Can a Dog get a Cat Pregnant?

I know when a male dog mounts over the female cat, who lets that happen you can start to worry if they are actually mating. The part where the cat seems satisfied with the dog eradicates the thought that she might be hurt. However, the next question that arises in your mind is, “Can a dog get a cat pregnant?”. Well, you’d feel too dumb to ask your vet about this, so here you are searching for the answer. Don’t worry I will answer it for you.

Well, in short no a dog cannot get your cat pregnant. Neither a male cat can get your female dog pregnant. It is impossible because both of them belong to different families. And two species can not mate and produce organisms until they have genetic compatibility, being the same type of species. You’ll have to tie in Taxonomy to completely understand this.

can a dog get a cat pregnant

In China, a pregnant cat was found with newborn puppies.

I have been saying over and over again that cats and dogs can’t produce offspring but a piece of news was published in China that definitely shook me at first.

Zhou lives in the province of Yangshan. Her cat was pregnant so she was expecting the kittens anytime soon. She found her cat with two newborns one of whom was dead. Zhou picked up the kitten to closely inspect and found her looking like a dog! Yes, you read that correctly! She was much more surprised than you or me.

Well to add more to your surprise Zhou also owned a dog who was always close to cats. And Zhou was thinking if it was the dog that got her cat pregnant. Is the puppy a mixed specie?

Zhou couldn’t deny what she had seen with her eyes, so to confirm it she took the little puppy who was still blind to the Vet along with the cat.

The vet confirmed it was a dog baby, she said a cat can’t give birth to a dog. What happened next?

Remarkably, it was found out that the cat had carried the puppy from a dog litter because during her labor one of the kittens passed away. She cared for them all like her babies and so Zhou confused the puppy to be hers.


Why can’t a dog get a cat pregnant?

Some young dogs are full of hormones and would like to fill their thrust on anything they find around. The cat could also fall prey to it.

Incompatible Genetalia

First things first the genitalia of a cat and dog are very different from one another in shape and size. Even if you are mistaken to see them over one another, know that their sexual organs are incompatible with each other. So can a dog get the cat pregnant? No.

Note: Any such act can hurt your cat, and if the dog is being wild with her it can actually injure the cat.

Then why is the dog mounting over the cat? There are different breeds of dogs, some like to show dominance over others. Thus, to feel superior over the cat you can expect a dog to mount over her. You might notice the cat biting or snapping the dog away but he wins due to more power.

Can I mistake it as a dog mating with a cat? Of course! At first glimpse, anyone would get a wrong impression. So now you’re not stupid to think like that.

Cats and Dogs Belong to different Families

According to biology for animals to reproduce, they need to belong to the same species. Both cats and dogs belong to class Mammalia, they even share the same order for Carnivora but the next three branches are completely different. The family, genus, and species are all remotely distinct from one another.

Subspecies such as dogs and wolves share genitalia compatibility along with genetic matching. Thus, they can form an offspring called a wolf-dog, which is fertile. But cats and dogs? NO!

Even if the dog sperms enter the cat’s reproductive tract, relax they’ll not fertilize her egg. But the dog can really hurt your cat with such behavior so you need to give him a nice scolding and some training.

Thus, a dog’s sperm can not fertilize a female cat’s egg. The sex cells are very different in structure and would never fuse together to form a gamete.

If you’re worried about your dog’s behavior towards the cat get him neutered. If it’s because he has dominance genes within him, I don’t think there is a solution but to maintain distance between your pets.


Can a dog get a cat pregnant? As we reach the end you know that cats and dogs are very distinct species. Getting the cat pregnant by a dog is in no way possible unless you have a female dog looking like a cat. Just kidding! Before you keep your dogs and cats together research their breed types and see if they can happily live in peace with each other to avoid disputes between them.

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