My Dog Smells Like Maple Syrup

Do my dog smells like maple syrup? People are often wondering how a dog can smell like maple syrup, and if yes, what could be the possible reason behind it. Is it dangerous when my dog smells like maple syrup? There are numerous causes of due to which a dog gives off maple syrup smell, and every reason has its own story. Some are entirely safe, whereas others could be alarming depending on the severity. If you are curious about the root cause behind “My dogs smells like maple syrup,” then you are at the right place. This article will discuss almost all the reasons and other possibilities and details of a dog smelling like maple syrup.

my dog smells like maple syrup

Possible reasons behind my dog smells like maple syrup:

We are aware of many situations in which a dog might have a bad breath, or it gives off a bad smell, but if it smells like maple syrup, then there is something wrong. This kind of odor is not usual in dogs, but there is undoubtedly an underlying cause. If the cause remains untreated, your pet might have to face paramount trouble so, and it is imperative to diagnose it and treat it at the right time. What do you think it is which causes my dog to smell like maple syrup? Well, let’s get to know.

Chewed specific plant:

Besides, we are aware that many people keep their dogs outdoors to prevent mss inside the home. Almost every dog owner takes their dog outside for a walk or getting it some fresh air. Suppose you are any of these owners, and your dog smells like maple syrup. In that case, there are some chances that it is due to California Cudweed, also known as Lady Tobacco or California everlasting.

California Cudweed is a western plan which gives off a sweet pancake-like odor, more like maple syrup. If your dog spends a lot of time playing in that plant or has rubbed its body into it, then it is going to give off that odor. Another possibility is that your dog might have chewed it, and it can be diagnosed from its breath. Well, this plant is not toxic for the dog’s health, but yes, its overconsumption can make you visit a vet.


When a dog is suffering from diabetes, the sugar level in its blood gets higher. Due to this situation, the dog’s urine and its mouth give off a maple syrup-like smell. In some cases, the diabetic dog’s fur smells like maple syrup as well. So, if your dog’s breath, as well as its urine, smells sweet, then we are afraid diabetes is the culprit. Look for the following symptoms to diagnose that your dog is diabetic or not.

Signs of Canine diabetes:

  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Weight gain
  • Increased hunger
  • Frequent Urination
  • Increased Thirst despite drinking all the time
  • Failing eyesight
  • Exhaustion
  • Sweet-smelling urine
  • Urinary Tract infection

Got into the maple syrup stash:

As we talked about earlier, that sometimes it is nothing but just an accident. Your dog may manage to reach the maple syrup in your pantry or kitchen and spill it on the floor. If it sticks on the dog’s fur, it is evident that your dog will smell like maple syrup, but if it is not on the coat, your dog must have consumed it, making its breath smell like maple syrup.

Well, maple syrup is not dangerous or toxic for a dog’s health; besides, it is healthy as it provides a sufficient amount of magnesium in the dog. If your puppy likes maple syrup, we recommend you give just a teaspoon at a time. You can give it alone or along with any other treat or meal.

Unhealthy Lifestyle:

It is never wise to always blame a severe health condition if your dog smells like maple syrup. The reason can be your carelessness in taking the proper care of your dog’s lifestyle. If you let your dog roam freely in parks or open-air, it might get any bacterial infection that can cause maple syrup smell in its fur. Also, unhygienic living conditions aid in this situation. Always keep your dog happy and active, but make sure you are taking proper care of its hygiene.

Imbalanced Diet:

If you are not giving a sufficient amount of food to your dog, its inadequate diet and increased hunger inevitably make it eat plants when roaming around outside or in a park. When a dog eats certain plants, its breath will give off a sweet maple-syrup-like smell usually. Hence, it is crucial to fulfilling all the dog’s nutritional requirements not to reach any other plant to deal with hunger. Know your pup’s age and dietary requirements and let it eat to maintain healthy body weight.

Seasonal Allergies:

Do seasonal allergies make the dogs smell like maple syrup? Well, in some specific seasons, your dog is prone to suffer from some allergies. It can be a food allergy, but the main point to consider is that these allergies aid the epidermal glands in secreting excessive oil. When sticking to the dog’s fur, these oils give off a stinky sweet smell that resembles that of maple syrup. To avoid such cases, try keeping your dog indoors always.

Dental problems:

We know that dental problems are pretty common in dogs. Teeth infection, tooth decay, inflammation of gums, plaque formation, gum diseases, or any dental problem could be a cause of your dog’s breath smelling like maple syrup. All these kinds of conditions can help in bacterial growth, making your dog give a stinky sweet smell from its mouth.

Yeast Infection:

If you and your dog live in a moist, dark area, this means there are chances your dog can get a Yeast infection. Yeast infection is gross, and we know that. But when your dog has a yeast infection, it gives off a sweet odor which, in some cases, is confused with maple syrup odor. The illness usually occurs around the mouth or nose, which makes its breath smell like maple syrup. Also, there are chances that yeast infection occurs near genitals, due to which you might think that its urine is giving off maple syrup odor.

Can Maple syrup urine disease be a cause of this condition?

Many people predict that dogs can get maple syrup urine disease just like humans, which makes my dog smells like maple syrup. If you are one of these people, we are afraid to tell you that you’re wrong. Yes! It is just a myth. This disease is quite rare in humans, and according to some very experienced vets, dogs cannot get this disease. Diabetes might be a possible reason behind this condition. Still, it is never Maple syrup urine disease as it gets to only 1 in a million humans. The chances of dogs getting this disease are almost none. Do not trust the local rumor chain, and always consult a vet in such a condition.

Why does the dog’s breathe smell like maple syrup?

Mostly, you will see that your dog’s breath smells like maple syrup. Why is this so? There are multiple reasons behind it. The first and straightforward reason is that your dog might have consumed maple syrup from your kitchen. Secondly, if it has chewed the California everlasting plant, this will make its breath sweeter. Besides these reasons, the most common one is diabetes and dental problems. We have discussed both of the above in the article in detail. When a dog is suffering from diabetes, the fat breakdown produces Ketone bodies. When these Ketone bodies release, they give off a sweet fruit smell which resembles maple syrup’s odor. If this situation is present in your dog, rush to the vet before it gets serious.

Why does the dog’s fur smell like maple syrup?

We have discussed multiple reasons above for the dog smelling like maple syrup. Some of them refer to dog’s fur smelling like maple syrup as well. First of all, if your dog has reached maple syrup in your kitchen and soaked its paws in it, its fur is going to smell like maple syrup the entire time. Secondly, when it rolls in the California Everlasting plants while playing, it is responsible for this condition. But above all of them, it is just the body oils that build upon the dog’s skin and give a maple syrup-like smell. In such cases, we recommend you bathe your dog and get rid of the smell. Also, if your dog’s skin is inflamed yet giving off a sweet stinky smell, it can be due to any bacterial infection.

Can a dog smell sweet naturally?

Is it possible that a dog smells like a maple syrup naturally? Well, it seems impossible, but we have observed it in some dogs, especially the small ones, that they give a sweet odor naturally. They don’t have any serious illness, neither have they consumed anything like that, and it is just natural!

Dog’s ear smelling like maple syrup:

If your dog’s ears are giving off a maple syrup-like smell, then you must have observed that it is shaking its head, rubbing its face on the ground, or scratching its ear. Why so? Ear infections are the culprit here. This kind of behavior is common in dogs that can swim or have floppy ears. All you have to do is take care of your dog’s ear hygiene to prevent any ear infections. Examine the ears regularly to detect any infection, and keep cleaning the ears to stop them. Usually, the fungal infection in the ears causes gut or skin bacteria to grow to give off a yeasty and sweet smell. Don’t forget to ask your vet for using products on such dogs. Also, you can consult your vet to know exactly how to clean the years regularly, and in case of infection, what medication should be preferred.

Dog’s urine smells like maple syrup:

In some cases, your dog’s urine smells like maple syrup. The prime reason for this is diabetes, but there are also other possible reasons behind it. What are they? If your dog has a urinary tract infection or any other bacterial infection near its genital, it can make its urine smell like maple syrup. Besides, if your dog is on medication, there are chances that it will urinate while giving off a fruity sweet scent. Mostly, the cause is hidden among all the reasons mentioned earlier but if it is not, then reach your vet as soon as possible so that he may diagnose the actual cause.

Do wet dogs smell like maple syrup?

When a dog is wet, it gives off a smell which is a mixture of honey, fruit, almond, and mushroom, which is very near to the maple syrup odor. Yeast and bacteria are always present on the dog’s skin, which, when getting wet, gives off this kind of smell. Especially when the water evaporates, it mixes all these compounds with it, and then. As a result, you smell your dog just like maple syrup.

Bottom Line:

We hope you have known your answer to why my dog smells like maple syrup after reading this detailed article. You can smell something like maple syrup in your dog’s fur, urine, ears, or anywhere on its body. There are a lot of possible reasons behind it. Still, if it is not the maple syrup of California Everlasting, we suggest you visit a vet because the possible reasons left include infections or diabetes. Never compromise on your dog’s health to save some bucks.

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