Do Dog Nails Grow Back?

Yes, they do grow back.  A dog nail, if broken, trimmed, or cut will grow again. BUT if it’s torn apart or there is some other issue, that needs to be resolved.

Do dog nails grow back if they fall off?

Different type of broken nails grows back differently. This depends on why the nail has fallen in the first place.  well,  the safest reason is that you had cut or trimmed your dog’s nails. However, this is not the only reason why dogs’ nails fall off. Sometimes due to certain health conditions or injuries in feet, nails can break. Some diseases can also cause brittle nails.

Some diseases or infections target your pups’ feet like diabetes where dogs can have neuropathy and nails can get affected. (Read diabetic dog neuropathy)  In other cases,  your dog may bump his feet accidentally and his nails can break off. Normally, the dewclaw is more at risk to break while moving around. (Read dewclaw removal surgery)

What to do to a broken nail to promote growth again?

You have to carefully manage and handle the broken nail. There is a great risk of infection if you mishandle and nails may never grow back. However, this depends on how much damage has been done. If the nail is broken from the quick part,  this is painful for a dog and there might also be bleeding. You will need to take your dog to the vet for treatment. He may require a little surgery. (Read dog nail too long surgery)

Dogs who are more at risk of nails not growing back are

  • If Your dog is diabetic.
  • Already has illness or health condition.
  • Is on certain medication.
  • The nail is broken badly.
  • Belongs to certain breeds like spaniel or terrier

If you want to handle broken nails yourself,  treat them at home only when there is no such risk. To treat broken nails at home

Carefully examine the broken nail. If the nail is half attached,  you better remove it with a clipper.  In case of bleeding, use corn starch or styptic powder to control it. Always cleanse the area well. Use antiseptic wipes to disinfect the area. Apply bandage carefully. The bandage also helps to keep the toe safe from further bumping.

If you notice any discharge, discomfort in the dog’s behavior, foul smell, or bleeding consults your vet immediately. This is a sign of infection. (Read why does my dog scratch carpet in the middle of the night?) You can also give pain killer to your dog. Ask your vet about medicine.

Do split dog nails Grow back?

Yes but Split nails are more painful and have a great risk of infection if not treated properly. These happen mostly in the winter season due to dryness,  road bumps, or weather extremities in cold weather affecting the dog’s nails. Nails can get brittle and split. To prevent this

What happens when a dog loses a nail? 

Losing a nail is not a life-threatening situation but it is sometimes very painful for dogs. In some cases,  the infection can increase and cause swelling or even pus in wounds.

If you notice a lot of bleeding or the bleeding doesn’t stop,  talk to your vet. Mostly nails that broke off from near the root bleed more. In case of minimal bleeding,  you can treat your dog at home. You might also have to give your dog antibiotics to prevent or stop infection.

Do dog nails grow back? 

Oh yes!  This is good news. Your dog’s nails will grow back within a few days. However how fast do dog nails grow back depends on how well his overall health condition is.

  • In most cases, broken nails grow back within 4-8 weeks.
  • Trimmed nails will take up to 4 weeks to grow back. Trust us, they will become very long again in a few weeks. If you will not trim them again, they will start curling up and can affect dogs’ gait and bone health.
  • A dog nail quick takes seven days to recede after trimming.
  • Completely broken nails from roots will take a few months to grow back.

Dog nails not growing

If your dog nails are not growing back, this is concerning. Nails help in the gripping and movement of the dog. There is a chance of infection or deformity if the nail is not coming out. Bad Nails mean bad health. If your dog nails have

  • Different color than normal
  • Paw Looks swollen
  • Seems like there is an ingrown nail
  • Your dog feels pain while
  • There is a pus
  • Paws are swollen
  • Claws are more reddish,
  • There are pretty many chances your dog is suffering from a health condition.

Some of the health concerns that can cause bad nails are

  • Fungus
  • Bacterial infection
  • Parasites (read parvo or worms)
  • Old Age
  • Genetics
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Nail clipping has gone wrong
  • Infection
  • Trauma or Injury

Also,  carefully examine if the nails are bad in one paw or all the four paws have brittle, broken, or discolored nails.

Treatment for dog nails to grow back

You need to take your dog for tissue tests to rule out what kind of disease is causing bad nails. Sometimes bad nails are a result of a certain diet. This makes the diagnosis even more difficult. You have to carefully control your dog’s diet to see what is causing bad nail health.

Treatments vary according to conditions that are causing bad nails.

  • If the diet is the reason, monitor the diet. You can add fresh food and supplements to your dog’s diet to boost nutrition. (Read is Freshpet food good for diabetic dogs).
  • Nail conditions due to parasites, require parasite treatment. After that, you can focus on repairing nails back.
  • Your dog needs antibiotics for bacterial infections to promote the regrowth of nails.
  • Nails broken off due to injury may require only disinfectant to keep the area germ-free till it grows back.
  • Dogs with autoimmune diseases will require oral medicine.

Tips to prevent dog’s nails from breaking

Nail conditions tell a lot about a dog’s health. The few tips to prevent nails from breaking are

  • Feed your dog a healthy diet. Monitor if he is allergic to certain food.
  • Give your dog a safe space both at home and while taking him outside.
  • Avoid bumpy and rough paths. Make sure he doesn’t bump here or there.
  • Dogs have a habit of exploring things. Keep hard, pointy, or sharp things away because the first thing a dog is going to do after sniffing is touch it with its paw.
  • Trim his nails regularly and do this carefully. Neglecting nail grooming can cause other problems too (Read long dog nails neglect).

Conclusion :

Dog nails will grow back even if they are broken or split. However, you need to prevent infection to ensure proper healing.

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