French Brittany vs American Brittany

If you are looking for a medium-sized dog breed that is super-active yet perfect for hunting purposes, then Brittany might be the best choice for you. They are muscular, energetic, and hardworking dogs. Also, they have a friendly nature. All you have to do is to make this dog worth buying is to make sure you are doing suitable, sufficient, and on-time training as these dogs are not difficult to train. Early socialization is a must in this breed to make it your perfect hunting companion. These dogs will handle the prey so softly, that the carcass will never get damaged. So, if you are fond of hunting, or take your pets to canine competitions, then get your hands on the Brittany dog.

Most of the people who are not much into dog breeds, do not know the difference between similar breeds. Brittany dogs come in two different types, the first one is french Brittany and the other one is American Brittany. French Brittany is the real breed of the Brittany dogs, and the name was decided based on the dog being in the province of France. Later on, Americans made slight changes in the dog to make it bigger hence, this one was named American Brittany. Besides this, these two dogs have mostly similar characteristics and features due to which, some people consider both breeds the same. Therefore, we are here to tell you some obvious differences between these two dogs.

french brittany vs american brittany


While choosing a dog, you want to see many characters even in same breed dogs to get your desirable featured dog. So, here we are going to do a comparison between two different dogs of the same breed, Brittany. The Brittany breed dogs are known best for hunting birds. They both look much alike.

French Brittany’s Body:

French Brittany’s body is of medium size and considered as smaller in size if compared to American Brittany. Their height is usually between 18 to 21 inches. The color of this dog is black and white. The head of the French Brittany dog is rounded with a projected jaw and has triangular ears that are dark in color and hang closer to the body. The nose is of black tone pigmentation. The flat coat is on this dog which is really dense. The expected lifespan of French Brittany dogs is near 10 to 13 years.

American Brittany’s Body:

Comparing these features of French Brittany with American Brittany, let us have a look at the features of American Brittany. American Brittany is recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC). These dogs are larger than French Brittany as the height usually ranges between 17 to 21 inches. The coat color of these dogs can be white and orange, or liver. The head of the American Brittany dog is more distinct, blockier, and is larger as compared to French Brittany. Their ears are short and are hanged loosely. The nose is in brownish pigmentation. Their shoulders are in an upright position and are strong. The coat of this breed is really fine and is feathery fluffy. The American Brittany dogs have long legs. They can straighten their front legs, heighten their chest and back legs in angled or forward positions and get in a balanced position by this. The life span of these dogs ranges between 12 to 15 years.

The weight of French Brittany, both male or female, weighs between 35 to 40 pounds whereas that of American Brittany ranges from 35 to 50 pounds. Both of these dogs have short or missing tails.


Training and exercise:

Both the Brittany’s are not the same but not too different regarding not only their appearance but also in their characters. They both are considered as one of the best breeds for elders. French Brittany and American Brittany are known for extraordinary high energy, so they need strenuous exercise in a day for at least an hour. They need training at a younger age to socialize. They both are intelligent. So, by the training, they activate their mental stimulation and make them perform physical activities. But due to their high energy, it is to be thought that these dogs are good for people having yards, not much suitable for people living in flats or others. They are not suitable for offices as well. Although French Brittany is easier to train.

Friendly and Social:

They are friendly with children as well as sociable. So, they don’t like to live alone. Their friendly nature is not only limited to children but, with other dogs too. Both are less barking dogs and are not too violent. They are not suitable as service dogs or watchdogs or for safety, in fact, they welcome strangers to come into the house. On harsh treatment, they don’t respond in a good manner. There is very little chance of a dog biting from Brittany.  Both dogs of the Brittany breed belong to a healthy breed but may have any health issues.

Hunting and Temperature:

French Brittany is more good at hunting as compared to American Brittany as he hunts more closely from less distance and checks his hunting partner more frequently. They seem more sensitive than other dogs. Their friendly nature towards cats is average but more friendly if compared to the American one. These dogs can tolerate both warm and cold temperatures. The tendency of drooling is high in these dogs.

Speed and Drooling:

American Brittany runs faster than French Brittany, as he has long legs so covers a wide range more quickly. They don’t like strangers to come home, no proper daily routine, or noisy households. They feel more alone than French Brittany if left alone by their owner. They prefer average cold weather. The tendency of drooling is very low.

So, by looking at all the features and characteristics, you can easily decide which dog will be better for you, which complete your demands.


Coat Texture:

The coat of both the American and French Brittany is not much different, as most of their traits are similar, but they can be flat or wavy. You will never see a French Brittany or an American Brittany in a curly coat. Also, the texture of the coat is dense making the dog look lustrous and luxurious. The length of the coat is not too long nor too short in both cases.

Coat Colour:

A slight furry touch is present in the front and rear legs. In the case of french Brittany, the fur is more obvious in front legs whereas they are more prominent in hind legs if observed in American Brittany. Both French and American Brittany can be in multiple coat colors including black and white, piebald, liver and white, orange and white, roan and tri-color. Also, french Brittany is seen in dark brown color, but it is quite rare.


Average Purchasing Cost:

The price of french Brittany can be as low as $500 and as high as $1060. The price varies depending on various factors including age, color, pedigree, lineage, and many more. Also, the breeder plays an important role in the price of a dog. The average price of an American Brittany is $750. Now, if we look at the price of the French Brittany then it is $800 on average. It shows that there is no large difference in the prices as well.

Other cost and yearly expense:

As you know, expenses don’t end after just buying a dog, but it’s a start actually. The initial expenses are added to the first-year expenditure of the dog. So, the expenses for the initial year are $3000 to $4000 on average for both dogs. Whereas for the following years, the expenses of American dogs are slightly higher than that of French Brittany. The American Brittany will cost you $1400 every year while the French Brittany will cost you a little less for its need or at maximum, the same cost.


French Brittany Health Concerns:

French Brittany is a healthy dog, but that does not mean it cannot get any disease. You should make sure that the breeder is not fooling you and you are not buying a dog with any disorder. For this breed, look for hip or elbow dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease, any eye disease, or hypothyroidism. Other than these disorders, epilepsy can also occur in French Brittany dogs due to some uncommon behaviors such as excessive running as someone is chasing them. This can also be seen in American Brittany.

American Brittany Health Concerns:

Now, for the American Brittany Hip dysplasia is the most critical issue as these dogs are taller and heavier than the French Brittany, so they are more likely to have hip dysplasia. Also, environmental, genetic, and dietary factors can result in this disorder. A proper exercise routine, as well as dietary patterns, can make your American Brittany fit and normal. It is not compulsory, that every time the dog is obese it is due to the poor exercise routine or excessive eating. Hypothyroidism, a condition in which the hormone is produced in less amount by the thyroid gland can lead to weight gain as well. So, whenever you observe any unusuality in the appearance or behavior of the Brittany dogs, just take them to your vet.


You might see differences in all things but their grooming does not require multiple techniques. As you know, both the French and American Brittany are hunting dogs so they will get dirty whenever they return from hunts especially, when you take them for a hunt on a rainy day or in a muddy environment. So, give them a bath to maintain their clean coat. These dogs can get ear infections so, make sure you are cleaning the ears with a medically approved cleanser that will prevent the dirt or wax to accumulate in the ears. To maintain the clear coat, brush them frequently as well. Lastly, keep on trimming the nails using a nail clipper so that, long and sharp nails won’t hurt you.


Better Hunter:

There is no doubt that the French Brittany and American Brittany both are considered as one of the best hunting companions or bird dogs. But some people want to know that which one between the both is more good hunter. The American Brittany is a good hunter as it has longer legs, which helps the dog to run fast also, is taller than french Brittany so, is more professional in hunting the prey from a wide distance. Whereas, in the case of French Brittany, this dog can hunt the prey from a very short distance which makes it distinct from other hunting dogs. Only because of this feature of hunting the prey from a shorter distance, people consider the French Brittany a more precise hunter than the American.

Similar hunting Traits:

The pointing instincts and sense of smelling the prey of both the dogs are excellent hence, no difference can be made focusing on these factors. Wherever these dogs will smell some scent, they will start to chase it immediately. So, if you need a wise hunting companion, Brittany dogs are all that you need.


As their temperament and personality do not vary much, that means training techniques will also be similar for the French and American Brittany dogs. Both of these dogs are intelligent and get happy easily whenever you make them feel even a little special. Well, if you are facing difficulty in facing a French Brittany, using treats and positive reinforcement will make it easier for you to train it. NEVER use a harsh training method to train the Brittany dogs if you fail to train them calmly. Have patience and trust the fact that gentle training method will enhance their learning. If no, then just take the dog for group training sessions or hire a personal trainer. You can play some interactive games such as catching frisbee that not only improves the physical activity of the Brittany dog but also enhance the retrieving skills. As these dogs are highly energetic, intelligent, and curious, so you can give them advanced training to make them show-quality dogs.


When it comes to the types, American Brittany requires slightly more food than French Brittany dogs. The reason behind this fact is that the size of American Brittany is larger than French Brittany so, they require more food for their growth. The French Brittany requires 1.5 cups of food every day whereas, American Brittany requires 2 cups per day. This is the average amount of food people usually give to their dogs, but it can vary depending on the size, age, and physical activity of the dog. Some people when try to give more food to American Brittany, disturb their dietary pattern and this leads to obesity. So, make sure you are not overfeeding the American Brittany.


Daily Requirement:

Although both French Brittany, as well as American Brittany, require a lot of exercise, it is more important to make s strict exercise routine for American Brittany due to its large body. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity as a result of which, the American Brittany is more likely to have Hip dysplasia so, make sure you are giving enough of the time to your American Brittany dog for exercise.

Methods of Activity:

But this does not mean that you are free to make your French Brittany lazy. Although the french Brittany likes to spend some quality time with the family if you keep them all-time at home, they will show aggressive behavior such as destructing stuff of your house. Especially, if you live in an apartment, then you should take your dog somewhere outside for playing, walking, or any other activity. Also, taking them for physical activity all day long can make them tired. So, keep a balance between the indoor and outdoor activity of the French Brittany as well as American Brittany dogs.

Common Activity:

An important thing one needs to know that is suitable for both the French and American Brittany is that they can run miles and miles away but whenever any of the breeds see a bird or any prey, then it will be distracted and might start to chase it. Also, the scent of their prey can interrupt their hiking or running, as these dogs are more likely to follow the scent and reach their prey.


If you want a cuddling dog that can give you company in your living room all day long, then you are reading about the wrong dog breeds. These dogs are only suitable for those people who can fulfill the high exercise needs and are ready to train these dogs with patience. Being patient and loving, they are nice around children as well besides being intelligent that make them a good hunter. They can bear the cold weather conditions as well in the hunting season. If you think they are hypoallergenic, then you are wrong. Both the French Brittany and American Brittany are best according to their features. One is larger in size and the other is considered a better hunter. Choose the one that attracts you more because there is not much difference in their traits.

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