Gold Bond Powder For Dogs

Hot weather can get to anyone, be it humans or your beloved dog. Dogs tend to scratch themselves a lot during summers because they lick themselves and their paws to keep them wet (to beat the heat) and it converts into a cycle that leads to itchy skin. Gold Bond Powder can be a fix to all those problems that make your dog go crazy (with all the licking and itching).

gold bond powder for dogs

What Problems Can You Treat with Gold Bond Powder?

The gold bond powder is essentially a prickly heat powder. It can be used to treat mild skin problems like itchy skin and hot spots. And some other problems like yeast infection that can make your dog fall sick over time.

However, before using gold bond powder on your dog, make sure you consult your vet. Maybe the problem that your dog is facing requires proper medication. And if you start using gold bond powder without any consultation and your dog does not improve – consult a vet as soon as you can.

Is Gold Bond Powder Harmful to Dogs?

The gold bond powder is talc powder. It creates a cooling sensation and helps with itchy skin, but it is considered harmful if the dog begins licking/consuming it. It is safe to use for your dog. The only thing you need to take care of is that your god does not lick the powder off his paws and skin after you apply it. The talc powder contains zinc oxide, and large amounts of it can cause sickness and diarrhea in dogs.

How To Stop Your Dogs from Licking Gold Bond Powder?

Dogs do tend to lick things around them, and it is completely normal. However, when you apply gold bond powder on your dog, licking it can be harmful as it causes diarrhea and sickness.

A tip to avoid such a situation is to take your dog out for a walk or keep him busy for a few hours so that the powder stays on the skin and does its job rather than being licked off, causing discomfort to the animal. However, if you come across your dog licking a substantial amount of gold bond powder then it’s best to consult a vet.

What Kind of Powder Is Safe for My Dog?

There are generally two types of powders: scented and non-scented. If you are looking for a powder to use for your dog, then an unscented powder will be your best bet. Why? It’s because scented powders have harmful chemicals and other ingredients to make them smell good. However, the unscented powder will not smell bad but will do the job properly.

Especially when you are looking for a fix for your dog’s itching skin, the scent will not matter. Therefore, try to prioritize the effectiveness and safety of your dog. Both categories are fulfilled by unscented powder/gold bond powder.

Where not to Use Gold Bond Powder?

The gold bond powder is exclusively used to treat itchy skin, hot spots, and yeast infections. But it is NOT recommended to use them on any deep and open wounds.

Since gold bond powder has methanol and zinc oxide, it should come directly in contact with your mouth, eyes, and wounds. But, using it for other purposes (itchy skin, etc.) is completely fine.

If your dog is pregnant, be extra careful that she does not lick the powder off her paws and skin because it will be dangerous for her.

Side Effects of Gold Bond Powder

The side effects of using gold bond powder are very rare. But if you notice any kind of rash or blisters after applying the powder. Then stop immediately and consult a vet. Because your dog might have experienced an allergic reaction to gold bond powder and that will be counterproductive. Instead of treating the itchy skin, it will make it worse.

However, in most cases, it is safe to use gold bond powder for these skin problems.

Gold Bond Powder Uses

Gold bond powder for dogs works like magic. It can treat a variety of issues that might seem small but can make your dog uncomfortable. We have listed the uses of gold bond powder in detail so that you can decide the best for your dog!

Dry and itchy skin

Itchy paws can make your dog lick them excessively, which cause wet paws and aid infection. Therefore, kill the problem at the start and make sure you treat your dog’s itchy skin so that you can save yourself and your dog from more problems.

Gold bond medicated powder is an excellent remedy to treat itchy and dry skin which makes your dog go crazy as he cannot stop licking his skin. Just apply a moderate amount of powder and keep an eye on the dog so he does not lick off the powder as it can be harmful to your dog’s health.

Wet Feet

Wet feet are an invitation to infections. However, dogs cannot help themselves when they feel itchy. Therefore, using gold bond powder on their paws will suck up all the moisture and stop any infection from growing.


We all know that life can get busy, and you do not always have time to bathe your dog. Considering your busy schedule, gold bond ultimate comfort powder can make your dog smell fresh without a bath. Gold bond powder also has several vitamins like vitamin A, C, and E which will make your dog’s skin glow.

However, it is not recommended to use it three or more times in a row. Just how you will not use dry shampoo for a whole month, similarly your dog will not appreciate excessive use of gold bond powder.

Yeast Infection

Dogs can develop a yeast infection on their paws or skin due to excessive licking and some other factors. Therefore, gold bond maximum strength foot powder can be an easy fix for such situations.

Before applying the gold bond powder – examine your dog and check if it is a yeast infection. A litmus test would be to smell the infected area and if you suspect a corn chip scent, then it is a yeast infection. You can also check for other factors such as flaky skin. But, if you are not confident enough, it is best that you see a vet first.

Which Type of Gold Bond Powder Should I Use?

itchy/dry skinGold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Powder
Yeast infectionGold Bond Maximum Strength Foot Powder
Hot spotsGold Bond Medicated Powder
Body odor Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort Body Powder
Wet feetGold Bond Medicated Powder

Are There Any Alternatives for Gold Bond Powder?

Sometimes dogs are too hyper for them to let the gold bond powder stay on their paws. You can use some of these alternatives that will get the job done like gold bond powder.

Gold Bond Spray

The gold bond spray is a talc-free alternative to gold bond powder. If your dog does not comply with the powdered version. You can use the spray, as it is quick and easy to use. The spray gets absorbed quickly. And fixes problems such as itchy skin and body odor for dogs.

Gold Bond Body Lotion

A body lotion with the same ingredient of gold bond spray can be extremely helpful for an easy on-the-go solution. You can keep it with you if you are traveling – using a powdered version can be a cumbersome task.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is another alternative that does the same job as gold bond powder. However, you will still need to take care of your dog, so the powder does not get licked off.


If the skin problems such as itchy skin and yeast infection persist despite using the gold bond powder, then it is ideal to visit a vet and let him prescribe an ointment for your dog.

Can You Use Gold Bond Powder on An Open Wound?

The gold bond powder should NOT be used on open wounds as it has will cause problems for your dog. Furthermore, it can be painful to apply. If your dog has an open wound, then it is best to visit a vet. And if a vet is not available then treat the wound with an antibiotic ointment and chlorhexidine solution.

How To Use Gold Bond Powder Hot Spots?

The gold bond powder is a quick fix for skin problems for your dog. But you cannot just smudge it over your dog. There are proper steps that you need to follow to increase its efficiency. Here are some easy steps to maneuver through the process easily.

Clear the surface

Use a scissor and clear the hair off your dog where there’s a hot spot, so the powder can come directly in contact with the skin and fix the problem. If you will apply it without removing the hair, most of the talcum powder will get stuck in the hair with little to no contact with the skin that is prone to any issues.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Use hydrogen peroxide on a swab and rub it over the cleared area. Remove any residue that is built over so there is no obstruction between the skin and the powder. Furthermore, hydrogen peroxide can get rid of any germs that are present on the surface.

Remove Moisture

Next, use gauze or a swab and space it on top of the surface that is cleaned by hydrogen peroxide. And wait for it to absorb all the moisture there is on the surface so the powder can be more effective. Yeast infections and other skin problems are more prone to issues when they are wet. Therefore, keeping the area dry is a way to catalyze the healing process.

Gold Bond powder

Now that the surface is free of hair, sterilized and dry. Pour the gold bond powder on the affected area and make sure that the powder covers the surface well. Furthermore, try to keep your dog calm and let the powder sit for a while (do not let the dog lick the surface).


Use breathable gauze (do not use a dirty cloth) to cover the surface and let it sit for some time.


After removing the gauze, repeat the same steps twitch a day (ask your vet too) and make sure to follow the protocols for more effective results.


Our dog may look cute licking his paws, but that constant licking can be a symptom of a yeast infection or any other skin problems. You can use gold bond powder to treat such issues. Just make sure that you follow all the protocols and monitor your dog, so it does not lick the powder off the surface. However, if the problem is getting worse then you should head over to the vet and get your dog checked properly.

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