Can Dogs Eat Dandelions? – Things You Should Know as A Dog Parent.

Dogs are cute (that is for sure) but sometimes they eat random plants in your garden and make you worried about their health. While most of the plants are safe to eat by your dog, you need to be careful around plants that are infested with weed killers or any type of pest control medicine – as it can be dangerous for your dog. One such query that so many pet parents come up with is that – can my dog eat dandelions?

The answer is, YES! Your dog can eat dandelions as long as it is not sprayed with any weed killer. So sure, let it eat the dandelions in your garden but be careful around random plants as you will not be sure about the presence of weed killers.

Can Dogs Eat Dandelions

Are Dandelions Healthy for Dogs?

It may come as a shocker to you, but dandelions are in fact healthy for your dog. It is a source of a near to perfect whole food as it is filled with nutrition and minerals. On top of this, your dog will not have any trouble digesting the flower.

Cannot believe this?

Here is a breakdown of the nutrition dandelions have to offer for your dog!

The Flower

The bright yellow part of the dandelion is filled with high levels of polyphenols (they keep the blood vessels healthy). Moving on, the flower is packed with antioxidants (which are great for you and your dog both!).

There are traces of Lecithin that you can find in a dandelion flower. Lecithin is phenomenal when it comes to digestion. So, if your dog is having trouble with digestion (feed it some dandelions).

Fun fact about lecithin – it can help cure dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Stem

The stem can be avoided as it has diuretic properties that can cause a loose stomach and dehydrate the dog.

 The Leaves

Leaves are great for the body as they have potassium in them, but you should only use them in a limited amount as the excess of potassium can also cause kidney problems.

Other Nutrients in Dandelions

The aforementioned minerals seem a lot but there is more. Dandelions are also rich in Vitamin A, C, K, and B complex. You can find traces of Zinc, manganese, and iron in the upper part of the dandelions which is highly nutritious.

Furthermore, you must know spinach as the protein provider, but dandelions can provide a double dose of protein than spinach.

How You Should Incorporate Dandelions in Your Dog’s Diet

Yes, your dog can have raw dandelions but here are a few recipes that your dog might enjoy!

  • Dandelion Tea

You can utilize the roots of the dandelions or their leaves to make this amazing tea.

  • Step 1

Pick some dandelions with their roots and make sure that they have not been sprayed by any weed killers. Do not pick them up from a random garden or steal them off your neighbors.

  • Step 2

Wash the flowers carefully to get rid of any dirt and insects that may be on them.

  • Step 3

Now, grind the roots using a mortar or a regular grinder.

  • Step 4

After the dandelions are ground perfectly with no lumps – pour om some hot boiling water over them. Wait for about 30 minutes and feed your dog with the tea. You can just add it to a bowl so your dog can have it as a drink.

Why You Should Give Dandelions to Your Dog

There are various reasons why you should feed dandelions to your dog (raw or processed). Digestion is one of the reasons but let us take a closer look as to why you should add dandelions to your dog’s diet.

  • Reduces Inflammation

Dandelions are widely known to reduce inflammation. If your god gets hurt by something (not bleeding) and you want to treat it naturally – then dandelion is a great start. The anti-inflammatory properties are a by-product of the polyphenols present in the dandelions that help reduce any pain.

You can also find traces of alkaloid and flavonoid (they are also anti-inflammatory).

You can utilize the yellow part or the whole dandelion as every part of it is beneficial in some way or the other.

  • Beneficial for Liver

We know the liver as the filter of the body that helps get rid of any toxins within our body. The liver requires bile to perform its tasks and dandelions are a great way to boost its production in dogs. The bile stimulation will aid the removal of toxins via the kidneys in your dog.

When you should give dandelions to your dog for toxicity

When your dog shows signs of any skin disease
If your dog has dandruff
If your dog cannot poop.
  • Hypoglycemic

When your dog does not produce enough insulin in the pancreas then it can suffer from Diabetes mellitus. It can be dangerous for your little puppy as insulin is crucial to increase your dog’s efficiency to use fats sugars and protein. Without it, the body does not process any of that!

Can Dandelions Poison My Dog?

Yes and no. it depends on the situation. Using dandelions in a moderate quantity is great but excess use of it can leave your dog dehydrated because of the laxative properties. On top of this, if the dandelions have been sprayed with any insect or weed-killing tonic then it can be harmful to your dog. Therefore, do not pluck them off of any random place.

Here is a quick table to depict the adverse effects of a dandelion overdose.

An increase in the levels of potassium can cause kidney problems.
The laxative properties can chase diarrhea causing dehydration
Heart rate can increase to abnormal rates
Your dog can pee a lot

Alternatives Of Dandelions

Not everyone has access to dandelions and even if you do, you cannot be too sure that they are free from weed killers. Therefore, you can use certain alternatives such as supplements and vitamins that can provide your dog with the same nutrition.

You can even use these supplements if you do not want to go through the hassle of making dandelion tea for your dog. However, using natural resources is far better than taking the supplements produced in the market.


Your dog can have dandelions as they have great health benefits. However, you need to be extra careful around your garden (if you have any dandelions) as the week killers used in them can cause adverse effects on your dog.

There are several ways to incorporate dandelions in your dog’s diets, you can either have them included in the veggies or prepare a tea for your dog. And if you are too lazy to do anything of this sort, then supplements will be your best bet.

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