Golden Meadows Retrievers Review

Are you planning on buying a Golden Retriever or Vizsla pup from Golden Meadows? If yes, then you must need to know all the good qualities and drawbacks of the breeders. For over 25 years, Golden meadows retriever has been serving the people with Golden retriever dogs. Now they have introduced Vizsla for bringing variety that helps people choose the one that suits their requirements. This post is focused for Golden Meadows Retrievers Review.

Have you ever wondered how these dogs would turn out? We know you did! Let us have a detailed review on Golden meadows Retriever so that you may always make a wise and well-informed decision before just paying the money for your desired dog.

golden meadows retrievers review

The Good Things About Golden Meadows

Health Guarantee:

Even though Golden retrievers are healthy dogs, they are at risk of various diseases as well. The most common ailments they can suffer from include elbow dysplasia, eye disorders, and heart diseases. While in the case of Vizsla, the risks are a bit low if compared, but they also get dysplasia quite often.

To keep the dogs healthy from such health concerns, the Golden meadows Retriever maintains a healthy environment. They keep the puppies in a clean and friendly atmosphere, preventing any future bacterial or viral infection.

In addition, adequate diet and hygiene aids in maintaining the good health of the dog. The dog doesn’t get overweight, which lessens the chances of dysplasia. Similarly, when a less fatty diet is preferred there, the risk of CVDs will be decreased.

All these factors make the breeders confident that the puppies they offer to the people are never going to be sick because of their carelessness. Hence, Golden Meadows retriever guarantees three years against eye defects, heart problems, and genetic hip disorder.

Suppose the buyer starts giving the dog his diet preference. In that case, the Golden meadows retriever only guarantees one year of health guarantee whereas, if you consider their suggestion and keep sharing the food they have chosen for the dog. You can be carefree about the dog’s health for about three years. Yes right! They offer three years health guarantee in this condition.

Pedigree parents:

The golden meadows retrievers always choose parents with good temperaments so that the next pups would have a calm personality. Also, both the parents are first tested for an eye, heart, or hip disorder so that if any of them is present, the breeders should consider another dog instead of that one.

AKC and IABCA registered:

The IABCA and AKC confirmation ensures that all the dogs are pedigree and have quality breed lines. AKC has inspected the breeders for more than ten years, and now the Golden meadows retriever is AKC Breeder of Merit. Inspection included all the facilities, records, and dogs.

Most local breeders don’t have AKC registered dogs, and they sell them without any confirmation and guarantee of health. But Golden Meadows retriever benefits from being AKC and IABCA registered, which helps them grow their business.

Honest and Helping:

You must have visited some breeders who don’t take responsibility for whatever happens to your dog after buying it. Well, Golden meadows retriever will never fail to impress you in this regard. Wondering how? Let us tell you!

If you have bought a little golden Retriever from the Golden meadows retriever breeder, and it somehow got sick while you are fearful it may die, you will get a lot of help and support from these breeders.

They will make compensation for you and offer you another loving pup to make you griefless. But it should be sure that the death of the dog wasn’t your carelessness or fault. In a natural way, the Golden meadows retriever breeder takes full responsibility.

Family dogs:

Who wants to have a dog which doesn’t even socialize appropriately with other dogs and new family? Absolutely, no one! The Golden Meadows Retriever Breeder prefers early socialization of all their dogs so that none of them has personality issues when they arrive at their new homes. We like the facility as most dog breeders don’t even care about how the dog interacts with someone when it leaves the kennel.

The Golden meadows breeder tries to find their clients the dog that suits their family environment and has a loving personality to be comfortable with kids. Family activities, lifestyle, and family members are the three critical points the breeder focuses on before allotting a pup.

Contact Issues:

Since the Covid has begun, things are getting a bit complicated. As most people are now working from home, they would like to enjoy the company of a loving companion. Golden Retriever is the best choice for those!

Do you ever feel stressed and alone sitting in your house alone? Most of us do! Hence, we need a happy and caring companion in this tough time of our lives. It refers to the fact that the demand for these dogs increased a lot during the pandemic. Well, the Golden meadows retriever breeder was not ready for such change. The dogs they usually had before the situation was sufficient according to the buyers they deal with, but the problem has been entirely changed.

Due to such a load on the breeder, they lack good communication. They require months to provide a quality dog as it entirely depends on Mother’s nature. Some clients complain that they are tired of waiting and think they are being scammed as no one contacts them for months. And whenever someone tries to get by themselves, the breeder tells them to wait a little more.

Quality Food:

The dog food they offer to the Golden retriever dogs at their kennel is free from all allergens and fillers, which means the food is usually of top-notch quality. Also, it doesn’t lack essential nutrients, which are necessary for the proper growth and nourishment of the dog. Besides, for better development, they also offer some vitamin supplements to prevent deficiency in the dog.

Coat Colors:

The golden meadows retrievers come from dark gold to English cream coat colors so that people can get all the desired colored dogs they want. Although, the price varies a bit depending on these coat colors as some of them are rare, whereas some are common. Besides, you will not always find all the coat colors at hand every time.

The Other Side of Golden Meadows Retrievers


The most important thing we see everywhere is that the Golden Meadows retriever breeder is unprofessional when it comes to negative reviews. Have you ever wondered why that is so? Let’s dig into it!

The Golden Meadows Retriever breeder was never professional as they started breeding the dogs as a hobby. But when their pursuit started to grow, they decided to convert their business more. That is when they began selling the dogs to the people widely.

This fact disappoints many clients as they think the breeder fails to take the proper care and responsibility of the dog. They believe that the only thing the Golden Meadows Retriever breeder care about is money, and they lack a lot of facilities that can make a better quality dog. Breeding the same parent dogs over and over again is never going to make the breeder professional; it also lowers the chance to improve their breed line.

An unusual process:

When they decide to get a dog, most people want to get it from the same litter. How is that? Well, it is a bit un-convenient for the breeder. The adoption process is quite simple, but people get a bit worried about the proper method.

You must be wondering what the method is? Let us tell you!

What you have to do is tell all your information, including your family, activities, daily routine, and lifestyle, to the Golden Meadows retriever breeder. They match the perfect dog according to your requirement and then select it for your best.

In our opinion, even though people find it unusual, we think that this might be the right strategy. There is no good in having a dog that is just good from looks but can never settle into your family. While, it is better to find a perfect match for your family, which can adjust easily without and temperament and anxiety issues, no matter the appearance. All dogs are cute, aren’t they? You bet!

Non-refundable deposit:

When the Golden Meadows retriever breeder first tells the clients that they may have to wait for a bit before the Mother dog gives birth to the puppies, they deposit the money and patiently wait for their puppy. But as time passes, they start to get impatient. Gradually, the clients want their money back, which is impossible for the breeder because that has been invested in the puppies.

Some of the clients may find other pups during the waiting time, which also makes them miserable by thinking that they have to give up on one thing, either the new dog or the deposited money. The policy of the Golden meadows retriever breeder is non-refundable, which makes many people unhappy.

Non-helping customer care service:

The owner of the Golden Meadows Retriever, Tim H., impresses many clients because of his kind nature and super helpful words. But the other customer care service providers are never patient and good with the clients. They mostly lack communication skills or refuse to listen to the clients’ queries, which negatively impacts the breeder on the population.

 Working Wildlife:

You may have heard that many of the Golden retriever dogs of the Golden Meadows Retriever breeder turned out as therapy and working dogs. Well, that is true! The Golden Meadows retriever has been working with Working Wildlife for a long time. It has increased their trust among the people and in the market as well.


When it comes to Hollywood movies, you must have seen many dogs featuring in the films. Fortunately, due to its high reputation, many Hollywood directors reach the Golden Meadows Retriever breeder to ask for a dog easily featured in a movie.

The Golden Meadows retriever trains their dogs well to perform. From commercial roles to the big screen, the golden retriever dogs are always on the hit. Besides, many celebrities choose the Vizsla and Golden retriever dogs for their home as an addition to the family.

Lack of coat colors:

We have already discussed the two standard coat colors of the Golden Retrievers dogs, English cream and dark gold, are available at the Golden meadows Retriever. But some of the clients are usually looking for other popular or even rare colors such as red, but the Golden Meadows retriever does not deal in such colors. It means that the lack of various colors also disappoints many customers and brings a point of conflict that they keep on breeding the same parents, increases the risk of diseases, and lessens the chances of improvement and growth of their business.


If you have had an experience of having dogs or pups before, then you must know about the fact that how vital it is to train a dog on time. Well, when a client buys a dog from Golden Meadows Retriever, it is evident that they know much about that pup as compared to any other trainer. Hence, the training which they can provide is far better and more professional than others.

Hence, it is recommended to get professional training from the Golden Meadows retriever breeder so that you don’t have to face any behavioral challenges. This facility is not available at all for the breeders who make Golden meadows Retriever eccentric and great.

Bottom Line:

Golden Meadows retriever is a puppy that deals with high-quality dogs and pedigree breed lines yet, many people complain about health issues and customer care services. We have discussed all the essential aspects that could be important for any other buyer if he plans to buy a Golden Retriever or Vizsla from here. We hope that considering all these factors, you make a wise decision and thank us for this.

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