German Shepherd Basset Hound Mix

Both German shepherd and basset hound are power pack parents. When they are crossed together,  expect the German shepherd basset hound mix puppy to be a brave,  intelligent and loveable dog. Let’s read how a German shepherd and Basset hound mix is a wonderful dog in every sense.

German shepherd basset hound mix

German Shepherd Basset hound mix

German shepherd and basset hounds are two distinct dogs with amazing abilities. One was raised to be a herding dog and the other was bred to be a scent dog. Knowing the parents is important to know the puppy. So first thing first

German shepherd

German Shepherds are known for their “love till death” loyalty. They are smart, powerful,  classy, and intelligent dogs. Initially, German shepherds were bred as herding dogs. With time, mankind has invented other security measures and dogs have retired from their previous duties. German shepherd, however, earned a competence badge in other duties like assistance in police and military matters. They have proven themselves to be quite worthy as well.

Nowadays German shepherds serve as police dogs,  service dogs, and assistant dogs. Their intelligence level, ability to act on time,  quickness, and bravery has earned them a lot of fans worldwide. German shepherds are members of AKC since 1912.

Besset hounds

As the name suggests,  Basset hounds are short and powerful dogs(Basset means low in french). Their floppy ears and short legs give them a unique look. People love basset hounds not only for their looks but also their abilities to be great service dogs.

Basset hounds have marvelous scenting abilities and they rank second after bloodhound. It is said that the basset can even chase a ghost to the afterlife. Their record as service dogs and family pets have made them stand in the top admired breeds of dogs. Also,  after Being used in the Hushpuppy campaign, the dog gained massive popularity.

Basset shepherd

German Shepherd and Basset hound mix is called “Basset shepherd”. This dog is very intelligent and sharp like its parents. Basset Shepherd is a comparatively new breed that just rose to fame in the early 2000s.  The ancestry of the basset hound made sure that the dog is loyal,  active, and alert.

German shepherd basset hound mix traits

Let’s divulge deep and see how the basset shepherd is a true heir to German Shepherd and Basset hound in every sense.

Summary :

TraitsBasset shepherd
Size12-20 inches
Weight25-35 kgs
Coat typeThe short, straight coat which sheds throughout the year
ColorsRed, black, tan
TemperamentFriendly, brave, loyal, calm
TrainingEasy to train
Life span10-14 years


German Shepherd and Basset hound mix size

German Shepherds are up to 26 inches tall whereas basset hounds are no more high than 14 inches. So taking the average measurements of parents,  Basset Shepherd is expected to be between 12-20 inches tall.

Weight of Basset Shepherd

A German shepherd can weigh up to 40 kgs. The basset hounds are up to 35 kgs. Whereas a basset Shepherd can weigh anywhere between 25- 35 kg. Female will be a little less than a male dog as in all dog breeds.

Coat type and color of basset Shepherd

The coat of the basset hound is short, straight, and sheds a lot. The coat colors can range from black and white to red and yellow. They can also have tricolor or bicolor coats.

The appearance of a Basset Shepherd

Keep in mind, the body of the German Shepherd is powerful with classy posture and the short and long body of a basset hound.

Their hybrid will resemble both of them.

  • His body will be short like a basset and his face will be more like a German shepherd.
  • The dog will have comparative short floppy ears than basset hound and a muzzle resembling German shepherd.
  • Mostly,  the legs of hybrids are short like bassets and coat colors resemble that of a German Shepherd. Overall the dog will resemble both parents.

German shepherd basset hound mix Temperament

Breeders expect high from this hybrid. The parents are known for wonderful abilities and their hybrid must inherit those. As both German Shepherd and Basset hounds are good boys in many distinct ways,  it’s difficult to tell what their puppy will bring along with him.

Normally,  the hybrid is expected to be a brave,  quiet, and kind dog. This dog is calm and gentle around kids and other people. Basset Shepherd is a great dog for first-time owners too. They have a playful nature and can win any heart with their charming friendliness.

Although their parent basset hound is known for its stubborn nature, this hybrid is easy-going as compared to parents.


Basset Shepherds have parents who are great at picking up what they are taught. Thanks to parents,  their pup is also quick and easy to train. Being a friendly and intelligent dog, the basset Shepherd will do very well in training.

However,  they need early training like every other dog breed to learn the tricks and treats of socialization. To train basset Shepherd about socialization, let them spend time near other dogs and people. They learn great this way.

How to calm down a basset Shepherd?

In some cases,  training doesn’t always work.  Your German shepherd basset hound mix puppy can get out of control.  Keep in mind, he has one stubborn parent, a basset hound.  So you need to calm him down in the most gentle way or the dog won’t listen.  To calm your dog

  • Cuddle him. Although Basset shepherds are not much in cuddling like huskies but love always works.
  • Keep him busy as much as possible. Indulge him in activities.
  • Give your dog a practical job. Like, let him chase something for you or try cow hooves.
  • If your dog is out of control and it feels weird, take him to the vet. Sometimes pain also causes agitation in dogs.

Exercise needs of basset Shepherd

Well,  the parents of basset Shepherd are herding and working dogs. High energy and more stamina are in their genes. These dogs need to be trained to spend their energy in constructive ways. Indulge them in more and more activities like walk,  run,  and jog. Take them on adventures and keep them busy. Less exercise can make them fat and obese which will cause other health problems.


  • Basset Shepherd needs more grooming. Both parents shed all over the year. The basset Shepherd is also going to shed moderately to heavy. Hairbrush your dog every week to keep the falling hair in control.
  • Since the ears are floppy, cleanse them well. Floppy ears can trap moisture and cause bacterial infections.
  • Also, cut the nails and brush its teeth regularly to maintain hygiene.

Health issues

Basset shepherds can have many health issues. They can either inherit them from their parents or develop them on their own. The common health problems are

  • Eye issues
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Glaucoma etc.
  • Parvo (read our article parvo or worms)
  • Allergies
  • Rabies etc.

You need to take your dog to the vet for regular checkups. We advise routine tests to ensure your dog’s safety.

German shepherd basset hound mix lifespan

This dog has a good life expectancy that is between 10-14 years. In the adult age,  keep an eye on rising health concerns. Timely treatments will increase the lifespan of the dog.

Reasons why you should keep a basset shepherd?

  • They are very loyal. Although all dogs are mostly loyal Basset shepherd put their soul in their owners.
  • Basset shepherds are very intelligent dogs. You don’t need to teach them again and again to learn things. Once learned,  forever learned. Yes, they are this intelligent.
  • They have great scenting abilities like their parents. This makes them great companions in hif and sniff missions.
  • Basset shepherds are adventurous dogs and serve as wonderful partners in adventure tours.
  • These dogs are excellent for both the home and work environment.
  • Basset shepherds are true companions in every sense.
  • They are suitable for all types of families having kids, young teens,  adults with no kids, etc.

German shepherd Basset hound mix price

If you find anywhere,  Basset shepherd puppy for sale,  don’t delay. The German shepherd Basset hound mix puppy cost will be anywhere between $800-$1200. Always consult a reputable breeder and do visit before adopting a dog.

German shepherd basset hound puppy

Where you can register this dog?

Being a mixed breed, the dog can be registered in the Dog Registry of America.

Breed alternatives

If you are looking for a breed alternative,  know your preferences. If you want a mix puppy that may look like a basset Shepherd somehow,  consider adopting a bluetick hound lab mix. If you want a look-alike but with better abilities,  consider Bloodhound German Shepherd mix. This dog is also a great companion with extraordinary abilities. If you are looking for just a companion dog,  you can also look for small breeds like the Pomeranian lab mix.

In general,  Basset shepherds are great family dogs who are loyal and protective of their owners.

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