Do Huskies Have Webbed Feet

do Huskies have webbed feet

Yes, they have!. Siberian huskies have webbed feet and this is because they are originated from the super snowy and extreme cold, Antarctic region. They were originally bred by the Siberian tribe “Chukchi” for transportation and sled dog racing. It is not easy to move through snowy paths with normal feet. So with time, they … Read more

Can Huskies Sleep Outside in Winter?

can huskies sleep outside in winters

If you are asking about survival, yes they will survive the cold because they are fine with tolerating cold weather. But why would you allow your husky to sleep outside in winter? And not near you! You need a serious explanation for this. Let us tell you about everything about what is allowed or not … Read more

Do Huskies like to Swim?

do huskies like to swim

Hell no!  Huskies don’t like to swim. They are naturally resistant to water. We doubt they have a water phobia. (But don’t worry they are built this way). Why huskies don’t like to swim? Well,  we all know that little tale of having Siberian ancestors and how Huskies are super-heroes in the snow as they … Read more

Do Huskies like Snow?

do huskies like snow

Yes, Huskies like snow because they were initially bred and raised to live in snowy areas but there are some terms and conditions you must take into consideration. And by snowy areas, we mean Siberia and Antarctica… Do huskies like snow? Huskies were bred by Siberian people who needed them for multi-purposes. Siberian huskies served … Read more

Doberman Husky Mix – Dobsky

 Doberman husky mix is proof why mixed breed dogs are so legit!. Both Doberman and Husky have earned their fame as being the best dogs and when they combine…whoop.. magic happens! Woof woof!! Doberman Husky mix This playful and extremely adorable mix is what any dog parent would want in their puppy. Let’s read how … Read more

Do huskies like to Cuddle?

do huskies like to cuddle

Yes, huskies like to cuddle. They are very affectionate and loveable. They do not only like to cuddle but also love to show every gesture of affection that they can! Do all huskies like to cuddle? With time,  huskies have proven themselves to be loyal companions of mankind. Together they have survived tough winds of … Read more