Sievers Retrievers Reviews – All You Need To Know

Are you planning on buying a little companion for you from Sievers Retrievers? Hold on! You might need to know a lot about them especially an in-depth review before you make a purchase decision. Every person wants an ideal dog for him with no disabilities and a cute appearance. Well, when he buys one, there is no one who can stop him from loving it hence, have some important notes about the Sievers Retrievers breeders review.

Since 1980, the breeders are selling their dogs to people including multiple breeds. They have certain connections with some vets who assure the good health of the dogs. The parent breeds are also healthy most of the time to avoid any health concerns in the breed’s health.

To give you a clear idea about either it is good to buy a puppy from Sievers Retrievers or not, we are going to discuss some of their good and bad features. After reading the article, you will be able to decide if you want to have a little pup from here or not depending on your requirements.

Let’s get started!

sievers retrievers review

Variety of Dogs:

From doodles to Labrador retrievers, and other dogs including Golden retrievers, Sievers retrievers have a variety of dogs for everyone. Mainly, the breeder deals in these three breeds, but they have others as well. Goldadors, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles are the other mixed breeds offered by the breeder. In total, they deal in 6 dog breeds, but there is variety in them as well. From medium to miniature, they have several sizes there.

Multiple coat colors:

As they deal in a variety of breeds, every breed is available in different colors. Most of them are black, chocolate, and yellow as these colors have good demand in the market and among people as well. So, this is a plus point that customers are given the choice to choose their desired color, and have an ideal pet for them.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals:

The Sievers Retrievers breeder claims that all of their dogs are approved by the orthopedic foundation of animals for common health concerns. They have their certification which is also available on their database but Sievers retrievers breeder don’t have them posted as, it seems like a time-taking task to them. Also, the breeder once mentioned that 99% of their dogs are OFA certified which means, the lack of 1% can be an uncertainty for many customers.

Health clearance:

The website of the Sievers Retrievers says that all of their dogs are entirely safe from genetic diseases. The fact that they are stating this means that the parent dog breeds and the 3 to 4 previous generations shouldn’t be having any diseases. Also, they claim that their dogs are tested by professional vets for heart and other genetic diseases.


The behavior of the dogs is usually good and they have a nice temperament. We don’t see aggression in the dogs from Sievers Retrievers as, they have trained their dogs well also, parents of the dog don’t have personality issues like this. They are early socialized with other dogs so that they get along with other pets of the customers. This is a very good point about Sievers retrievers that they have a very less ratio of temperament issues in their dog breeds.

Family dogs:

Most of the dogs at Sievers Retrievers have a good temperament and they are properly socialized which means, they have been trained well. The proper training makes them safe around the children, adds a factor of affection to their personality, and makes them perfect family dogs. So for all those people who are looking for some family dogs or want a companion that can be comfortable around kids as well, the Sievers Retrievers will help a lot.

Attractive and good-looking:

No matter the health or personality of the dogs, all of them are quite adorable. From their coat colors to the facial features, body coat texture, they have an attractive appearance that never fails to impress the customers. So it is not all about intelligence and socialization, but the exceptionally good looks of the dogs let Sievers Retrievers stand out in the market.


Every pet owner wants his pet to be safe from maximum health concerns. The thing that can keep from having such diseases is vaccination. Yes! Now you must be wondering if Sievers Retrievers breeder has vaccinated dogs or not, right? We’ve got you! The first two initial deworming treatments and vaccinations are offered by Sievers Retrievers to ensure the good health of the dog however the following become the responsibility of the owner of any required.


Being a customer, everyone wants to have a guarantee which says that if the dog gets sick, the breeder will be responsible. After all, you invest a great deal of amount in buying these dogs, we know that! Sievers Retrievers breeder has good news here as well! They offer a 30-month guarantee of the dog for hip dysplasia, which is the most reported disease in their dogs. However, in addition to it, they give a 1-year warranty for other diseases such as genetic heart, eye, or elbow problems, which are comparatively less common, but there is always a chance.

Providing dog’s information:

Most of the customers want to investigate the health of their dog, but that is not possible in the case of Sievers Retrievers breeder. Although they welcome all their customers to come and see their dogs, but they don’t provide any information about their dogs online except that you confirm it from OFA database. But the good point is that you can ask them to mail you the certifications and data about the specific dog if you want, and they are ready to help that way.

AKC and State of Illinois:

It makes a great impact on the customers if the dogs are AKC recognized, and Sievers Retrievers breeder knows this technique. The AKC and State of Illinois both visit the breeder once a year and make sure they are not working like puppy mills instead, growing healthy and quality-controlled puppies so that the risk of catching diseases is less.

A lot to handle:

As mentioned above, the Sievers Retrievers breeder deal in about 6 dog breeds, and further they are available in different coat colors. Do you think that managing that much at a single place could be easy? No! It’s a lot of work and most people wonder that how do they do it. It makes them wonder that either the breeder focuses on the quality or just they are money greedy people who want to make more and more dogs, but don’t prioritize quality over money.

Weight of the Golden Litter:

Another concern that has spread on the population about Sievers Retrievers is that they have quite overweight dogs. According to the breeder, dogs weighing around 90 lbs are healthy but this seems quite unhealthy for the buyers. No matter how much they try to keep their pup healthy, on eating an adequate amount of food, they usually get overweight increasing their weight up to more than 100 lbs. This is kind of a diseased condition for the available dog breeds and it increases the risk of hip and elbow dysplasia as well.

Health Certification:

As the breeder does not provide sufficient information about health concerns, one cannot be sure that they have consulted a professional practitioner, but not just a certified vet who doesn’t have enough experience in this regard. Lack of proper information about health certification makes a bad impact on the customers and they start to think that they produce poor-quality dogs and that is why most of them develop hip dysplasia.

No eye health assurance:

When it comes to health certification, the Sievers Retrievers talk about heart health, elbow, and hip dysplasia, but they don’t mention any certification about eye diseases most of the time. This can be doubtful for the customers as other breeders provide proper health certification along with the proof of good eye health of the parent breeds, but not this one. What could be the reason? You know better!

Kennel Smell:

When a customer visits the Sievers Retrievers breeders, complain they do about the environment there is that the area is very smelly. The kennels give off an ammonia-like smell referring that they don’t prefer cleanliness. To clear this complaint, Sievers Retrievers breeder says that they keep the dogs inside in the cold weather to prevent them from catching a cold and keep the place warm and dry. In their defense, they say that the place is all over disinfected. Secondly, when they open the doors to clean the area and make it wet, a smell is certain because after all they are animals, and they will give off a smell.

Health concerns:

Keeping all the possible health concerns aside, when we take a look at the reviews of most of the customers who have purchased the dog from Sievers Retrievers, the most common health concern they talk about is Hip dysplasia. Also, the dog is at risk of other diseases, obesity is another common one. You will have to be careful, and do a lot of research if you somehow plan to buy one from the breeder.

Unhygienic atmosphere:

On visiting the breeder, you might see the dogs covered with all the urine stains. Well, this is a very unhygienic situation and a gesture of carelessness. This shows that they don’t take care of the dog as if they are their own pets. Will you leave your dog sleeping in its own pee? Never! They have several dogs, but they don’t have that much place. In our opinion, this is quite a negative point for the Sievers Retrievers Breeder, and they should take notes on it rather than just focusing on their sales.


Goldendoodles are not AKC registered hybrids. But Sievers Retrievers breeder says that they have AKC recognized dogs. This can mislead the customers who don’t have enough information on dogs to believe that Goldendoodles are also purebred and registered by AKC. They should mention the proper information on their website so that if they didn’t do this intentionally, then it shouldn’t misguide the customers either. What do you think?

Track of documents:

Let’s suppose you have purchased a dog from Sievers Retrievers Breeder, but now you have any concerns related to it, what will you do? It is pretty obvious that you will contact them, but what’s the catch? They will most probably tell you that they don’t have any computer records. Isn’t it strange for such a well-known breeder? Yes, it is! Moreover, they don’t even record the history manually in the form of documents which is highly unprofessional. In our opinion, they should work on it to make their work more synchronized and professional.

Refund Policy:

Last, another important and good thing about the breeder is that if your dog is facing any severe health concern in the recent era, they are ready to refund the money in the case you return the dog. Well, this is quite new! Most of dog breeders don’t offer such refunds, and customers want this to be certain from them. The Sievers Retrievers breeder has a benefit here to gain the trust of their customers.

Bottom line:

Just like Golden Meadows, Sievers Retrievers offer quality dogs, but there are always cons. A breeder cannot always satisfy every customer because in some cases, bad lucks happen with the dogs. However, some clients are more than happy with their adorable and healthy dogs. In our opinion, Sievers Retrievers are good breeders if you have proper health clearance also, it is better if you consult them for the top three breeds; Labrador retriever, Golden Retriever, and doodles.

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