Can Dogs Eat Parmesan Cheese

Food with cheese looks so tempting that you can never say no to it. The buttery, moist texture with dripping cheese would undeniably trigger your taste buds. But does it have the same effect on your dog? Well, it does. Most dogs go crazy over cheese! Cheese comes in a variety of flavors. People use different techniques for their preparation all around the world. So, which one is best for your dog? Can dogs eat parmesan cheese? Cheddar cheese? Or the famous Mozzarella Cheese?

can dogs eat parmesan cheese

Why do Dogs love cheese?

Before digging into that, you need to know why do dogs love cheese so much. Cheese formation involves several processes that allow the lactose, a milk sugar, to change into lactic acid. After which, an enzyme is put in so it can clot the milk and form a curd. It contains a specialized protein known as casein. Let me tell you this protein can be addictive, and you or the dog will start to crave the cheese.

When your dog eats cheese, casein turns into casomorphin. It is an opioid-like protein that would bind to your dog’s dopamine receptors in the brain. As a result, your dog can develop an addiction to it and crave cheese. Sounds fascinating, right? It is indeed it. It now answers why we can’t ever grow tired of eating cheese

Lactose Intolerance

If you are a cheese lover like me, then you might have heard different names available in the market already. But I am sure you are unaware of their effects on your dog and his metabolism. And more importantly, Can dogs eat parmesan cheese? Lactose is commonly known as milk sugar. It is present in an excessive quantity in almost all types of milk used for making cheese. The enzyme lactase is vital for its digestion. You don’t want to see your dog bloated, right?

Can dogs eat cheese like Parmesan that has low lactose content? I would say you can but, there are other factors involved too. Be patient till we reach that part.

Nonetheless, I would always suggest you give small amounts of any cheese to your dog. By doing this, you can check if your dog can digest it. And why is that important? Because like humans, dogs can also suffer from congenital lactose intolerance. Thus, stay cautious before choosing any product for your canine friend.

Say Cheese!

Did you know? It may sound surreal but, there are over 1800 different types of cheese. They come from all around the world. Thus, you can divide them into fresh and aged cheese. Aged cheese can take up to 6 months or more to take its final form. They are dense, solid, and have a firm texture.

In comparison to aged cheese, fresh cheese is soft and has a high moisture content as well. Above all, it has a distinctive taste too. Moreover, none of the undried cheese types go through the ripening process at all. Ricotta, Cottage, cream cheese, and mozzarella are some of its examples.

Meanwhile, Parmesan, cheddar, and swiss belong to the former. So, can dogs eat parmesan cheese? Well, let us see if you can serve it to your friend.

Parmesan Cheese, a yes or a no?

Parmesan cheese has a life on its own. It has a strong odor that can trigger your dog’s taste buds or put them off. So, it depends on your buddy’s choice. Since it belongs to the aged group, it is firm and easier to serve.

Moreover, it has a low lactose content which means you can treat your dog even if he has lactose intolerance. You no longer have to worry about an upset stomach. And trust me, you do not want to deal with a dog that has diarrhea. IT GETS REALLY MESSY!

Furthermore, it has fewer fats than fresh cheese. Thus, it is protective of obesity as compared to aged cheese.

You can slice it into pieces and let your dog lick it up till none is left. Or you can use it as a treat. Sometimes hiding medicine inside a cheese slice is the easiest way to give it to the dog. But, there are things that you need to know before heading out to buy it for your friend or in short conclude if dogs can have parmesan cheese.

Toxic Contents

After highlighting all the good aspects of Parmesan cheese, let us go through some of the downsides of making your dog eat parmesan cheese. This will help you evaluate and decide if it’s a good choice. Firstly, it has high sodium content that is unhealthy for dogs. It can lead to several diseases with serious complications that are difficult to treat.

Always remember that onion and garlic with high levels of salt can be fatal for your lifelong friend. They release toxic substances that can cause massive destruction of red blood cells in the body. Thus, you need to avoid this lethal gang!

Pro tip: never feed your dog pizza as it usually has cheese with high salt content, onion, and even garlic sauce.


So, can you answer if I ask, can dogs eat parmesan cheese? I am confident that you can. Well, It should be a NO from your side. After all, nothing should matter to us but the health of our pets.

Nonetheless, If your doggo has eaten a big chunk of parmesan cheese, he can have gas issues. Consider taking him to the vet, If he has abdominal discomfort. Other than that, it can cause lifelong diseases like high blood pressure. It is known as a silent killer as it can lead to organ damage even though your friend might look okay from outside.

Moreover, it can also lead to diabetes which can further exacerbate organ failure. Kidney and Liver damage has a common association with it.

However, a small quantity of parmesan cheese as per your vet’s meal plan might be an option for your friend. It depends if he is craving it badly. You should consider discussing your serving plans with him and try to eliminate parmesan cheese from his diet.

Cheesy Dreams!

Fresh cheese is better than aged cheese any day. Although some of them require milk addition, you can always decide on the quantity depending upon the serving. And, thus you can prevent lactose overdose. Moreover, you can read the production description before buying to check if it has lower levels of lactose. But do not worry, Because I will not put you in that trouble.

Ricotta cheese

Not only does it have 0.2% of lactose. But, the overall fat content stands at 11% too. Bingo! We have a clear winner here. What else do we need, right?

Besides that, it has a high amount of protein and calcium in it. Thus, this body can utilize protein for different functions such as growth. On the other hand, calcium is necessary for healing and bone development. Therefore, it will help your dog become stronger and healthier as time passes.

You can replace it with parmesan cheese for dog treats too. However, the only problem with ricotta is that it can get a little messy as it is soft. But the mess sounds worth it. Isn’t it?

Swiss Cheese

Straight from Switzerland, this one is high in Vitamin A and has low levels of fat, salts, and lactose. It is a wise choice if you want to consider something firmer than ricotta.

Nonetheless, it is far better than other cheese brands. Thus, never look back and ask if dogs can eat parmesan cheese. Swiss will help with vision, growth, reproduction, and whatnot.

Not only that, but it also has a delicious nutty flavor. And, as a pet parent, you would probably know how much dogs love peanuts butter.

Is cheese necessary to be fed to a dog?

Quite frankly, if you are taking good care of their nutrition, you won’t even need to add cheese to their diet. However, if your dog loves to munch on cheese, then you can treat your buddy once in a while.

Be alert for any signs of weight gain, as it might be the first thing you notice in case of cheese excess. It is always wise to keep your vet in the loop and pay regular visits. Besides that, do not stress if your dog enjoys parmesan cheese.


Can dogs eat parmesan cheese? By now, you can tell that your furry balls will eat any cheese out of excitement. So, thank you for staying with me to find out if it is healthy because that was our genuine concern. In my opinion, feeding fresh cheese like the ones I have mentioned above can prove to be unhealthy too. It is just about the right amount of food you serve to your dog. Make sure the meal you prepare for your dog has all the necessary components of a balanced diet.

For real, can dogs eat Parmesan cheese? I guess we all like eating fast food even though it is unhealthy, right? So, all you can do is try to be a responsible dog parent. Introduce safer options in his diet and help him get over the addiction. Good Luck!


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