How much Safeguard Horse Dewormer to give a Dog?

Safeguard horse dewormer is strong medicine to deworm the horse by killing all the young and adult types of parasites and their larvae. Due to its ingredient fenbendazole, this dewormer is safe for dogs also but how much safeguard horse dewormer to give a dog is indeed the right question to ask.

It’s important to administer the dose. Not every horse dewormer can be given to other pets and those like safeguard need to be monitored while giving them to your pets. But first,


Why to Deworm your dog?

Because worms are a serious threat to dog’s health and sometimes even life. It is important to deworm your dog occasionally. Ignorance will lead to a point where the dogs will not only get infected themselves but can also pass on their infection.  Some types of dog worms can also affect humans as well. Also, breeders deworm their dogs before breeding so that mum shouldn’t pass parasites to the baby pup.

Safeguard horse dewormer is a safe and cheaper way to treat your dog. People use horse dewormers to deworm their dogs.Safeguard horse dewormer is better than others horse dewormers like zimecterin gold because it is safe for foals and pregnant horses and other small pets can use it too.

About safeguard horse dewormer

Safeguard horse dewormer has the active ingredient fenbendazole that kills parasites by destroying their energy metabolism. This makes it safe for small animals and other pets. Other horse dewormers may use ivermectin which is lethal to dogs. Safeguard is better in a way that it doesn’t absorb directly into the dog’s bloodstream so it is safe to treat your dog with it. However, careful administration is necessary.

The product is available in different sizes and unlike other ill flavored dewormers,  it is a tasty treat for your pets.  The apple cinnamon flavor ensures that your pet likes it.

Safeguard horse dewormer dosage for dogs

The timeline for dosage of safeguard horse dewormer depends on your dog’s age and health but overall it can be fed twice a year to adult dogs. For newborn and young pups, let your veteran decide the dosage amount.

Fenbendazole or safeguard horse dewormer comes in three different packings and formulations.  They come in paste,  granules, and liquid suspension. All three can be used for dogs but the vet’s instructions must be followed before treating your dog with a safeguard dewormer.

The liquid version is commonly used by owners who own multiple dogs because it comes in a 1000ml bottle so it becomes cost-effective for them. If you are giving a dose according to the dog’s weight,  give 1cc per 4-5 pounds for three days. Ask your vet for further dosage instructions and follow them.

How to give your dog a safeguard horse dewormer?

Safeguard claims yummy flavors for horses but dogs can act dramatic if they are given something unusual. So to give a safeguard horse dewormer to your dog you can trick your drama queen by mixing dewormer in their favorite food. Trust us they don’t bother much about unusual taste when it comes to their favorite food.

Try feeding food to your dog in portions and then add safeguard in the second or third portion so that they eat it all. Mixing it in an overall food container is not a good choice. There are pretty much chances that your dog will leave some food making it difficult to administer the dosage.

Well,  there is always another way.

If your dog is still acting dramatic, just make sure now is the time to show who is in charge. Pour the liquid into a syringe and insert it in the dog’s mouth between cheeks and jaw bone. Make sure you have enough support if your dog tries to loosen himself. Just do it!

If you have missed a dose then give it to your dog as soon as you remember it but if it’s already a time for the second dose,  skip the first. Don’t ever feed your dog two doses simultaneously. Also,  don’t give an extra dose to your dog to make up for the missed one.

Side-effects of safeguard horse dewormer to dogs

Fenbendazole,  an active ingredient in safeguard is known to have no potential side-effect on pets. There could be a slight reaction or allergy if you have given a higher than the normal dose to your pet. If your dog shows any signs of allergy,  consult your veteran.

This medication doesn’t react with other drugs and it’s safe to give your dog a safeguard horse dewormer when he is already on other medications. However,  if your dog shows any severe reaction like swelling,  itching, diarrhea, or seizures, consult your vet as early as possible.

It’s better not to feed this medicine on very young puppies or sick dogs. After the medication course,  your vet may do a fecal examination to see if all internal worms are killed. Otherwise, he may suggest increasing the dose.

Tips To store safeguard horse dewormer

Like every other medicine, you need to protect it from sunlight and high temperatures. Mishandling can affect the efficiency of medicine.

Why is safeguard a better choice to deworm your dog?

There are many dewormers in the market but safeguard is a good choice.

  • It can kill 6 types of worms in dogs. This is good in the way that it gives your dog less chemical exposure. You can have two shots with one arrow. Protect your dog from multiple worms and that too with single medicine.
  • Your dog deserves all the happiness and freedom to move. Dogs usually catch worms during outdoor activities. Safeguard ensures your dog’s protection from worms and he can enjoy long walks, outdoor plays, and social gatherings without fear of catching worms.
  • Unlike ivermectin,  which attacks the neurological system of both the parasites and dog,  safeguard horse dewormer works by attacking the energy metabolism of parasites. It doesn’t absorb directly into your dog’s bloodstream. This trait makes it perfect for pregnant horses,  dogs,  foals, and young puppies.
  • Safeguard has no known reaction with any other drug which means you can give safeguard along with other medication without risk of having a chemical reaction.
  • It is easy to give. Either mix granules in dog food or give liquid in fluids or through injection.

Protect your dog in a better way with safeguard the horse dewormer and its carefully administered dose.

In last our conclusion for you!

Safeguard horse dewormer effectively shields your dogs from parasites. Normally it is ok to give safeguard horse dewormer to a dog without any fear or hesitation. However, the dosage must be administered carefully. In an emergency,  contact your vet.

how much safe-guard horse dewormer to give a dog

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