Purina en Dog Food Alternatives

purina end dog food alternatives

With our busy schedules, it often gets difficult to look after the diet of our pets. Dogs are not very considerate about their health and often get stomach upsets, diarrhea, and frequent weight loss. They chew contaminated objects or play in the soil which can lead to Gastric upsets. To treat such problems and also … Read more

Montmorillonite Clay in Dog Food

Montmorillonite Clay in Dog Food

Adding Montmorillonite clay to dog food is normal. Many dog food brands use it in their pet food. If you are worried about the word “clay” and want to know about What is montmorillonite clay in dog food. Here is the answer It is used as an anti-caking agent which means it protects pet food … Read more

What Age Can Puppies Have Rawhide

Rawhides are one of the most favorite treats of puppies. Just like puppies love Braunschweiger and butterscotch, you must have known that two important things to focus on while discussing a treat are, that either it is safe or not, and on how much amount it should be given. The same goes for Rawhides but … Read more

Ken L Ration Dog Food

ken l ration dog food

The Pet food industry has seen a boom in recent decades. There were times when dogs used to eat whatever they found. With the growing civilization of human beings,  their best companion was also groomed up to the level where they had separate food to eat.  Ken L Ration dog food was amongst the pioneers … Read more

How to Make Your Own Bully Stick?

how to make your own bully stick

Don’t know how to make your own bully sticks? Don’t worry because most of the pet owners, even vets don’t know how to make them. Are you wondering that what is a bully stick? If you aren’t familiar with this term, then you must have heard about steer sticks, bull pizzles, pizzles, pizzle sticks, or … Read more

Sprout Dog Food

sprout dog food

Sprout is a pet food brand by Fleet farm stores. The food is manufactured in the USA and distributed via fleet farms retails and websites only. They produce both dog and cat food varieties. Amongst dog owners, sprout dog food is known as “pet food in the budget”. Sprout Dog Food Product Line Product Line … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Parmesan Cheese

can dogs eat parmesan cheese

Food with cheese looks so tempting that you can never say no to it. The buttery, moist texture with dripping cheese would undeniably trigger your taste buds. But does it have the same effect on your dog? Well, it does. Most dogs go crazy over cheese! Cheese comes in a variety of flavors. People use … Read more

Stray Dogs won’t eat Dog Food

Stray dog wont eat dog food

Giving stray and homeless dogs shelter is an admirable thing to do indeed.  The problem arises when the stray dog won’t eat dog food. How do you encourage them to eat dog food? Will they change their behavior? And start eating dog food? What could be the problem? Our article has it all! Why is … Read more