AKC vs APR? is a common question for dog owners.  Your sweet pup deserves every right to its existence and dog registration is the first step to that.  When you register your dog,  you ensure its protection along with the safety of the community.

Dog registration is a legal registration in which all the important information about your dog is collected.  This data can be used in the future for further assistance.

akc vs apr

What does dog registration means and why do you need it? 

Dog registration is a paper that certifies your ownership of a dog. It contains facts like date of birth,  your’s dog biological parents, its breed, etc.  This data helps to take safety measures and precautions about your dog’s well-being and to raise him in better conditions.

Dog registries like APR vs AKC are the institutions like many others that make your dog their ‘legal’ citizens with all the legal rights. They keep and maintain a record about your dog and use it to help and assist in raising him. You can think of them as “dog clubs” where members can enjoy perks for being a part of institutions.

The answer to how dog registration helps is

  • It proves your custody and ownership of a dog.
  • Dog registration helps you to keep the lineage record of your dog.
  • It saves you from restrictions of legislation ordinances.
  • You can maintain a record of your dog pedigree.
  • Your dog’s future pups registry becomes easy.
  • It provides you documentation that makes overseas travel with your dog easy.

About AKC

AKC is one of the oldest clubs in US history. They register more than 140 breeds and hold many yearly events for dogs.  This club was founded by people who thought that if you want to keep a dog, there should be certain national standards to be met.

This registration is strictly for purebred dogs who have purebred biological parents. If a dog qualifies for this club, you can get it registered as soon as the puppy is born. Happy birth certificate!

About APR

APR also registers purebred dogs but they acknowledge mixed breeds too. This club is not as old as AKC and they don’t require “proof” to register your purebred dogs especially if the papers are lost. APR registers any dog that qualifies at any stage.

How APR is different from AKC?

Both registries maintain records of purebred but APR doesn’t need proof for biological parents of a dog. If your dog qualifies,  they can start “fresh”. You may wonder how they can proceed without papers?  well,  they scrutinize dogs through pictures and see if your dog qualifies the breed standards.

Other than that, they accept the registration of mixed-breed too. This doesn’t mean they don’t register dogs with purebred biological parents. They offer registration for up to 4 generations of purebred too.

What basic services does APC vs AKC offer?

Well,  these dog registries do not only provide certificates of your ownership to your dog,  they are a whole lifestyle package that your dog deserves. These clubs provide you all the assistance that you need to raise and maintain your dog.  The help starts right when your puppy was born till he becomes that handsome hound and throughout his life.

Some basic assistance could be

How to train your dog?

Training is important for a civilized dog. These registries provide you on the spot information that you can apply yourself as well as different training tips. You can apply those tips, in the long run, to make your dog more socialized and cultured.

Accessories for dogs

Having a “dog shop” is a sigh of relief. These clubs offer dog accessories to pamper your kido well. Whether it be a bath towel or dog feeder, you don’t need to worry.  Just buy whatever you need for your dog.

Pet Instructions

These clubs also provide you with how to deal with your pet?  And helps regarding their health issues and well-being.

Dog insurance

They provide dog insurance and health services. Their Veterinary support is just a call away.


These clubs help you to keep an online record of your dog vaccination. This helps dog owners to track vaccination schedules for their dogs.

Find new puppies

You can even adopt a dog by joining these clubs.  Just provide them with information about which breed do you want and in which city you reside and they will help you to find a new buddy.


Well, the question may arise APR or AKC?  The answer depends on what do you need for your dog?  And what are your circumstances?. Although some people recommend AKC and they have reasons for it but some people vote for APR too.

You can’t register your dog on AKC unless both of its parents are also registered with it. AKC may sound a bit more conservative in this but on the other hand,  this registry also ensures pure breeds.

Meanwhile,  APR registers mixed breeds along with purebreds. Many mixed breeds are getting famous and people are adopting puppies e. g cocker pooh. Now every puppy is not purebred but it deserves all the rights that other pure breed puppies have. APR has an open approach regarding this. Being a puppy owner,  I take it as “abandonment” and “discrimination” from AKC.

Another difference that you should know while deciding on AKC or APR is that APR doesn’t hold as many yearly events for dogs as AKC. This may not have any connection with other things but some dog lovers prefer a little show-off and fun time for their puppy.

From a breeder’s point of view,  many pure bloodline breeders prefer AKC registered dogs because it certifies that they are purebred through generations. Mostly APR dogs are considered as “mill dogs” who are commercially bred under poor conditions.

AKC doesn’t acknowledge all the breeds that APR accepts. It means they will not accept dogs based on their APR registration but APR offers you dual registration.  You can register your dog with APR while it’s still a member of another club and can enjoy the perks of both clubs. So we suggest that if your dog is purebred,  you can go for both but if it’s a mixed breed,  you have the option of APR only.

Another difference is that AKC recognizes dogs internationally whereas APR is only available for US pets.  So AKC creates a broader spectrum for members to join the club.

AKC dog bred with APR registered dog

If you cross dogs and one is APR registered while the other is AKC registered, you may wonder where the kids will go?  Well for your clearance,  they will go to APR because AKC will strictly follow the protocol of both parents being purebred. They also demand DNA testing etc. So you can’t register your puppy with them.

AKC is more like a “status quo” but there are people who don’t bother about even registering their dog at all. Due to the strict approach,  many mill breeders or people who breed to sell their dogs, prefer APR.

On the other hand, AKC members boast about being AKC members. But it’s safe to say that AKC members are not only breeders but “true purebred dog lovers ” too. (Still, there are conspiracy theories that due to AKC negligence many purebred dogs were crossed with mixed bloodlines and registered under purebreds).


Well, we have provided information about both the registries now the choice APR vs AKC? is entirely yours.  Do whatever suits you!  We only wish you good times with your dog…  Happy companionship.

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