrid turns out to be either black or chocolate. Others include red, walnut, and brown but they are not that common.

If the hybrid takes more from the Australian Kelpie, it may have brown or white speckles on its legs; however, if it inherits maximum traits from the Lab, there are chances that it may have white markings on the chest.

Appearance and Size of Lab Kelpie mix:

As the dog breed is not very common, we cannot tell the exact physical features of the dog. Coat colors and size are the predictable ones, but other physical features like nose, muzzle, face, ears, and body, all depend on from which parent the hybrid takes more.

Neither too large nor so small, the Lab kelpie mix is a medium-sized dog with an average height of somewhere between 18-23 inches if we measure it from ground to shoulder. About their weight, the Lab Kelpie mix can weigh ranging 40-70 pounds.

lab kelpie pup

Temperament and Personality:

The personality of a Lab kelpie mix entirely depends on how the owner has trained the dog or the way the breeder has kept it. But somehow, the temperament of the parent breeds affects the personality of the hybrid, but the breeder or the owner can make it right by early socialization and proper training.

As mentioned earlier, it is not easy to have an idea about the exact personality of the hybrid, the same is the case with the Labrador Kelpie mix. So, we are going to give you a rough idea about the possible personality traits of the dog.

We know that both the Australian Kelpie and Labrador are intelligent dogs, which means that their hybrid will most probably be an easy-to-train dog. Furthermore, they can be aloof and shy like Kelpies or have a friendly nature like Labrador; both are fine for most pet lovers.

Although both parent dogs are good with children and pets, that doesn’t lessen the need of socializing the dog at an early stage. Also, the energy and activity levels of both the Labs and Kelpies are high which makes a very high possibility of the hybrid being energetic.

If we talk about separation anxiety, this is what the hybrid can inherit from its parents because neither of them is apartment friendly. They like to play outdoors all the time but are not left alone in the house all day.

So, if you are a busy man or woman, don’t plan to have this dog until you figure out how to give some time to your little pooch. What if you leave them alone? The separation anxiety will bring a sense of destructive behavior in their personality leading towards aggression.

Where to find Lab Kelpie Mix

Lifespan of Lab and Kelpie mix:

The average lifespan of Labrador and Kelpie mix dogs is 10 to 12 years as they are less prone to face health concerns if they take more from Kelpies.

However, if you offer your dog ultimate care by giving them an adequate and hygienic diet, ensuring a moderate amount of exercise, brushing daily and grooming properly to avoid skin issues, and whatever is better for their health, you might be able to spend 2 additional years with your loved one.

Health concerns of Labrador kelpie mix:

If we score the health quality of the Lab Kelpie mix, we would give 4 out of 5 according to what health concerns they face in their life. If we have a look at kelpie dogs, they are not prone to have any serious disease because of their working nature, so they are not able to genetically pass any health concerns.

But on the contrary, labs are at risk of having multiple diseases, which may bring a certain amount of possibility that Lab kelpie mix can suffer from some disease, but that can be overcome by checking the health certification of the parent breeds.

Following are some of the health concerns which the Lab Kelpie mix can face:

  • Hip dysplasia and Obesity:

If the dog takes more from the lab, it may eat freely and put on some extra weight which can lead to obesity. Obese dogs are at the risk of Hip dysplasia but also, this can be transferred genetically into the hybrid.

  • Epilepsy

Seizures and epilepsy are usually inherited by the hybrid, but other causes are not known yet. However, some studies have shown that dogs suffering from kidney and liver diseases are more at risk of having the disorder.

  • Cancer

Cancer, or lymphoma, in other words, is the most dangerous and yet common disease in Labradors. The condition refers to the uncontrolled production of white blood cells.

  • Eye diseases

You must have heard about eye infections when it comes to dogs hence, the hybrid can also suffer from eye disease. Always prefer the hygiene of the dog to prevent eye infections.

Some of the other health concerns which this dog breed can suffer from include patellar luxation, tricuspid valve dysplasia, hypothyroidism, Microphthalmia, and Progressive retinal atrophy.

Appearance and Size of Lab Kelpie mix

Are Lab Kelpie mix family dogs?

Well, there is no doubt in the fact that a Labrador and Kelpie mix dog is an entirely family dog. But its heritage determines whether the dog likes to be indoors and play with its stuff, or go outdoors and do plenty of exercises. Also, it might want to snuggle on the couch or the other hand, cuddle with the owner.

Now you must be thinking about how to have an idea of what your dog will be like? Let us tell you! Whenever you plan on buying this dog, always check its parents that either they have good personality traits or not. This will help you predict that either your dog can show obedience, love, and respect to be a family dog, or it is not capable of having such traits.

Exercise Requirement of the hybrid:

We know that both parent breeds are energetic dogs and require a lot of exercise. This refers to the need for physical activity of the lab kelpie mix which should be anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour or more. We don’t have to over-stress the dog, but lack of physical activity may lead to destructive behavior or obesity.

It is up to you how you want your dog to be active.

Either take it on long walks, or play something on the ground that is equivalent to 1 hour of vigorous exercise. Interactive exercises are recommended more than walks and other activities because those exercises will sharpen the dog’s mind and will maintain their intelligence.

Coming to trainability, you won’t have any problems training Lab x Kelpies. They’ll learn everything very quickly, and it is recommended to teach them advanced obedience as well.

They can work tirelessly for hours and can even help you with household chores. Teaching them to pick up the laundry and take it to another room will be a breeze


Training the Lab Kelpie mix is not that much of a trouble, but their intelligence and smart nature help them learn everything quickly. You should teach the dog advanced intelligence and never give any less importance to early socialization.

Also, this companion can help you do your house chores, so train accordingly, whether it is picking up laundry or washing dishes. However, if the dog is somehow anxious, you should opt for positive reinforcement to comfortably train the dog so that there is a very less chance of showing aggressive behavior.

Grooming of Lab Kelpie mix:

Whether the dog takes more from the lab or the Kelpie, the mix is eventually going to have a short coat. So, you don’t have to worry a lot about rooming this dog, just some basic needs. Let’s have a look!

  • Brush the hair regularly
  • Visit the professional groomer 4 to 6 times a year
  • Keep cutting the nails when they start clicking on the floor
  • Brush the teeth for better hygiene and dental care
  • Shower the dog once a week
  • Don’t forget to clean the ears afterward.Grooming of Lab Kelpie mix

Bottom line

In short, the Labrador and kelpie mix is the playful, loyal, and intelligent dog having a short coat and an energetic personality. Some of them are family dogs, but a few might have herding instincts for small pets and children. Keep their diet well and never leave them all alone in the house with no physical activity, and this will keep the dog happy and calm.

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