Do Huskies like to Swim?

Hell no!  Huskies don’t like to swim. They are naturally resistant to water. We doubt they have a water phobia. (But don’t worry they are built this way).

do huskies like to swim

Why huskies don’t like to swim?

Well,  we all know that little tale of having Siberian ancestors and how Huskies are super-heroes in the snow as they love to play in the snow . The point is,  Huskies have a coat that developed centuries ago to protect them from snow. That coat is not a shield from water. It is safe to say that coat turns “dangerous ” in water.

The reason for this is,  the outer layer of the coat is a protective shield for snow.  While the inner layer of the coat traps the heat inside and keeps the body warm. When the rain pours on the coat,  the entire coat gets moist and wet. The outer layer will dry up but the inner layer will lock up the moisture. This will cool down the body temperature making the husky sick.

So huskies have that “inner calling” that makes them afraid of water. We guess this is how nature works.

Why huskies can’t swim? 

First, we talked about water resistance. Now coming to “swimming ” itself. Huskies don’t like to swim because apart from natural inclination, they don’t have physical features to support swimming. Other dog breeds who are swimmers have comparatively strong webbing between their feet. The feet act as oar of the boat to push the water while swimming.

Huskies webbing was developed for fine grip on snow. They have a thin webbing that supports their walk on snow. Get more insights on huskies webbed feet to understand how it works.

Which breed of huskies can’t swim?

There are 22 breeds of husky and most of them were “sled pullers”. However,  some are toy breeds like Mini husky,  hug dog, or Pomeranian husky. Almost,  all kinds of huskies have webbed feet.  They may be covered in fur and go unnoticed but they exist. Most huskies can’t swim because they are not natural swimmers. Many can learn though and do great with swimming.

Can you teach your husky to swim?

Oh yes!  We can always teach a husky how to swim. With proper training and guidance, a husky can not only swim but can assist you in water too. Though keep in mind that you are going to take a tough job when you try to teach your husky to swim.

How to teach a husky to swim?

Your husky is not going to rock the swimming session on the first attempt. You need to be patient about it. This is how you should teach your husky to swim

Prepare him mentally

As huskies are afraid of water. So you should start by making them comfortable around the water. Take him with you to the swimming pool where he may see you first. After that make him feel the water by putting their feet in it. And this is how you progress slowly.

Take full precautions

Before letting your husky be a mermaid of an abyss,  take safety precautions. They should wear safety vests before even getting close to water. If the dog fell even accidentally in water,  he will never go near again it. Fully prepare yourself not to lose that first chance.

The level of confidence your dog will feel at the first attempt will boost up and motivate him to go further. Also, verbal encouragement will do wonders. So make sure he feels safe and protected.

Let them get used to water

When you take them in water. Don’t push hard. Let them walk first. Then slowly let them float. Gradually sinking their body will make them confident. Your husky is afraid but trying to overcome his fears. Support him by showing patience and being with him.

Let him go deep

Well,  when he is a little comfortable,  let him go deep but assist him. Make sure he uses all four legs to aid in the swimming process. At first the pup might use the front or hind legs only. You may even observe their front legs shaking but it’s natural to feel low confidence for the first time for your pup. You need to teach him to use all.

Make them feel safe

As we have discussed already,  it’s important for husky to feel safe in the water. Going in water is against his nature. If at any point, you feel that your husky is afraid,  tap his back.  Hold him and take him out.  He will know that you will never do anything without his consent. So he will try to gather up his confidence again.

Go in water with him

It’s important to assist your husky in water especially for the first time.  This will make him feel protected and comfortable.

Be positive

Even if your husky is acting stubborn,  don’t show anger or negative emotion. This will make him more resilient to water. Instead, use positive reinforcement,  be gentle and kind and you may offer him a treat for even trying.

What you shouldn’t do while teaching husky to swim?

This is a big milestone for your little boy. Learning to swim is not easy for him too. This is a little “overcoming your fears” and one needs to be very brave for that.

So try not to make his path harder and make sure to clear the obstacles. Here is what you should never do while taking your husky to swimming lessons

Never leave him unsupervised

A little mishap can turn the whole “learn to swim” thing away. Also,  huskies are not natural swimmers like some other dog breeds. They can drown. So please never leave them unsupervised while they are near water.

Look for the weather

Always check out whether update before going to swimming lessons. The weather should be clear and sunny. Rainy weather is not suitable both for husky and learning swimming.

Also,  if the weather is cold,  huskies will get extremely sick after swimming in cold water.

Avoid long sessions

Even if the water is moderate,  don’t go for long sessions. Start with a short period and increase it gradually but don’t extend far.

Don’t push them hard

Take one step at a time. Don’t push him hard both emotionally and physically.  Emotionally pushing hard will make husky more scared from water and putting physical pressure will make him dislike the water. In any case,  your husky will not learn to swim.

Things to do after a swimming session

Well,  your husky had his first lesson.  Kudos to him. There are a few things that you must do after the swimming session.

  • Guide him to safely come out of water. He must learn that.
  • Don’t bathe him ever. Many people do this to wash away any residual from a pool. This is not recommended at all.
  • Dry him instantly. Use a towel to dry him up.
  • Pamper him a little and show a positive attitude. Appreciate him with treats to encourage him for his little bravery.
  • Try to understand does your husky liked swimming? It’s important in planning the next session.

Do huskies like the beach?

Who doesn’t want a water-side little fun but this depends on your husky’s experience with water. If he has ever faced an accident,  rain, or bad experience with water he will hate going to the beach. But if he has a positive association with water, has learned how to swim, and has your full support too,  he will enjoy it.

In short,  Huskies don’t like to swim but they can learn how to. Guide them and they will make you proud!

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