Do Huskies Have Webbed Feet

Yes, they have!. Siberian huskies have webbed feet and this is because they are originated from the super snowy and extreme cold, Antarctic region. They were originally bred by the Siberian tribe “Chukchi” for transportation and sled dog racing. It is not easy to move through snowy paths with normal feet. So with time, they developed webbed feet to support them in movement.

If it was not for their feet, how else they were supposed to walk on snowy paths? Huskies can run,  walk and work on ice for long hours only because they have webbed feet.  These webbed feet made their grip strong and movement fluent making them snow warriors.

do Huskies have webbed feet

Dogs with webbed feet

Siberian Huskies are one of the cutest pets. They are known for their thick fur,  pointy ears, and unique webbed feet. Here you must know,  all dogs have webbed feet. They are just more prominent in some dogs than others.

As Huskies belonged to snowy areas, these feet were a gift of evolution. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to walk and even survive in a snowy ecosystem. Not only Siberian Huskies but also swimmer Huskies have webbed feet.

First, let us tell you about

What are the webbed feet?

In some animals, there is a thin skin membrane between the fingers that connects them, and it kind of increases their “grip” on land. You must have observed this kind of feet in ducks or amphibians. Mostly these animals live near water.

When they have to swim, their webbed feet act as swimming aid like the oar of a boat. And when they walk on lands, they need a better grip on slippery land near water.

Evolution has modified the physical traits of animals that helped them to survive in their ecosystem. Somewhere in this journey of evolution,  our Siberian Husky got these webbed feet.

Siberian husky webbed feet

There are many dog breeds with webbed feet but are Husky puppy paws different?. Yes, they are!. All dog breeds that have webbed feet are great swimmers except Siberian huskies. Their feet are more like snow boots in snowy mountains. They are protective and have strong gripping. H2:Why do Huskies have webbed feet?

You must know how evolution has affected Siberian huskies during all these years since their existence. Well,  for your information, Huskies are among the “ancestors”. They are some of the ancient dog breeds who still survive with all their might. Huskies used to live in a cold region of Siberia where they were bred as sled dogs. As there was intense snow and no other means of transportation, they were used in sleds for traveling. The Siberian tribe named Chukchi” bred huskies for thousands of years.

With time,  Siberian huskies developed physical features that helped them to survive in that tough region.  These feet served Siberian huskies in the best possible way and because of them, they were able to do work for hours.

Characteristics of webbed feet

Webbed feet have served Siberian huskies in many ways. To know how they are an advantage to Siberian Husky,  you must know their anatomy. Each Siberian husky is different and their feet webbing can vary. This difference depends on the breed and gene of a puppy.

What do husky puppy paws look like?

When you notice their paws,  you will see that they are a bit oval.  The husky puppy paw size depends on how bigger or smaller the dog is. You will also observe fur between paws. This acts as hooking when the dog walks on snow. There is fine webbing and strong cushioning that helps the dog to grip and move easily on snow.

Why do Huskies have different webbed feet than others?

Huskies have slightly light and delicate webbing between their feet. This is because they have developed webbing to survive in snow and not to swim. Webbing is hidden in some breeds because they don’t need that to their advantage. It is prominent only in dogs who have distinct traits that support or need webbing, especially for swimming. Dogs with webbed feet are usually great swimmers like Portuguese water dogs or Otterhounds.

Huskies are not the swimming kind. The breeds who swim have comparatively strong webbing between fingers because they have to push water with them. Nature has designed Huskies’ paws in such a way that they help them to move easily on a snowy path. Snows are slippery and cold. The fur between paws keeps the feet warm or else they will be frosted with a chill.

Also, this fur aids them to run on ice and prevents the feet from getting too webbed. More webbing would have made huskies less “adjustable” in snow.

Benefits of webbed feet

So Siberian huskies have webbed feet but are not too webbed like other dogs. This is of great benefit to them.

  • Such feet allowed Siberian huskies to move on snow without any trouble.
  • Due to the anatomy of the paw, their grip became easy.
  • These feet kept them warm in extreme weather conditions.
  • It allowed them to move faster on ice.

Since these feet don’t aid them in swimming so assist and supervise your dog while near water. Siberian Huskies may like to spend time playing near water but they are not great swimmers. Huskies were sled pullers and their feet are designed for that. Other dog breeds that have webbed paws like Siberian huskies are all sled-pulling dogs like polar dogs, Eskimo dogs, or Alaskan malamutes.

How Huskies’ feet have affected them?

Overall, Huskies are considered loyal and hard-working dogs. They may not have been raised as “pets” but they are a true companion who served their masters well. Their feet made them able to do work on icy lands. They pulled sleds and transported things from one place to another.

Their feet have a vital role in their abilities. Without these feet and the help they provided, we will say no human being can survive the extremity of Siberia.

Why despite having webbed feet Huskies are not swimmers?

Huskies survived the Siberian climate and that is no joke. It’s so freezing that when you drop water,  it freezes before the water reaches the ground. If huskies’ paws have supported them in swimming,  even their double fur coat wouldn’t have been able to protect them. Imagine if Huskies had jumped in the water. How will they survive cold water? The fur in the paw stops the feet from getting more webbed because webbing doesn’t serve huskies the right way.


With time, Huskies have moved out in our world. They are no longer limited to Siberia only so let the past be buried there. If you have a Siberian husky and you want to teach them swimming,  you go! But do huskies like to swim? Well, No. Keep in mind that Huskies are naturally reluctant to water. If it’s their first time, they may get scared so keep their safety vest on and supervise them properly.

In General, Siberian Huskies have webbed feet that helped them to walk on snowy lands but this webbing is different from dogs who have webbed feet for swimming.

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