Cat Flavored Dog Food

Cat-flavored dog food is an interesting notion but why would there be cat-flavored dog food? Do dogs like it and what about the owners? And if there is food that both cats and dogs can eat? Well, Our article has answers to all your questions.

First, we need to know

What is cat-flavored dog food?

Well, thanks to our intelligent brigade some people thought “cat-flavored dog food” means cat-flavored food in the literal sense. All those folks and stories featuring ” Dogs and cats are enemies” are just tales. In reality, dogs don’t eat cats.

Both the pets are great pals in many households. Many dog owners have pet cats too. So the phrase cat-flavored dog food means if the dog can eat cat food too or is there any dog food that has flavoring like cat food?

The answer to this is that Dogs have different taste preferences than cats. What pleases a kitty may not satisfy the dog’s taste buds at all. On the other hand, some owners have claimed that their dogs are fond of cat food and like to taste it now and then.

So the actual question here should be “is there a dog food that both cats and dogs can eat?”

If we talk here about brands, there is no such brand that has one food variety for both cats and dogs. This is justified because cats and dogs have different physical needs. They differ in size, lifestyle, and health.

All pet food is designed to cater specific needs of pets. Even not all dogs have the same dietary requirements and that’s why pet food has such variety. However, there is a certain food that both cats and dogs can eat. Like eggs or fish or bread.

In general, cats are carnivores and they need meat as a must ingredient in their food. Whereas dogs are herbivores and can eat a mix of both veggies and meat throughout their life.

Many pet brands offer a variety of food that separately serves both cats and dogs. So for cats, you have to buy cat food and for dogs, you have to buy dog food.

Is it ok for dogs to eat cat food every day?

However, in some households, sometimes you may run short of dog food and feed your pet with cat food. In another scenario, your dog likes cat food and you start giving him cat food daily.

Well, once or twice your dog eating cat food is fine. It won’t harm his health in a bad way but you can’t make it a habit. Even if your dog likes cat food, don’t feed him cat food regularly. Cat food is designed specifically for cats’ nutritional requirements.

So what happens if your dog eats cat food for a long time is that your dog will become severely malnutrition and start losing weight. His health will be affected severely if he will not eat according to his nutritional requirements.

If a dog eats cat food how can we stop it?

If your dog is eating cat food for a long time you will notice

  • Weightloss
  • Lethargy and weakness all day long
  • Low energy levels and lack of interest in daily activities
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Normal curable diseases will affect the dog badly because due to malnutrition your dog will not have a strong immune system to fight the diseases.

Also if your dog likes cat food, this could be addictive. There are dog food flavoring sprays and cat food flavors available in the market. Initially try to mix them in your dog’s food to make the food more tasty and appealing.

Try feeding your dog Fresh pet food. Mix the dog food flavor enhancers to enhance its taste. Your dog mustn’t eat cat food for longer periods.

If you want your dog to not get addicted in the first place, try a variety of dog food recipes. Mix and match the ingredients,  Use flavor enhancer sprays, and switch dry and canned food often.

Also, give your dog frequent treats to please his taste buds.

If your dog is already addicted to cat-flavored dog food and you want him to stop, try some recipes that use common ingredients. This will help your dog to switch back to its normal food.

What are cat and dog food recipes that have common ingredients?

Keep in mind that even fresh pet food for cats and dogs will have different recipes. Although some ingredients can be common but overall food will be different.

In a dog’s diet, you will need to include protein as a portion. Whereas cats feed mostly on meat. They may like some other flavorings but definitely will not eat veggies.

Mostly dogs eat cat food that has similar ingredients. It’s a different taste that keeps them hooked. Eggs and fish are the ingredients that both cats and dogs like. If your dog eats cat food flavoring salmon, it will be easy for him to switch back to the dog’s diet.

Also, to create savory recipes,  you need to know What does dog and cat food taste like? Well, cat food will be more saltish with more meat in it whereas dogs can adapt to different tastes.

Why do dogs eat cat poop?

You might be shocked why Dogs can’t eat cat food but they eat cat poop.

Relax, dogs don’t eat cat poop because they want to “eat” it. They just do it out of their instincts. If you own a dog, you must have seen them sniffing everywhere. Cat poop becomes hardened and dogs love to play with them.

If you have both pet cats and dogs, make sure your cat poop is discarded well. Also, don’t switch their food deliberately. Even if you are out of dog food, feed them some leftovers instead of cat food.


Not even the best dog and cat food brands make “unanimous” pet food that both dogs and cats can eat. Cat-flavored dog foods are not good for dogs in the long run. They are made to cater to feline dietary needs only. Eating cat-flavored dog food once won’t harm your dog’s health immediately.

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