Dog Licking Panties

Undergarments are very private, something you’d always keep hidden. If your dog jumps into the laundry and holds underwear in his mouth this can clearly disturb you. Why is my dog licking panties? What is his interest in dirty underwear? Several questions can strike your mind making you uncomfortable in the dog’s presence. On the other side, it’s purely unhygienic, as bacterias normally reside in undergarments. If you are stuck in such a situation, what to do?

The feeling is so uncomfortable that you can take your dog as a pervert irrespective of its canine physique. And because of the constant danger of having them licked to the core, I keep them sealed in a plastic bag on the top of the shelf. Washing panties more than usual is also equally annoying. And when one of your favorite pairs just disappears it totally pisses an individual off. What to do with the panty fan?

dog licking panties

Is it normal for dogs to lick panties?

Well, this is a debatable topic. Since dogs are highly attracted to strongly scented pieces of clothing, undergarments are one of them. So dog licking panties looks kind of normal. On the other side, excessive chewing can also indicate teething or a nutritional deficiency that needs medical attention.

What’s my reason for Dog licking panties?

To find this out you need to closely look at the dog’s behavior, what provokes him? What other things are abnormal in his behavior? Is he an attention-seeker? You need to find out and solve the issue.

Why does a dog eat or lick underwear?

We all know that dogs love to lick and chew almost anything that appeals to them. That’s their way of showing love. But having to see your dog licking panties can be disgusting and unhygienic. Why does the dog find underwear so attractive? What could be the possible cause of such behavior? Let us have a look!

Grabbing your attention

When the first time you saw the puppy with the underwear did you shout at him? Did you give him more time and attention than you normally do? Well, the problem lies here, exactly here! Every time you see the doggo licking panties you notice him and give him time, and he wants that.

Licking and chewing are a part of a range of behaviors that dogs normally practice to get attention from owners.

Underwear looks like a toy

Almost all the panties have an elastic waistband around them. This waistband fixes on the waist but for dogs, it’s like a toy. They can play with it, and well if there is another dog too, this would keep the two engaged for hours.

Similarly, if your panties are usually brightly colored with captivating prints, they can easily fool a dog for a toy.

Who is to be blamed for keeping it at an accessible corner now? Not the dog!


Most of you have probably heard of this word and maybe somewhere in childhood you ate mud, ice, or smelled petrol. Well, the same is the case with dogs. Dogs with nutritional deficiencies are inclined towards strange smelling or tasting objects, that may be your undergarment.

The things they chew on are of non-nutritional value. The object is not supposed to be just underwear, it could be a rock or anything else too. But understand this is because your dog is lacking some essential ingredient in the diet. Moreover, if gulped it can also lead to gastrointestinal problems.

Looking for your scent

Dogs are crazy after scents. Mother nature has given them this natural instinct to follow and find people just by sniffing.

Dogs love to lie against you, smell you, and sometimes even before you’ve entered a place they smell and reach you. Furry babies even rub themselves against you marking dominance and counting you as their property. And so is everything that belongs to you, let it be your shirt or underwear. The dog could be licking panties just to show love or dominance over you.

Undoubtedly, dogs are more after underwear or socks because it carries the strongest scent of its master. To them, it’s not disgusting, to us it really is.

So if a dog is licking panties, he’s madly in love with you.

Stinky pants

I know most of us take care of our hygiene but it’s normal for worn clothes to smell. Sweat and discharge mix up to give out the odor. Especially, panties smell a lot different due to private part coverage. Now dogs have always been after smells, and surely a strong smell is captivating for them. Thus, you’ll see a doggo licking dirty panties rather than a dirty toy.

Do not leave your period panties dirty, wash them right away because they’ll be attracting the dog more. Any discharge with the smell can drag your dog towards the panty.

Teething Puppies/Dogs

The teething period is crucial for both dog moms and puppies. Just like our very own toddlers, puppies in the age of 4 to 7 months want to chew onto anything with their growing gums. It is a painful and uncomfortable situation, thus a dog may chew on anything he sees in front of him.

In a basket full of laundry the dog may eat underwear, socks, shoes, or anything the tiny mouth can get a hang of.

Not just puppies, adult dogs often develop gum or oral problems that make them uncomfortable. To fight this disturbing gum-sensation, dogs chewing on things and underwear is in the top favorite list.

Practicing hunting

Do you have a hunting dog breed? Well chances are his hunting instincts are never going away and if not a prey he’s going to chase random stuff around the house. Yes, something as random as a piece of undergarment. So folks, with this hunt dog of yours you gotta bear this too.

What to do if my dog is licking panties?

So now that you have caught the dog red-handed while he’s licking the panties, you’d be anticipating the same behavior in the future. What are some tips that can be followed?

Before following these tips, I’d suggest you monitor the dog and make a list of possible reasons he might be doing this. Then apply the tips you think will really help him.

  • Firstly do not react if you find your dog with the undergarment, take it away from him, and walk as nothing happened. If not given enough attention the garment becomes unattractive to the dog almost instantly. This will be effective if your dog is going through an attention deficit.
  • Is your puppy teething? Get your puppy a teether or a chewable toy. This way he won’t turn towards any piece of clothing. For an older dog with an oral problem look for his oral hygiene, brush him regularly.
  • Buy lots of brightly colored, shaped toys that keep him busy all day. This will be useful if you see him playing with the waistband or generally notice his inclined approach towards brightly colored toys,
  • Always keep your undergarments at a place the dog can’t reach. Choose a sealed pouch, or keep the cupboard locked.
  • Spray the used underwear with bitter apple spray. If a dog licks the underwear his tastebuds will instantly disapprove of it and after trying 3 to 4 times he won’t reach out for them.
  • For PICA get your dog’s tests done by a vet to diagnose nutritional deficiency. Mostly there is an iron deficiency that resolves with supplements.
  • Get an appointment with the behaviorist if he’s doing it out of aggression.


Why is the dog licking panties? Why is he inclined towards them? This question needs a definite answer. It gets very disturbing to get extra pairs of undies every now and then just because your dog got them wet by licking. Take your dog to a vet to rule out any nutritional deficiencies, and notice his behavioral changes too. With a little time and attention towards his behavior, you’ll surely find out the reason. But for now, don’t worry and keep them hidden!

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