Pomeranian Lab Mix

Pomeranians are cute little friendly creatures. No doubt they are still considered royalty in pets. Labrador, on the other hand, has won the hearts of many. They are quite famous worldwide due to their skills and friendliness. Pomeranian Labrador mix puppies are sure going to be the best mix breeds dogs ever. How?  Let’s have a read

Pomeranian Labrador mix

Pomeranian Labrador mix has pomeranian and Labrador blood going through its veins. This makes them extremely unique in many ways. Combining traits of both gives you a puppy who is sharp yet very loveable. To understand the mix,  first, understand its parents.


Labrador is one of a kind. This AKC-recognized dog is extremely popular for its looks,  skills, and companionship abilities. Labradors are retrievers dogs and were initially bred to be rescue dogs. They are hard-working,  energetic,  intelligent, and have strong athletic skills too.

Why to choose a Lab for the cross?

This dog is considered very friendly because of its ability to connect socially. They can link up to everyone in the house and provides a full entertainment package along with their alert and focused personality.


Poms are a very loveable and charming breed.  They are 23 rd famous dog breed. These are small-sized toy dogs and are very affectionate towards their owners. Pomeranians were bred especially to be companion dogs and due to their small size,  they can easily be carried.

AKC recognizes Pomeranian dogs in the 1900s and the breed standard allows the dog to weigh up to 7pounds at maximum. Yes,  they are this small. Pomeranians are fragile unlike Labrador and even a little mishandling can cause damage to their bodies.

Why to choose pom for the cross?

The good thing about Pomeranians is that they are friendly towards people and other animals but they always have this royal attitude. Which doesn’t allow them to simply show courtesy of being available to everyone. Ahh, our little attitude badasses!


Both pomeranian and Labrador are two distinct dog breeds. They are friendly but differ in so many ways. When a pomeranian and Labrador are crossed,  we get a rare yet unique dog breed called “Pomador”. One of the parents belongs to a larger dog breed and the other one is a mini-sized toy dog. So mixing these two will sum up a wide range of qualities in one dog.

pomeranian lab mix
Photo credit: @shlomo_the_pomador on IG

How to get a Pomadar?

Since both dogs are very different in their physical appearance and size too so sometimes natural breeding is not possible. Breeders use a technique “insemination ” in which the sperm is directly injected into the uterus to get pregnancy. For pomador the female parent is Labrador and the male parent is a Pomeranian dog. The reason is that female Pomeranians will not be able to bear this pregnancy due to the large size of the fetus.

Pomeranian lab mix traits

Before going deep in traits here is an overview summary for pom lab mix traits

Weight40kgs7 kgs7-25kgs
Size24 inches7 inches8-20 inches
  • Very friendly
  • Energetic
  • Loyal
  • Quiet
  • Friendly but has attitude
  • Energetic
  • Loyal
  • Barks a lot
  • Friendly
  • Energetic
  • Loyal
  • Can be trained to control barking
RecognitionAKC recognizedAKC recognizedMixed breed
CoatDouble coatDouble coatDouble coat
ColorsSilver, white, yellow, red, brown, whiteYellow, goldenAny color of parents
Exercise needsOne hourHalf hour40-60 minutes
TrainingCan be easily trainedCan be easily trainedCan be easily trained
Life expectancy10-14 years10-12 years10-14 years

Pomeranian lab mixes are bred to get a companion dog who has traits of both Labrador and poms. Breeders tried this breed in the 1800s when designers breeds came into fashion. This was the same century when mini poms were introduced. Because the earlier poms were not as much small size as they are now. ( You might want to read our article throwback pomeranian too).

So the breeders tried crossing many new breeds and this is how pomadors were bred.

Appearance of Pomeranian and Labrador mix

Now the two-parent dogs are very much different in terms of their sizes. So breeders were keen to know how bigger pomador will get or what physical appearance to expect?. Well,  a pomador can look like any of the parents and even the size can be anywhere from a mini-sized pom to a big size lab. This is a reason why they choose a female lab to carry pomador in its belly.

Mostly the pomador will be somewhere in the center of both pom and lab sizes. This means it will be bigger than pom but smaller than Lab.

The appearance will be more like Labrador with a slight touch of pom features. The face will resemble more to a Lab whereas the ears can resemble any parent. Poms have short erect ears whereas Labs have downward falling floppy ears. You may see Pomeranian lab mix pictures to get a better understanding of its appearance.

Pomeranian lab mix weight

Labradors are a heavy dog breed. Their weight can range up to 40kgs. Whereas breed standards recognize Pomeranians only up to 7kgs and they can be as small as 3 kgs too.

The pomador can weigh anywhere from 7kgs to 25 kgs. If the resulting puppy is male,  it will be bigger than the female pomador.

Size of pomador

Labrador can be as tall as 24 inches whereas poms are usually no taller than 7 inches. The size of the full-grown Pomeranian lab mix can be between 8-20 inches.

Pomeranian and lab mix temperament

Now apart from being friendly,  both dogs have different temperaments in so many ways. Due to this difference,  the pomador can show a variety of temperament traits.

Poms are very confident dogs and they have an attitude of a superstar. Their friendliness doesn’t mean that they will get mixed up with everyone. Poms shows a certain resistance towards everyone which is a part of their attitude. They are energetic and bark a lot.

Labs on the other hand are gentle and friendly. Their easy-going nature wants them to befriend everyone. As they are hard-working dogs with high energy levels, they need to be kept busy for long hours. Poms love to be with their owners whereas Labrador likes going outside.

When pom and lab are crossed the mix will have qualities of both. They will be intelligent, energetic, and loyal like both parents. However, they can have the temperament of any parent. They may get the attitude of pom or friendly nature of Lab. We think this is the beauty of crossing variant and distinct breeds.  You never know which side of the parent will be the dominant one.

pomeranian lab mix puppy
Photo credit: @shlomo_the_pomador on IG

Coat of pomeranian and lab mix

Well, the two-parent dogs are different because they were initially bred for extremely distinct purposes. Poms are known for their thick,  luscious, and long double coat.  (Read our article flat coat Pomeranian)

While Labradors have a thick double coat which is dense but not that long-haired. Labradors were bred to be retrievers in the early days they accompanied their owners to retrieve fish from the water. If they had a long coat,  the cold water would have made them extremely sick which could be fatal to them.

However,  both breeds have a double coat that protects them from weather extremities. Also, their coats are shed twice a year with moderate shedding going on throughout the year. As they have a double coat,  they shed the inner coat in summers to stay cool.  In winters,  the coat grows back.

Their mix will also have a double dense coat that will shed twice per annum.

Colors of pomador

When combined, a pomador can have a wide range of coat colors. However, the most common colors are white and yellow with markings. Pomeranian lab mix black is our personal favorite because it looks like a panther.

Pomeranians have variant coat shades ranging from light to dark hues. The most common are light yellow to gold coats. Labs on the other hand have black, brown, silver, red, white, and yellow colors.

When combined, a pomador can have a wide range of coat colors. However, the most common colors are white and yellow with markings. Pomeranian lab mix black is our personal favorite because it looks like a panther.

In shedding season you can use products that will take out dead hairs at once.  This will save your home from sticky hair strands fallen everywhere.

Exercise needs of pomador

Both poms and lab may be different in size,  but their urge to do activities is alike. They are very energetic dogs. Poms have small size so they don’t need much exercise time to exert their energy. A 30 min walk is enough for them.

Labs are large dogs so they need a daily one-hour walk to keep their energy levels in check. When they are not taken out,  they get frustrated and can act destructively. If you are keeping Labrador indoors,  you need to entertain them with toys and puzzles to keep them busy.

Can pomador swim? 

Pomeranians can swim but their owners don’t tend to leave them in waters because they are very small-sized. Labs are water lovers and their initial duties involved some water work too.

Pomador can also do great in swimming. Their mix has an average weight and size so owners should try if they are ok with swimming. Maybe they adopt the genes from the lab side and love the water as much as their lab side does.

Training of pomador

Poms and labs are very easy to train. They are friendly with everyone. Poms may show attitude while training but in the end,  they will always learn what is been taught. It’s recommended to train pom from a very early age especially if you have kids. As kids can easily mishandle them so they may get annoyed in kids’ presence. That is why initial training is important to make both kids and poms comfortable around each other.

Labs take training very well. Their energetic nature makes them easy-to-train creatures. They are friendly around kids too. Early socialization is important to make them gentle towards little kids.

Pomeranian and Labrador mix is also recommended to train at an early age like parents. As pomadors are intelligent,  they will do well. Start with basic training and increase gradually.  However,  pomador can be as alert as Lab or an attitude king as Pomeranian. So handling and training them depends on whose temperament they have adopted. Also, it’s important to teach your pomador about barking because he may get it from the pom side.

pomeranian lab mix comparison
Photo credit: @shlomo_the_pomador on IG

Health of pomador

Pom and Lab mix has a life expectancy of 10-14 years. Mostly,  they turn out to be healthy dogs. But they can inherit many diseases from their parents. Poms are fragile and we know how easily they can get health issues. Similarly, labs are large dog breeds and have health problems of large dogs.

Pomador can get any disease of any parent. Some common ones are

  • A knee disorder is called patellar luxation. Pomeranians can have this because it’s a disorder of small breeds. The knee cap can get dislocated while moving and is painful for dogs.
  • Pomeranians are also prone to tracheal collapses which can result in cough and damage in the airtube. If Pomador is relatively small in size,  they may develop the condition.
  • Eye abnormalities are another health issue which pomador may inherit from parents.
  • Heart diseases can easily pass genetically and are very common in larger dog breeds.

Nutritional needs

Poms are small and don’t require much to stay full. Labs on the other hand don’t only require more calories intake but can also get more obese than poms.

It’s hard to guess and decide what exact nutritional amount their mix will need. It depends on each pomador. Their nutritional needs will depend on their size and daily activities routine. Let your vet decide a proper diet for them and make sure they get quality dog food. (You may want to read our article Nutra Thrive for dogs reviews)

Don’t offer your pomador high calcium food and try to feed him in portions.

Where to find Pomeranian and Lab mix?

The breed is rare to find. Since the pomador can show variant traits of parents,  so we guess breeders don’t like to try cross-breeding unless they are sure about certain traits.

To get a Pomador,  you need to contact a reputable breeder. You can also put your request online and see if there is any Pomeranian lab mix for sale. However, you must keep in mind that these dogs will be costly than other mixed breed dogs. As this mix requires focus and skill to be bred,  so breeders may charge high for their efforts.

pomeranian lab mix closeup
Photo credit: @shlomo_the_pomador on IG

Is Pomador AKC recognized?

No. The reason is that they are mixed breed and AKC doesn’t recognize mixed breeds. So this rare breed is not AKC registered but still has a fan following for its rarity and uniqueness.

Alternatives to Pomeranian lab mix

Other breeds like Pomeranian husky lab mix, pomeranian chihuahua lab mix, or pomeranian poodle lab mix can be alternative breeds if you are looking for pom as one of the parents.

If you want more Labrador traits in parents try affador,  bassador , borador , boxador….. Hodor  (..oops sorry Game of thrones craze has not gone yet.) we mean Huskador actually…! Labradors have many famous crossed breeds. You can look into anyone of that.

In short,  both poms and labs are two different dogs and Pomeranian and lab mix is gonna be variant in so many ways that is interesting to observe every individual puppy.

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