People that don’t like Dogs

Loving dogs seems to be a very normal trait. However, some people simply do not like dogs. Normally individuals cannot relate to this and don’t understand why this concept exists. This is because the human to dog bond is powerful and has existed since the beginning of time.

 Some people even consider dogs as their soulmates. In order to understand this concept, we need to analyze why certain people do not like dogs. They might not be as horrible as we consider them.

people who dont like dogs

Why don’t some people like dogs?

If you cannot get your head around why people don’t like dogs, here are some of the reasons why. 

  • Lack of association

It is entirely possible that people may not be fond of dogs due to a lack of association. This means that they simply do not know how amazing owning a pet can be. 

Maybe growing up they had working parents that could not afford to take care of dogs. When people find themselves around dogs they may understand how amazing they are. They will understand that dogs are playful, loyal, and friendly.

  • They believe that dogs are dirty

Many people think that dogs are dirty and should not be allowed inside the house. People are just not accustomed to cleaning up dog poop or other mess they may create.

  • They believe that dogs can smell

Many people do not like the way dogs or other animals smell. Dog smell can make people gag and feel sick. Hence, that is a reason why people tend to avoid it.

  • Horrible past experiences

A possible way to explain why some people simply do not like dogs are due to past experiences. They have horrible memories from their experience and may not want the same thing to happen again. On occasions, this fear can be translated from the mom and dad as well. That is because some parents instigate fears to keep their children away from animals. In this manner, they grow up to not like dogs and other animals.

  • Dogs can misbehave easily

People think that dogs can easily misbehave. For example, they can run off, dig up flowers, spread mud everywhere, and bark a lot. Hence, in order to avoid these people, they tend to not like and keep dogs as pets.

  • Genetics

Recent studies have indicated that loving animals is based on a genetic framework. Individuals can love animals regardless of how they were raised. That is because genetics plays a major role in your love for dogs.

People who fear dogs are not animal haters

Many people avoid dogs due to their fears. 1 in 20 people suffer from cynophobia. This phobia refers to the intense fear of dogs. It has symptoms like a rapid increase in heart rate, trouble in breathing, anxiety, chest problems, and a general feeling of terror.

 It is an intense phobia where people fear losing their lives. Although people being playful with dogs is a great thing, people should understand that some people fear dogs.

Such people want everyone to know that being fearful of dogs does not mean that they hate dogs. Such people can get called emotionless simply for asking a dog owner to put their leash on. Hence, dog lovers should learn and understand the difference between dog haters and individuals that fear dogs due to a condition.

A note to dog owners

People that own dogs consider them as their children. If children are not imposed to get along with every visitor, dogs should be held to that standard too. People should understand that some people simply fear dogs. Dog owners should take the responsibility of containing their pet dogs around uncomfortable people. 

Despite owners thinking that their pet may not bite, they should understand where the person with the phobia is coming from. In short, some people are dog lovers but without a sense of responsibility.

Struggles of not being a dog person

Not being a dog person comes with its struggles. They can be coined as follows:

  • You can pet dogs but hate being licked by them

Such people don’t mind petting dogs. For example, they can see a dog passing by in a park and may pet it. However, they despise being licked by the dogs. Hence why they avoid interacting with dogs in general. Licking may be unpleasant for some people.

  • Your friend’s dog may annoy the hell out of you

It is critical to be friendly with the pet of your friend. However, sometimes the pet of your friend can annoy the hell out of you. But at the same time, you cannot express those feelings in fear of your friend getting hurt.

  • Dogs can ruin your outfits but you do not want to seem uptight

Dogs tend to jump a lot, and you cannot do much to calm them. They can be like toddlers at times, and you just cannot control them. However, dog jumping can seriously damage your clothes and skin. While wearing shorts, the claws of the dogs can cause scratches on your legs. On the other hand, wearing pants can cause them to become torn. Despite all this, you do not want to seem uptight and cannot refuse to play with dogs.

  • You do not find dog breath cute

Some people do not find dog breath cute. It applies when dogs are happy and sticking their tongue out. To some people, it may be adorable. However, it is not attractive for people that do not like dogs. It is simply unpleasant for them.

  • You do not like it when dogs beg you for food

Sometimes dogs can surround people that have food. This may be cute for some people, nevertheless, it is not attractive for people that are not fond of dogs. They hate the fact that they cannot eat it peacefully when a dog is around them. It gets hard to ignore and hinders the eating process.

  • You hate the sound of constant barking

Puppies barking can be a cute thing. But being woken up due to large and constant barks can be annoying. Dogs tend to bark even when a car passes by, and it can get very annoying. It isn’t much you can do to avoid dogs from barking either. So it is very likely that your sleep will be impacted.

  • Dogs may be cute but you need your space

Dogs are cute and adorable. But they can be very needy at times. Hugs are good but constant contact can get annoying.

  • Sometimes dogs don’t listen

People argue that dogs can be well trained and managed with ease. However, people that are not fond of dogs tend to disagree. Sometimes dogs simply do not follow the command and do as they desire. This can be when they are very excited and happy. At that moment they will get hyper and not sit still, despite commands telling them to do so.

  • You get judged for not liking dogs

One downside to not being a dog person is the constant judgments that come along with it. Dogs are referred to as man’s best friends, and you not being fond of them can land you hate from friends and members of the family.


People cannot like dogs due to lack of association, they believe dogs are dirty, dogs can smell, horrible past experiences, and the realm of dogs misbehaving. This can lead to a lot of struggles since you like to pet dogs but hate being licked, the dogs of your friends can annoy the hell out of you, dogs can ruin your outfits but you do not want to seem uptight, you do not find dog breath cute, you do not like it when dogs beg you for food, dogs may be cute but you need your space, and you get judged for not liking dogs. Despite the fact that some people do not like dogs, it can teach you great things like patience, communication skills, and responsibility.

 You can become a dog person by conducting online searches, watching dogs shows, going to a dog park, volunteering at a local shelter, and hanging out with dogs of your friends. Overall, dogs are loving creatures that you can learn to love, but some people have medical phobias against them.


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