Diabetic Dog Hungry Between Meals

Let’s investigate and get to the bottom of why your dog might be feeling too much hungry?

Having a dog can be all charms until there arises a problem. After this, you are just stuck inside an irreversible loop which no matter how tough, you never want to give up on.

In this guide, let’s save you and your diabetic dog from some of their meal troubles and see all about your diabetic dog being hungry between the meals.

Diabetic dog hungry between meals

Are diabetic dogs hungrier than normal dogs?

Among many other problems, one of the very visible symptoms that comes with diabetes is the hunger. Not the decreased, but the increased hunger.

This increased appetite is linked with the high amount of sugar in your dog’s blood.

For normal dogs with no diabetes, the amount of food they consume is enough for their body. However, it’s not the same for dogs with diabetes.

Diabetic dogs have a hard time adjusting with their diet. At times, no matter how much they eat, it is never going to be enough. This us because their body cells need more glucose every now and then. This requirement of glucose is not met with their normal food amount they consume.

And so, naturally, the diabetic dogs get labeled with the dogs who eat more. Yet, the only one here to blame is the diabetes.

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Why my diabetic dog feels hungry between meals?

Diabetes causing your dog various different problems is not a mystery to anyone. An increased need to pee leading to increased thirst. Similarly, an increased loss of weight but also increased appetite.

Doesn’t make any sense, does it? This can all be very confusing, we agree.

One thing leading to another just opens up a new storm of problems while the earlier ones keep piling up side by side.

So, we say, diabetic dogs certainly do need more food than normal dogs do. But, why is that?

One of the reasons why your diabetic dog feels hungrier than normal is because its body isn’t doing the required processes of converting the food consumed to the necessary nutrients needed by the body.

This means that regardless of your dog consuming normal amount of food, if it isn’t carrying out the necessary functions, there really isn’t any point of your dog eating its meal.

The only way this can be completely fixed for a long term is through insulin. However, if your dog’s body was making enough insulin, it wouldn’t be diabetic in the first place. Which is why you will soon need to inject your dog with insulin, however, as prescribed by a trusted vet.

Can I feed my diabetic dog between meals

So, if you diabetic dog has been asking for food between its meals, what should you do?

Let’s be honest, controlling the diet of dogs who suffer from conditions like hyperglycemia or, hypoglycemia can be stressful. Not a day goes by where you keep questioning the diet plan of your dog and everything related to it.

Generally, experts would recommend you to feed your diabetic dog no more than twice a day.

When this comes in question, you should not feed your diabetic dog for more than thrice a day. That should be the limit.

So, what if your diabetic dog still asks for food even after you feed it thrice a day?

Feeding your dog in between meals may not be the best decision for them. When we talk about feeding them between meals, that usually includes giving your dog some small treats. Mind you, these small treats are actually full of sugar in them.

They act as energy boosters in normal dog. But, for diabetic dogs, shouldn’t you rethink your decision of giving your dog some extra sugar?

Well, that surely answers the query too well.

Meals best to avoid hunger

You must know the important nutrients you need to include in your dog’s diet.

Your dog’s water bowl must always be filler. You need to give it just an adequate amount of daily fiber and calories. Fiber, of different types benefit various different things. For one, the fiber is needed for proper regulation of sugar in your dog’s body.

Depending on the weight of your dog you can then regulate its calories content. For an underweight dog, a high calories diet is recommended. If your dog’s weight is normal, you can give any normal food which contains the usual amount of calories in it.

Furthermore, we hope it goes without saying, your diabetic dog does not want a high fat diet. Fats are not good for dogs, let alone diabetic dogs. If we’re being straight, having a low fat diet will be tough. You will hardly come across any dog food without it.

However, do your research and see what it best out there for your dog.

What not to give to my diabetic dog

While this again, should go without saying, we feel like this should still be said enough to make it as loud and clear as it can get:

Your diabetic dog must not be given sugar!

The no sugar rule is something you cannot compromise on while having a diabetic dog. A food with sugar in it is just plain poison for dogs who suffer from a condition like diabetes.

This goes for any food which will either instantly or eventually shoot your dog’s blood glucose level. Corn syrup may not be the right choice for your dog. Similarly, giving your diabetic dog bread is not the wisest decision.

Dog Treats

In that case, if you are giving the correct nutrients to your diabetic dog, managing its water bowl and regulating the food shifts to no more than thrice a day, we say a little treat would not hurt your dog.

However, make sure the treats you are getting for your dog are medically approved fit to be given to diabetic dogs.

You must also remember that giving your dog its prescribed amount of insulin should not be forgotten. If, in case your dog has missed its insulin shot, make sure you are not feeding your dog between meals.

The between meals diet should only be given if you are sure about being extra cautious about the rest of your dog’s food.

Bottom Line

If there’s one thing about diabetic dogs which can be extremely frustrating is, it’s their diet. All that drama and the need for attention to the details required for diabetic dogs and the food you are giving to them is very demanding.

If you are dedicated, you will get through it. Nobody said it was easy, but we’re pretty sure nobody said it wasn’t worth it.

Because it is. Every single struggle that goes for out fur babies is all worth it!

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