Vizsla Vs German Shorthaired pointer

Choosing the right dog can turn out to be a challenge. Some of us are sick of lazy doggos who just lie in the house and look lethargic. Instead of adopting a sleepyhead, we look forward to having a playful companion. If you have been wondering about getting a super energetic canine, who is ever ready to run miles in the park with you, Vizsla and German Shorthaired Pointers are amongst the best choices. However, if there is just one choice to make, which one to go for? Let us run “Vizsla Vs German Shorthaired Pointer”, to make your dog-buying decision much easier.

vizsla vs german shorthaired pointer

Both of these dogs look much alike and are hunting breeds. They are overly active and appreciated for their kind and loving nature. Moreover, when it comes to trainability they learn better than most dogs.

Giving a little introduction of their roots, Vizsla has its origin from Hungary. It is a family-friendly dog that would turn out to be everyone’s favorite. Vizsla belongs to the hunting breed. However, in World War War I, it was known as a delivery dog. Today, it’s used as a guard dog as well as a pet.

German Shorthaired Pointers greatly resemble Vizsla, and a dog-illiterate person can sometimes consider them the same breed. German Shorthaired Pointers were first trained in Germany hence the name. It might amaze you a bit but when I say they are a hunting breed, I really mean it. These were brought from across the sea to hunt bears, deer, and even wolves. Don’t worry; it’s not the case anymore. Today they are super playful pets, and the owners completely love them.

Physical Features

German Shorthaired Pointers and Vizslas are actually look-alike dog breeds. Both of them are canine, hunting dogs with almost the same physique, but with close inspection, you’ll know that’s not the case.

These hunters are handsome and muscular with a lean look. The head is larger in size, and the eyes are golden in color. Their ears are slightly bent.

German shorthaired pointers mostly have patches but are found in many colors. The most common is brown, other colors are, Roan, Liver, White, and Black. Coming to the fur, it’s thin, rough, and hard in texture covering the entire body. The tail is till the hock and stays firm during the action.

Moreover, GSP is tall in height ranging from 21-25 inches. They weigh on an average of 60 lbs making them muscular and giving them a well-proportioned body. Generally, males are slightly heavier than females.

Compared to the German Shorthaired Pointers, Vizsla is single-colored. Their skin coat colors vary from golden to russet with eyes that compliment the beautiful fur. The tail has a thick origin but gets thinner till the end. I am an absolute fan of the thick glossy, golden fur Vizsla’s have. They have a thin head, with a pronounced nose and athletic physique.

In height and weight, our Vizsla canines are thinner and shorter. As an estimate, these dogs are 24 inches tall and 50 Lbs heavy.

So when it comes to looks, I’d prefer Vizsla. Comparing the weight and size, German Shorthaired Pointers are heavier and taller.

Vizsla Vs German Shorthaired Pointer – Health

Taking care of a dog is just like looking after another family member. Vizsla and GPS, both are healthy and medium-sized with few health concerns to worry about.

The dogs are overly loaded with energy and need regular exercising along with you, so take them out with you and give them ample time with nature. At least one hour of vigorous exercising is important to exhaust the energetic beings.

GSP has a slightly increased appetite; they could be consuming 3-4 cups of high-quality dry food two times a day. Thus, it has more weight gaining potential and drooling tendency. Meanwhile, Vieszla is good with 2 cups of food twice a day. They don’t gain weight easily and when it comes to drooling they have a very low tendency.

The good point is both the breeds don’t sleep much; they are always ready to jump around the house.

Moreover, with these hunting dogs, you don’t have to worry about allergies. They don’t stink as most dogs do.

Talking about reproductivity, the average gestation period is 60-64 days. The litter size for GSP is 7-12 puppies, whereas for Vizsla it is 6-8.

One more point that can keep you stress-free is Vizsla and Germi’s hygiene, bathing once a week is more than enough. Sometimes occasional brushing with a bristle brush or rubber mitt works too. Everything else needs average attention except for eyes, ears, and teeth to avoid any infections in the body. GSP sheds much more fur than Vizsla.

Another common feature is the life expectancy; they can live up to 14 years of age.

In short, Vizsla and German Shorthaired pointers have very similar health patterns. They are low-maintenance dogs that are always ready to play.


Vizsla Vs German Shorthaired Pointer’s personality comparison is mostly similar with a few differences. These highly energetic species are made for outdoor spaces, and cannot be confined in small apartments. The wanderlusts creatures are ready to explore all around.

When it comes to intelligence and learning abilities, GSP is a better learner, listens carefully, and gets trained with time. He is inquisitive to explore new things and sometimes even chasing a bee becomes interesting for him. Their temperament is fantastic. They’ll follow you everywhere you go.

This doesn’t mean that Vizsla is dumb; it is also smart and learn easily and quickly.

German shorthaired pointers are very social and kind of independent. But if you leave him alone for a while, he would show signs. However, not as aggressive as Vizsla. The people pleaser is ready to swing into action with you at all times. GPS is highly affectionate and enjoys attention.

The athletic Vizslas are extremely kind, noble, and loyal dogs. Vizsla’s might get a little hyper at first, but with a calm and confined nature, you can turn them into good listeners. In no time they’ll be trained well. They are very loving; enjoy snuggling, and a lot of attention.

Considering their dog nature and emotional compatibility both are ready to offer love. You need to keep your volume low and polite with them. However, Vizsla is more sensitive, and if you leave this one alone for a long time, she’ll start to show separation signs such as anxiety.

There is much to the physical abilities. GPS has more than average strength with good speed and remarkable stamina. Their energy can be spotted from miles away. In comparison, our Hungarian breed is more energetic than the other, with greater speed and stamina. The two of them can work as watchdogs (if not overjoyed).

Dogs have their way to speak too. These two are vocal dogs and respond to everything you do. When excited they will whirl and answer. Barking and howling are common means of their expression of joy too. A German Shorthaired Pointer might start whirling from kilometers away when he starts to focus his favorite picnic point.

These two are definitely not fighting dogs but work and family-friendly. They are average defenders but superb hunters.

If you are considering an easier-to-train and more intelligent doggo, go for GSP. If you want an affectionate dog, buy Vizsla.


These two are known as the most friendly dog breeds, be it with children, senior citizens, strangers, or other dog breeds.

Vizslas are classified as Velcro dogs and win with a few points from German Shorthaired Pointers. Both the dogs are alike in temperaments, active, happy, people-pleasers that suffer from separation anxiety if left on their own for long. Vizsla’s specifically show barking and compulsive habits if left alone.

They are also amongst the best choices for first-time dog owners. Moreover, the two are playful, warm-hearted, and gentle with children. The playing session with family turns Vizslas into the happiest creatures. They’ll nip, chew, and play-bite as long as you want. In short, they make up the perfect canine companion for you.

However, I would like to make one thing clear as they are hunters. GSP are better hunters than Vieslas, they can’t tolerate cats and small rodents in the house. So you can’t have them with rabbits or kittens. And if you plan to them keep all together, have a keen eye over the hunter. Furthermore, when it comes to other puppies and dogs, GSP doesn’t fail to recognize the same genome and energy. In comparison, Vizslas if raised with cats and small animals will survive with them. I can’t guarantee them sharing the time since they are highly sensitive and want the entire attention from the owner.


With that said, I’d conclude the hunt dogs are highly intelligent dogs who can be easily trained. They can keep you busy for hours and fill your life with all the love and joy that it has been missing on.

Keeping in mind the fact that you have more pets, want trainability, emotional compatibility, or looks in a dog, make a choice. If Vizsla wins you with her devoted nature and honeycomb eyes, the German Shorthaired Pointer will take over you with his exclusive intelligence.

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