Since world wars, the DDR German shepherds, also known as East German shepherds, have been popular yet valuable in many ways. At that time, these dogs specifically worked for the military, but afterward, it was considered helpful for several other purposes.

DDR German shepherds played a significant role in Police Force, and cops liked the dog because of its hardworking, loyal, and intelligent nature.

As we discuss some of the outstanding dog personality features, you might not have even listened to the name DDR German Shepherd before. Isn’t it true? We know it is!

Why is that so? Back in time, these dogs were considered working dogs also, were bred quite carefully, but now, they are not known by a lot of people as many other dog breeds have been introduced.

In this article, we will tell you every detail about DDR German Shepherds, from temperament to personality and grooming to training; you will get to know all you need!

Let us get started!

ddr german shepherd

Background of DDR German Shepherds:

In Germany in 1949, DDR German Shepherd initiated their era in the dog’s kingdom. Following are the events that helped the East German Shepherd to rise in the world.

Name of the Breed:

During Cold War, there was the point at which the nation was isolated into two: East Germany and West Germany. DDR canines are predominantly utilized in the activities of East Germany. At this time in history, the East German Shepherds started getting popular among people. The locals of East Germany made the state famous as Deutsche Demokratische Republik. It is the reference where the abbreviation DDR from the DDR German shepherd breed came from.

World Wars:

These DDR German shepherd dogs assisted the soldiers with all the military powers of World Wars. They were famous to individuals of the country because the military pursued their assistance during the World Wars, including Germany. Regardless of that, they weren’t just about as famous as how they’d be years after the fact.

ddr german shepherd

Start of Depopulation:

After 40 years, the rule of DDR German shepherds finished. It is because East Germany and West Germany just kept going from 1949 to 1990. Presently, the nation is one country. From that point forward, there have been fewer DDR German shepherds throughout the planet. Maybe the most practical explanation is that there is canines more fit to families than this breed.

Personality of DDR German Shepherd Dog:

Having hard edge working drives, the DDR German Shepherds are energetic and high-intensity dogs. One can compare the dog’s traits with human soldiers as they both performed some functions for quite a time. High intelligence, courage, focus, iron will, endurance, and whatnot, every trait was present in the personality of DDR German Shepherd Dogs.

The fact that they are highly focused dogs doesn’t apply to all. Not all dogs, even those of the same breed, have similar traits. It all depends on their genes as well as their training. You will find some dogs more affectionate than courageous. Such dogs are not like working dogs, but they sit around and play with their favorite toys.

Physical Appearance of DDR German Shepherd Dog:

The East German Shepherd dog has a solid muscular body which is quite sturdy for a working dog. The dog is a lot different from American show-quality dogs. However, many people have compared the dog with Czech German Shepherds because of similar traits and comparability.

Following are some of the common physical traits of the DDR German Shepherd Dog:

  • The dog has measured a bite force of 238 pounds of pressure. However, if compared with human bite, it only has s120 pounds of bite pressure.
  • The DDR German Shepherds are fantastic for jumping events, dock diving, agility, and especially for athletic dog games or sports games.
  • The dog can scale 6-8 feet walls quickly.
  • Their physicality was prevalent in the kingdom of dogs as they were dogs with excellent stamina, great leaping power, quick and robust bodies, agile dogs.
  • They were especially appropriate to the German Shepherd game of IPO, which centers around protection, obedience, and tracking.
  • The dog has a straight back, especially as compared to other breeds
  • Less fat on the body
  • Sturdy and muscular body
  • Thick bone
  • Great stamina and intelligent personality
  • Athletic traits
  • Hard-edge working temperament
  • Thick barrel chests
  • A large blocky head
  • Thicker paws
  • Dark pigmentation
  • The coat colors include sable or black, usually
  • The tinges of tan are usually found around the ears, on the face, legs, or feet.

physical appearance of ddr german shepherds

Difference between DDR German Shepherd and German Shepherd:

Although the breed line is similar, it is pretty obvious that both dog breeds are somehow different from each other that explains their different names. The physical differences are not that clear or visible for an eye, or you can say they are subtle but that doesn’t imply that both are the same. During the separation of East and West Germany, the dog developed on either side started developing their distinct traits.

If we talk about East or DDR German Shepherd, it is a working dog that was used in the past during World War with the military. It has a strong prey drive, and one can never undermine its working capabilities. They have high physical stamina also, it is their distinct trait that they hardly lose their focus on something. However, their coat color is often dark and they have sound elbows, hips, with a straight back.

Now let’s come to West German Shepherd! The West German Shepherd comes in two categories. One is entirely a family dog, which falls in the category of show dogs. While the second category is working dogs, but not like DDR German Shepherd. The West working Geman Shepherds can only be used for herding, search, and rescue, law enforcement, or service pets. Yet both dogs can be good family dogs with a very nice temperament.


DDR German ShepherdWest German Shepherd
Hard Working Military dogsShow dogs

Slightly working family dogs

Very dark coat colorRich red, black, yet not showy
More of a highly enthusiastic working dogMore of an excellent family dog
Not Categorized as show dogsGood quality show dogs
Originated in East GermanyOriginated in West Germany

Are DDR German Shepherds Good Guard Dogs?

As they have served in the military at the hour of World conflict previously, nobody can question their guarding abilities. They fall under the class of uncommon protective dogs. Individuals raise purebred East German shepherds, particularly for guarding and defensive reasons and sell them higher.

These canines are exceptionally mindful, yet they have sharp eyes also. With legitimate training, they can fill in as the best protective dogs. They can undoubtedly frighten away any stranger entering your boundaries with their highly loud barks and make sure everyone, including the owner, is aware of the stranger. They have a rugged body and exceptionally sharp teeth, in light of which they fill in as an excellent watchdog.

Being extremely mindful, they can even perceive the strange actions going on even while resting. Likewise, without much stress or panic, it can scare off any with its energy and strength.

What’s the history of them as protection dogs?

Luckily, in the past years, the DDR German Shepherd Dog was sold as guard dogs and at a high cost for sure. Subsequently, there was a rise in the East German shepherd breeders due to which the DDR German shepherds. So if there are the individuals who need to proceed with the bloodline, there are several breeders today who want to earn by dealing in such rare dog breeds.

So, East German Shepherds are yet defensive dogs just as they were during the World Wars, with appealing personalities and appearances. They usually are protective dogs, faithful to their owner and anybody else in their owner’s home.

Being a guard dog before, East German shepherds will probably be careful about any danger they perceive. They are also bred to have more strength than most, with heads more enormous than a standard GSD.

These attributes reveal to us that it would be generally appropriate to consider DDR GSD as assurance canines.

ddr german shepherd

Health Concerns of DDR German Shepherds

East German shepherds were considered military dogs. Consequently, they were intended to withstand everyday medical problems. It helps them with battling against numerous medical issues, including the most widely recognized concern with German shepherds, hip dysplasia.

It, nonetheless, doesn’t imply that East German shepherds have immunity against such health concerns. They essentially have fewer possibilities of fostering this medical issue than most canines.

Whereas, there are some chances that the mixed breed DDR German Shepherd can acquire a few characteristics from the other breeds, including hip dysplasia. It is the reason we always suggest buying a dog from a reputable breeder.

DDR German shepherds will consistently be exceptional and remarkable, but only if they don’t begin getting repopulated all once again in the world. It is pretty tricky to buy a dog with such a unique history as many of them are only bred for working purposes but not for selling.

Behavior of East German Shepherds with Children:

No one can disagree that DDR German Shepherds dogs are extraordinary compared to other family dogs, friendly with kids. They are incredibly dynamic, energetic, and bright canines that can engage you with their liveliness. Mainly when they are with children, the dogs can play with them easily.

The dogs have grown as a guard dog already; hence, not simply will they get along with your children, but also, they can secure them and watch out for them like a caretaker. Aside from this, on the off chance that they play with your children, you won’t have to take them for a walk for physical activity independently, as they will do required exercise while playing with the kids.

ddr german shepherds

Grooming of DDR German Shepherd:

DDR German Shepherd Dogs have a long, dense coat, as they belong to the German Shepherd Family. The inner coat is thin, but that doesn’t lessen the grooming requirement. The dog has to be groomed regularly for proper care, health, and hygiene.

DR canines can have coat colors changing from dark and tanto sable tones. The owner has to regularly brush the DDR German shepherd dog’s coat to avoid matting or any other hair problem.

Washing them now and then is another critical requirement while raising DDR German Shepherds. While bathing your puppy, applying conditioner after shampoo in its hair is essential to hold the regular sparkle. Then, at that point, you can dry the coats of your pup with a hairdryer.

As they have fragile skin, check for skin rashes or dermatitis in their undercoat while washing them. East German Shepherds shed a ton, and accordingly, they are not reasonable for individuals with allergies, which means the dog isn’t hypoallergenic.

Training a DDR German Shepherd:

The main thing to know is that DDR German Shepherds are more prominent and take more time to develop than some other German Shepherds. Try not to be too worried about your puppy acting puppyish until around a year and a half.

Any training techniques you use with these dogs need to show positive behavior and build up leadership. These canines have a similar high insight level to all Shepherds, and your training needs to regard their intelligence.

The vast majority of the rules that apply to other breeds additionally apply to East German Shepherds. If you have opted for reward-based training, you have made a good choice because it functions admirably with a wide range of German Shepherds. You can buy your dog’s favorite food or treat it as a reward.

What’s the purpose anyway?

The aim of training your dog based on a reward is that the canine figures out how to connect the owner’s orders with beneficial things.

If you offer eatable rewards to your little one, try not to give human food. Why not? Because this way, the dog will build a habit f asking for your food and refuse the one you usually offer it.  Use canine food or possibly solid dog treats for better responsiveness to your orders.

Giving your dog a punishment for acting up is not a good technique but, the ideal approach to correct the mistake is to ignore the dog until it does not get your point. Being ignored will be a decent inspiration for a canine to get in line.

Never go for an unforgiving or harsh tone or speak more loudly. Keep your voice consistent and quiet to build your canine’s responsiveness. On the off chance that you don’t “lose it” with your dog, they will be bound to focus on whatever you command them.

Cost of DDR German Shepherd:

The purebred DDR German Shepherd varies depending on several features, including breeder, lineage, health, demand, location, coat, gender, age, and a lot more. Hence, we can never say that there is any specific cost of DDR German Shepherd Dogs. On average, the price of the dog starts from $1500 and can be as higher se $2500 or more.

Lifespan of DDR German Shepherd:

DDR german shepherd is a healthy dog and is less prone to get deadly health concerns. On average, the lifespan of the breed ranges from 9 to 13 years. But this isn’t a traditional value; it can vary according to the health and quality of the dog.

Other NameEast German Shepherd
Coat ColorsBlack, sable, grey, brown, black and silver, black and tan, red and black
Male dog size60-65 cm
Female dog size50-55 cm
Lifespan9-13 years
PersonalityFriendly, Hardworking, Powerful, Intelligent, Alert
Popularity19th century

Bottom Line:

DDR German Shepherd dog is a rare breed, but it has a lot of exceptional and hard-working traits that have made it popular today. The dog is not commonly found anywhere, but some breeders can manage to offer such dogs to earn a great deal of money.

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