Can labradors survive in hot weather?

Labradors can’t survive in extremely hot weather and one must take them indoors if there is excessive heat outside. Labrador has low-temperature tolerance and taking him inside is in the best interest of your dog. Else he can face severe consequences. So let’s explore further that Can labradors survive in hot weather or not?

Can labrador survive hot weather

Why Labrador can’t survive hot weather?

Well, no dog can survive above a certain range of temperature. A dog’s body doesn’t allow that. Labradors were bred in Canada. To survive in the North Atlantic region,  the dog had a short and dense double coat. Since the Labrador retriever was bred to be a companion during fishing or bird hunting so long coat was not suitable for the dog. If the dog had jumped in cold water,  the long coat had been encrusted with ice and making it impossible for a dog to survive in that climate.

The modern-day labrador still has a weather-resistant dense coat. Which was meant to protect the dog from extreme cold weather.  Due to the thick coat, the heat is trapped inside the Labrador’s body and the body takes time to cool down. The coat helps them to stay comfortable at night from the cold.

How long Labradors can stay outside in hot weather?

Labradors are not very good at handling temperatures approximately above 32 degrees. Now you can see how important it is for Labrador to stay inside. Even though 32° is “cool” for some countries in the world where temperature rises to near 50° but Labrador is a dog for relatively cold climates. The ideal room temperature for a Labrador puppy is between 10° – 26° C.  Below 20° is too cold for him and above 32° is too hot for him. They can spend time in extreme weather but only for a short period.

You can allow your labrador to play outside but after 30 minutes spending in the hot weather,  it is important to take them indoor and reduce their body temperature.

What happens to labrador in hot weather?

In hot weather,  the Labrador can get sick. If you are worried they will get heatstroke, yes they will.

Labradors are outdoor dogs and they want to be outdoors. In hot weather,  the Labrador’s body can get overheated making him sick. You must take care of your dog in the summer.

When a labrador spends more time outside in warm weather they can get

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Restlessness
  • Dehydration
  • Less urination
  • Faster heartbeat
  • unconscious
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Oral dryness causing the change in color of gums
  • Extreme thirsty

How dog coats are related to weather changes?

Well, all dogs have coats. Some have long furry and others may have short coats. Dogs have double or single layer coats according to the environment in which they have to survive.  Usually, retrievers and hunter dogs have double coats for example Nova Scotia,  Golden retriever, or Labrador retriever.  Since these dogs were originally bred in cold climates so they have coats that best suited that environment.

When taken to excessive warm temperatures, these double coats can trap heat inside their body, making your dog sick. That is why Labrador need to stay inside in extreme hot weathers because they can’t handle temperature above 90 Fahrenheit.

Which dogs can survive hot weather?

Well, it’s not only your labrador, most dogs can’t survive warm weather. No matter which breed,  dogs need to stay at a controlled temperature range. The extremity of hot weather also depends on the level of humidity. More humidity levels can cause heat strokes even at a normally “safe” temperature range. So it’s important to know what is temperature and “what it feels like”.

What temperature can a Labrador withstand?

A temperature above 39.4° C is considered a fever in all types of dogs.  A Labrador must live-in environment with moderate temperature. Extreme weather can make them sick. The normal temperatures range for Labrador is between 20°C and 32°C.

Winter is easy but

How to take care of your labrador in the summers?

To protect your labrador from the extremities of warm weather one must

Keep them inside

We fully realize that keeping the labrador inside for long hours is not possible. They love to play outdoor and you can’t trap them inside for long. But in hot weather, keep them indoors at least in the daytime when the sun is on the rise. Direct contact with sunlight will increase their body temperature rapidly.

Keep them hydrated

In summers,  it’s important to keep your labrador hydrated. In the heat, their body temperature can rise to make them extremely thirsty. If they won’t get the water your Labrador is likely to get dehydrated. Dehydration comes with other serious issues. It can decrease the body liquids resulting in fainting. If your dog is having less urination or dark color urine,  it means he is affected with heatstroke.

Don’t go far from shades

While taking your dog to walk, don’t let him walk or play in direct sunlight.  You should know When it is too hot to walk a Labrador? Shades are important.  Take your dog to walk near the area where there are more trees or shades. After every while let your dog rest under the shade. It will help his body to cool down.

Keep yourself updated

If you are planning to take your dog outside.  A little insight into upcoming weather is important. You can always change or modify your outdoor plans for the sake of your dog. He can’t bear excessive temperature so don’t make him suffer.

Can Labrador sleep outside?

In summers,  if it’s a breezy cool night, there is no harm that your dog sleeps outside. We suggest making a safe, comfy, and airy kennel for them. Although Labrador prefers sleeping near their owners, if they are comfortable and the environment is safe, It’s fine that your Labrador stays outside.

What to do when Labrador gets overheated?

In warm weather,  labradors can get heat strokes and other problems related to increased body temperature. If you are noticing signs that heat has targeted your labrador and he is not well.

Bathe him

Water helps cool down body temperature. Bathe your Labrador in cool water so that his body temperature comes down. This will also freshen him up.

Use cooling pads

Just like we use cooling pads on humans if they have a fever, dogs need to lower down temperature too. Water absorbs excessive heat and cooling pads will give them relief. Cooling pads are easy to store and you can use them instantly. So invest in a good cooling pad for your dog.

Let them sit near a fan

A cool nice breeze will allow your dog to cool down making him better. So either let him sit near a fan or take him indoors in an air-conditioned room.

What to do when you are out and labrador gets overheated?

Cooling pads and fans are at home. What if you are outside with your dog and your dog gets overheated?.what to do?.  Well,  don’t panic. If the symptoms have started to show up,  still you have time to save your dog from getting more sick.  Though some symptoms of overheating can escalate rapidly and your dog can lose consciousness.

To save your dog, try to find water.  When your dog will dive into the water, he will feel better. If you don’t find any water body where your dog can dive in, at least try to find water to drink. This will save him from dehydration. If your dog is panting,  call emergency and ask for help. To save this trouble we always advise keeping a water bottle handy while taking your dog out.

Engage your dog

Labradors are active ones. In summer,  we suggest don’t go to faraway places especially in the daytime. The best place to be with your dog is chilling near a swimming pool.  You can always make a small pool for your dog at your home and let him play near the pool. Try to keep him engaged in indoor activities.

With proper care and supervision, your dog will stay fine in summer and there is nothing to be afraid of!. You just need to adopt some protective measures to save your dog from weather extremities.

In short, your labrador can’t stay outside in hot weather for a long time.  In hot summers, you must supervise him properly to prevent him from side effects.

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