Sauce for Dog Food

Kibbles and dry food is usually less tasty than wet food. So to make your dog’s food more delicious and appetizing you can add sauce or gravy. If you are wondering about what sauce can I add to dog food, you should read our article.

sauce for dog food

Why do you add sauce to dog food?

Dogs can be picky eaters. There are a lot of owners who claim that “my dog hates dog food “. The solution to this is very simple. Add a flavoring that can give both nutrition and texture to dog food. Wet food is easy to chew, digest, and feels good in the mouth.

The purpose of adding sauce to dog food is to

  • Make it tasty
  • Easy chewable

Sauce can I add to dog food to make it taste better and yummylicious?

You can add vegetable or bone broth to your dog’s dry food or kibble to make it wet food. It will make the food nutritious and healthy. Simply make a soup with vegetables or meat, whatever your dog likes most, and add some corn flour or eggs to thicken it a little bit.

Also, you can add other tasty flavorings to make the food appetizing. However, keep in mind that the dog wants a taste and you want nutrition in their food as well.

So some delicious gravy additions and healthy sauces for dogs that are both tasty and nutritious are

  • Cheese and yogurt, don’t only give your dog food a good texture but also improves its heart and gut health.
  • Apple sauce is a very tasty addition to your dog food.
  • Add some cooked eggs to make the food healthy and nutritious.
  • Simple boil some chicken or beef and add it to the dog’s dry food. The meat aroma will lure your pet to the food.
  • Some owners say that “my dog only wants to eat vegetables” so meat broth won’t work. You can add a vegetable soup to the food.
  • Simply cook some dog-friendly veggies like potatoes, beets, carrots, peas, and cauliflower and add them to your dog’s food.
  • Leftover grains like rice can be added to food to make it appetizing and tasty.
  • You can also add canned food to your dog’s dry food. Try including tuna or chicken canned food to ensure good taste and nutrition. It will also be light on the dog’s stomach.

As a flavoring, Can dog eat raw eggs?

No! You can add eggs to thicken the gravy but raw eggs can cause health problems. Raw eggs can pass salmonella to your dog’s stomach and make him sick. Boiled or cooked eggs are healthy addition but raw eggs are not recommended to be added to dog food.

Can dogs have soya sauce in their food?

Soya sauce is tasty and is used in a lot of cuisines. So one might think why will a little soya sauce hurt my dog? Let’s add some. Well, No. Don’t give your dog soya sauce. Soya sauce is not “soya bean”. It is made with a lot of added salt and salty food is harmful to your dog.

Is mayonnaise good addition to dog food?

If you are searching for the answer to can my dog eat mayo? Know that Mayo is neither good nor bad. They are just useless addition with no added nutritional value. In terms of flavoring, you may add a little bit of them to dog food. However, keep in mind they are high in fats and not good for your dog if consumed in large portions.

Can dogs eat ketchup for better taste?

You can share a couch and a nice movie with your dog but not your plate of french fries and ketchup. Some of the common food that dogs can’t eat is tomatoes. As harmless as they seem, tomatoes could be poisonous to dogs. Adding tomato sauce to dog food can make him extremely sick.

Are condiments safe for dogs to consume?

Condiments are “flavorings”. They are added to compliment the food and to give it a nice specific flavor. Some most popular and common condiments are chutney, mint sauce, soya sauce, mustard sauce, Nutella, hot sauce, hp sauce, etc.

Well, almost all of these sauces use spices. Your dog should not consume spices. It can cause inflammation and bad gut health. Also, these sauces have a lot of added salt. Salt is also another No for dogs.

Apart from salt and spices, the ingredients of these sauces are not good for dogs’ health. These are tomatoes, vinegar, chocolate, garlic, and onion.

Can dogs have Hp sauce in their food?

Hp sauce, commonly known as the brown sauce is not a good idea for dog food. The main ingredients of this sauce are tomatoes and tamarind and both are not good for dogs.

Some savory home-made flavoring recipes for your dog’s food

Take any ingredient that you want to add to your dog’s food. We suggest taking one that your dog likes.

Apple sauce for dog food

Apple puree is a smart choice for dogs as It’s healthy, tasty, and nutritious. Apple gravy in your dog food can serve as a treat too.

  • Boil some water and add apple cuttings.
  • Let the apples soften a bit.
  • Mash the apples in the water.
  • Add honey for a sweet flavor
  • And add a pinch of cinnamon for that specific aroma.

Apple sauce is low in sodium or fats. It’s a very healthy addition to your dog’s food as it’s loaded with antioxidants and minerals. You can also give this to your diabetic dog. (Add less honey for them). Apple sauce improves the coat health of your dog making the fur soft and lustrous.

In this recipe, you can switch apples with other dog-friendly fruits.

An easy recipe for vegetable gravy for dogs

  • Take any vegetable that the dog can eat
  • Boil it in water till it softens.
  • Add corn flour or eggs to thicken it a bit.

Vegetables are a very good source of fiber and vitamins for your dog. Also, you can boil vegetables like potatoes, or carrots and mash them. Add cheese or yogurt and serve your dog.

Conclusion :

You can add apples, cheese, yogurt, and vegetable broth to your dog food. Tomato ketchup, hp sauce, soy sauce, condiments, or raw eggs are strictly prohibited. As normal as they seem, your dog can become very sick by eating them.

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