My Puppy Won’t Stop Biting Me I Have Tried Everything

Dogs do bite, it is normal but, if your dog does not stop biting you or your furniture for that matter then there is something fishy that needs to be fixed. However, before stating it as a problem – ensure that your dog is not teething because it can be one of the reasons why your dog is biting non-stop.

my puppy wont stop biting me I have tried everything

Here are some of the possible reasons why your dog is constantly biting everything around you, followed by some possible solutions.

  • Character

Sometimes, even excessive biting is normal. As humans use their hands to check things around them – dogs use their mouths. It comes naturally to them. They are being harmless with it as they think it is natural. You just need to train them accordingly, so they know when to stop.

Or you can cater to their needs by providing them with toys so that they do not destroy any of your belongings in the process. If you do not have any toys, just use an old sock, and fill it up with cotton – your dog will be thoroughly entertained by it.

  • Teething phase

Just like babies, puppies also go through a teething phase. In the process of it, they can get a sore mouth and that frustration leads to excessive chewing.

It is important to note that it is a natural process, and you cannot make it stop. And like the babies’ puppies chew on everything to make the pain stop. As mentioned before, provide your dog with plenty of toys so there some distraction.

  • Trauma or anxiety

If you have adopted your dog recently then there are chances that any past trauma has triggered some anxiety which is leading to excessive biting and chewing. In this case, you should supervise your dog and not leave them alone for a longer period.

Ways You Can Stop Your Dog from Excessive Biting

While biting is a problem that can get annoying at the time, there are several solutions for it.

  • Divert The Attention

When your dog begins the biting, try to divert its attention to other things. Maybe take him out on a walk or give him something to it. Your dog will get distracted and stop biting you or any piece of furniture.

And if your dog is teething then give him a treat that will soothe his teeth as it will be the only thing that will distract him.

TIP: Get some treats from the supermarket and freeze them for a colling effect so your dog’s mouth can get numb in the process.

  • Calm them down

There are chances that your dog is craving attention and biting you because of that. But do not be all lovey-dovey with them as it will set the wrong precedent. Start with an instruction to sit and then turn away if the dog does not listen.

And if you feel like the dog has calmed down then pet them for a while so they know that they will get attention, only when they are calm and not when they are biting everything.

  • Spray Deterrents

There are sprays available in the market that you can spray on your dog, and they will make your furniture taste bad. Once your dog bites anything, the aftertaste will follow, and they will most likely avoid biting those pieces!

  • The Good Old Bone

Now that all the tricks fail – resort to the oldest trick in the house. Give your dog a bone so that they can get distracted and take out all their frustration on a bone (if they are teething). Your puppy will get mentally stimulated and invest all the energies on the bones after they are tired enough – they will not bother biting anything else in the house. And will most likely dose off!

Finally, if one trick does not work – try to mix and match different techniques or be persistent with one. Keep trying until one of them works!

What Not to Do When Your Puppy Won’t Stop Biting

One of the biggest mistakes that dog owners make is to believe in the myth that dogs grow out of their biting phase. It is not true as their habits get solidified over time. Do not make this mistake as once your dog will grow, its teeth can become dangerous for you. Therefore, fix the problem while it can get fixed.

The Last Resort – Get A Muzzle

Sometimes even after trying everything – your dog just does not budge from biting. At this point, you can use a muzzle but be careful with it as its prolonged use is not recommended and counts as animal cruelty.

Before taking on the decision to use a muzzle – ensure that you are well briefed about the task. If you are not, then take help from a vet and research on your own – there are many videos available on the internet that will guide you regarding this job.

Finally, but a muzzle that is comfortable and loose. Your job is to subtly train your dog and not suffocate the poor animal. Therefore, proper supervision is necessary for this task.

Use the muzzle moderately, so your dog does not feel burdened, and after you get done with the session, treat the dog with some treats.


Biting and chewing on things is like an instant that dogs have since their birth. It is their way of interacting with the world. However, if this habit gets persistent then you need to do something about it. Start by changing a few things around – distract them with something and use deterrents that will make things taste bad. You can order them online and spray them around your house so that it discourages the dogs from biting.

And finally, do not be harsh with the animal. There can be many reasons why the dog is consistently biting you – find out the reasons behind it and then counter them with different techniques. But make sure that you also consult a trainer or a vet before going along the decision of using a muzzle.



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