Why does my dog put his paws on me?

The warmth, fun, and an unexplainable aura- all that you get from owning a dog. I mean, how not, from all the love a dog gives you, is there anything more adorable than them?

All that love bounds you to reciprocate it in any way possible. That begins with understanding your dog and in this guide, we’re going to help you figure out why your dog puts his paws on you.

Before crashing right into the answers, you must know the different behaviors of your dog which are often very common but still go unnoticed. That’s exactly what your dog doesn’t deserve. It deserves to be noticed.

Hence, a simple gesture like putting its paw on you or when they rub them against you is something you should pay heed to in order to know your dog better. A quick and easy guide will help you navigate through all your important questions.

why does my dog put his paws on me

Getting to know my dog

It’s important that you know why your dog might be doing certain things, especially if that behavior is repetitive. However, that certainly does not mean you should be alarmed. Keeping a check is always a good thing and that will help you to develop a better relationship with your dog.

Breaking down some common behavior

In order to get in-depth of this, let’s see some common behavior we see in most dogs regardless of breed, season, mood, or timings. This is going to show what you can expect when you have a dog and get used to it.

Understanding this behavior is also necessary so that you realize not everything is a concern, lay back and take a chill pill.

Running in a circle

Ease up because unlike the expression “run around in circles”, dogs running around in circles is actually funny. They do this in order to chase their own tails. It should only worry you if it becomes extremely repetitive because that is when their anxiety kicks in.

Licking you

This is the easiest one because let’s see why my dog might be licking me. Is it because it needs attention? Or maybe it wants some food? Oh, no. I definitely am wearing their favorite lotion scent on. Or simply as simple as showing you their love.

Either way, just enjoy and cuddle up.

Putting their paws on you

Another common behavior we see in dogs, also our topic in question as to why your dog puts his paw on you. Well, stick ahead to find out all the reasons why.

Why has my dog been putting his paws on me?

Thing is, one action does not determine a single purpose. Just like a dog chasing after its tail may have a number of reasons, so is the case with it holding out his paws on you. Now, we’ll see why.

Actions speak louder than words

Here’s the thing about non-verbal communication: it touches you the most.

It is a fact. See it for yourself.

When you talk to a dumb person, either you know how to use sign language or not, you will pay more attention while communicating with them. If you know sign language, you will observe their hand gestures or facial expressions.

That’s the beauty of communication with no words. It creates depth.

The same is the case with communication with a dog. When he puts his paws on you, he is talking to you in his own way. That right there is the love language we all seek to have.

You might be wondering why it doesn’t bark like it usually does?

Well, look around and see how we humans use hand gestures while talking. Even though we can communicate by speaking, we still choose to use our hands. So do the dogs. There’s something genuinely pure about it so why not just embrace their warmth and let them be?

Need for an upgraded affection

What is an upgraded affection?

When you own a dog, you will understand that, unlike cats, they want unconditional love. In fact, I might go as far as saying that dogs need love for survival.

Sometimes, a little pat on the head may not be enough. The tickling you keep doing to them may at times become very little or maybe even a routine. So, if your dog now happens to put his paws on you even when you’re already petting it, he needs more.

This is the point where a hug would make their day. Or maybe you can cuddle it up or something as little as holding their paws will make them feel a hundred times better.

I love how a little kindness shown towards dogs goes such a long way!

One paw on you

If your dog has one of his paws on you while the other on the ground, it typically means it is an invitation. It is actually very easy to read this gesture.

This is because when it keeps one of its paws and not the other, it shows how they do not want to be held right now. Rather, they are calling for a sweet little playtime.

We see this behavior mostly in puppies who would often come to you and put one of their tiny paws on you and ask you to play with them. They need human playtime and not with their toys. Tickle them or use a ball to play with them. Chase them around or let them find you during your hide and seek game.

Whatever your doggo finds fun, do it and just play along. They are definitely going to remember it.

So, anytime you see one paw on you, get the cue that now is not the time to merely just sit around and pet your dog. Instead, a little action will become a must.

Two paws on you

Just like one paw signifies an invitation to play, two paws indicate domination. This plainly simple gesture is not as simple as it may seem.

Dogs mostly happen to keep both their paws on you when you have more than one pet in your home. Now, this simple gesture becomes way bigger. This is because this domination says that your dog wants all of you.

They want your full attention for them. They also want you to pet them and only them during this time. The common notion that dogs are submissive rather than dominative becomes vague at this time.

Rather, you are now bound to pet them and make them feel loved. After all, is this too much to ask for?

Being grateful

Oftentimes when your dog is being touchy, it is just their way of saying thank you. Either it is when they jump around and rub themselves against you, or when they lick you over and over again.

When they do this, they want to thank you for being there for them.

Similarly, when a dog puts his paw on you, he is being grateful to you for showering them with endless love, giving them their favorite treats and their most cherished toys. Sometimes, even as simple as taking care of them means so much to them that they will come up to you and put their paws around you.

Hence no matter the case, embrace the tiny paws and let them know that you love them back.

Does it have anything to do with breeds?

Dogs have various different breeds all of which have various different needs. Be it food, water, environment, playtime, or basically anything, there are certain things we cannot sum up for all.

In simpler meanings, some behaviors of dogs may be more frequent in one breed than it is in another.

Just like that, your dog putting paws on you can also have a lot to do with which breed it belongs to.

On top of our list are Boxer dogs and English Pointer dogs which tend to lift their front paws very often. Although there is very little evidence as to why they do it more often, the same reasons we discussed earlier apply to them too.

If you have dogs from any of these two breeds you can definitely relate to it. However, do not get sick if dogs from other breeds are doing it too.

Other paw-y gestures

When dogs sometimes lift their paws but do not put them on you, it usually indicates that they have found their prey. Dogs have a very great and distinct power to smell from miles away.

Chances are, they must be calculating their shot at going after their prey and making the best out of it. This mostly happens when you take them out to a park or beach.

In other cases, raising a paw may also mean that your dog can be stressful. This is when you should give them constant reassurance that they are safe and protected. You will most likely observe this behavior in public when they meet new people or even sometimes when you introduce them to some other animal.

Bottom line

Summing up from the guide, it is quite evident from the things we learned that most of what dogs casually do has one simple motive: love

Either it is asking for it or giving it, dogs have a wide love language that revolves around a simple touch. But, there’s one thing we can deduct from this that dogs pawing at you is an extremely adorable gesture.

I, for one, wouldn’t want it to stop. The question is, would you?

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